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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 08/18/2007 at 06:51 AM   
  1. Simply try not to concentrate on one area - I liked it when something completely unexpected popped up. Politics - re the left no-good doers - being the best but I do know that is my particular area of interest. We are into the election ‘season’ (waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of schedule) so that is important. Of course keeping us abreast of the behind closed doors and stealth political shennigans going on in Congress is also of utmost importance.

    One does not have to be vile, nasty or obscene to draw blood, cause a kerfluffle or get attention - perhaps re-reading the commentary of the Skipper - will give an idea on how to hone in on the real point and then drive the stake through the heart of it.

    It’s the only way to kill the beast. cheese

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/18/2007  at  09:28 AM  

  2. right as usual wardmama......i think a purge of the blogroll of dead and dated links and adding some new links would help? fred anyone??

    Posted by Rancino    United States   08/18/2007  at  01:53 PM  

  3. Maybe to put some of the info on the right side(such as maybe the cities online info and such) to the left side of the Blog entries? also think the most recent posts list should be closer to the top instead of way down at the bottom, or possibly to have some of the info at the bottom right under the blog posts? the right side just is a bit too cluttered in it’s current state IMHO…

    Posted by Infinity    United States   08/18/2007  at  03:36 PM  

  4. I’m going to echo Infinity, I think the whole header area is too cluttered. Too many boxes, too many things competing for attention at the same time, the side bar is even worse, all the little boxes, ads, font changes and colors. I don’t visit BMEWs for the design, it’s the content and commentary that I appreciate, but since you asked....

    Here’s an example of a clean design in a similar format:

    Semper Fi,


    Posted by ASM826    United States   08/18/2007  at  05:15 PM  

  5. Should this blog bend in the gunnie direction more? I know we’ve got a fair number of actual owners and shooters here, we definitely have lots of R2KBA folks ... should we take a few steps in that direction? Or have the gunnie-only sites already got that covered to the Nth degree? (second thought: do we want to try for a one-stop-shopping blog? A little bit of everything? Hey, how come we aren’t bashing the froggies anymore or picking on the UK nanny state?)

    Oher new directions: A Daily Rant, or Taking Your Pet Peeve For a Walk without a doggy bag? While nobody can bitch like mischa, everybody’s got something that pizzez em off.
    Please let’s avoid Friday catbloggin. And writing about your dogs. Rachel Lucas does that really well, and one dogblogger is enough. I do find myself stopping by IMAO almost every day again just for the daily Fred Fact and the John Edwards Fabulous Fact. Those put back in a level of funny that site hasn’t had since the Hate Filled Lefty comics petered out.
    (maybe we should go pro-monkey … that might drive Frank J nuts)

    I think the best direction to go would have more original content, or at least jump on the bandwagon before the other sites. More lead, less follow? The USB post the other day was pretty good. Great would have been if you’d pulled the items from ThinkGeek yourself.

    RE: redesign: please do not turn the look ‘n feel upside down and inside out like DailyPundit does. As much as I like that site, I HATE having the comments all up at the top in ad hoc order. Its a right old pain in me bum.

    RE: redesign / recoding: it might be nice if non-anonymouse commentors could upload graphics, even if they were limited in size. Also, maybe drop the RSS feed box to the bottom. Does anybody here actually use that thingy?

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/18/2007  at  07:32 PM  

  6. Putting the whole story in makes the comment window load slowly if the story has big graphics. It doesn’t really bother me. If the story wasn’t there it would be no big deal to alt-tab between the comment window and the article if I needed to refer back t it.

    There are plenty of worse comment engines, like the simplistic HaloScan. Worst I’ve seen is one from Onfinite thats 24 characters wide and 3 lines tall with no preview and no html ability. This one is great in comparison, though I gotta say the “W” version can be mighty fussy with links and images.

    Other places, like Kim’s, put everyones comments on top, your comment entry box in the middle, and the story at the end. That’s Ok. Its always good seeing what others have written so you don’t write the same thing all over again. Some places have automatic real-time preview. Neat but not really necessary.

    One thing I WOULD complain about ... the “Notify me of follow-up comments” thing should be OFF by default.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/19/2007  at  09:33 AM  

  7. I never get to the blog roll. Its so far down, that as a daily reader, I never scan that far. I wouldn’t advocate dumping anyone who still has an active blog. Additions could include Don Surber of the daily mail and junkyard blog .
    Above all keep it conservative. The first commenter noted you need to be more agressive. That is true. stand up for who and what you believe in.

    Posted by Jeremy    United States   08/19/2007  at  10:21 AM  

  8. maybe the idea for the forum is to start doing more blog posts linked to a forum topic.. I noticed that that is an option.. I think if the Forum was more visible it might get more use.. not sure on the wiki. yeah I think the Blogroll is useful.. but with it being 2 pages down, not so useful.. i Understand the need of the Ad’s… running a blog isn’t cheap.. but currently all the other stuff is like 2 pages down and people just reading blog entries don’t scroll that far usually.. maybe a way to have the categories list collapsed by default? also the most recent posts list could be very useful.. for those recent posts that have scrolled off the front page, but at the current location of that list it is not so useful..

    Posted by Infinity    United States   08/19/2007  at  01:17 PM  

  9. maybe it’s possible to do a layout kinda like black five @ with the 2 columns on the right instead of just 1?

    Posted by Infinity    United States   08/19/2007  at  02:00 PM  

  10. Sorry, haven’t been around much since The Skipper died.  I was rather looking forward to meeting him at a local St. Louis bbq place.  Take care.  As to being confrontational-go for it.  At least keep it at a finger in the bad guy’s chest.  Would prefer finger in the eye for the bad guys.

    Posted by Kirk    United States   08/19/2007  at  03:06 PM  

  11. Frankly, I like the debates such as the “Ethical Conundrum” that was tossed out a few weeks ago.  Lots of good points tossed out for consideration and about the biggest response that Ive seen here in a long time.

    Ultimately, what I would like to see is our operating somewhat as a think tank, finding solutions to various problems facing our society.

    Because most of our ethics and moral structure are based on religious belief, in many ways, it would ultimately be playing with fire.  Then again, it would be up to us, the participants (and the moderator) to keep things civil.

    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   08/20/2007  at  06:52 PM  

  12. It would be too easy just to stick to the stuff that most or all of us agree on, such as RKBA.  Likewise, it’s nice to spout off steam with articles about the Jihadis, but we don’t tend to find new solutions with such things.  Often, we don’t even come up with any significant, new insights. 

    Oh yeah, I like getting the follow up notices.

    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   08/20/2007  at  06:58 PM  

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