Looney Cindy Update


Posted by The Skipper    United States   on 01/30/2006 at 12:08 PM   
  1. So Fidel Junior endorsed that meandering old moonbat, did he?  My!

    Wonder what kind of quid pro quo THIS might be!, no, it’s too early in the morning to get nauseated....


    Posted by Tannenberg    United States   01/30/2006  at  12:41 PM  

  2. She’s got momentum! Next she’ll be made an Honorary Palestinian

    I would have a hard choice chosing between her & Feinstein.  I’d vote for Cindy, for the same reason I’d have voted for axe-handle-wielding Lester Maddox for Gov. of Georgia.  Lester shamed Georgia, showing the whole world the ignorant face of segregation.

    Posted by Oink    United States   01/30/2006  at  01:53 PM  

  3. Oink: to think that she would lock lips with Mahmoud Abbas just to be named an Honorary she did with Hugo...UGH!

    Posted by Macker    United States   01/30/2006  at  02:34 PM  

  4. Scrappleface says that Howard Dean has chosen Sheehan & Chavez to give the Democratic response to President Bush’s State of the Union Speech.

    Posted by Oink    United States   01/30/2006  at  02:37 PM  

  5. Pleeeze, Cindy Shitonmysonsgrave, puuhhhllleeeeze run! It’s be Whacky vs Whackier! Can you imaging Whacky having to spend her time smacking Whackier! But then it would be easy days to smack ol’ Cindy IwannadropshitpilesonCaseysgrave

    Oddly, Cindy Mysonsgraveismyouthouse actually makes Feinstein sound reasonable! What a world, what a world!

    Posted by Rickvid    United States   01/30/2006  at  05:23 PM  

  6. It would be interesting to get Di-Fi’s reaction to this news.

    It can’t do her ego any good.  How would you feel if you knew that a moonbat like Sheehan thought she could beat you?

    tongue laugh

    Posted by Tannenberg    United States   01/30/2006  at  05:36 PM  

  7. pinkelefant  pinkelefant  pinkelefant

    Posted by rudebadger    United States   01/30/2006  at  06:48 PM  

  8. <shakes head> shut eye

    Posted by shinjinrui    United States   01/30/2006  at  08:01 PM  

  9. I wonder if Pat Paulson is still available propeller

    Posted by piccalo    United States   01/30/2006  at  10:46 PM  

  10. I had to look it up but it appears that Paulsen’s no longer available. Died: 4/24/1997.

    Damn shame.

    Posted by StinKerr    United States   01/31/2006  at  01:08 AM  

  11. YES! YES! YES! Let this woman run! Let the whole world see how looney she and her leftist army is, and they’ll burn up like vampires in the sun!

    Posted by Jester    United States   01/31/2006  at  04:55 AM  

  12. Go Cindy Go and here are your first two campaign slogans - my all time favorite gem of Cindy Unleashed:

    >"We are waging a nuclear war in Iraq right now. That country is contaminated. It will be contaminated for practically eternity now.” < Remember saying that on April 27, 2005 in a speech at San Francisco State University?????

    and this priceless (who could make this crap up)gem:

    >”. . .pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power."< said somewhere on September 16, 2005

    Of course this is only a ‘media’ moment courtesy of Chavez (who has the same irrational and illogical hatred of President Bush that the looney left has), Cindy Sheehan (who although claiming the sacred grieving mother position, rarely mentions her son SPC Casey Sheehan - except when she mentions ‘channeling’[since I’m not a new age loon I do not quite know what that is] him or the fact that President Bush killed him), and the media who wants all of America to remember that there is a rampant and very vocal anti-war movement out there. To f***in bad that they chose an idiot for their poster child.

    By the way - Cindy won’t win any political position with the party Dem attached to it - alas on September 18, 2005 she shot herself in the political foot (so to speak) by attacking the Dem candidate of candidates Hitlery. Poor Cindy, once again her mouth opened and she showed us all just how stupid she is.

    I just can’t get over how the touchy, feely, and oh so PC looney left just can’t find someone with a heart to take her aside and tell her to go home and grieve in private. She is basically pathetic and sad. But when she opens her mouth - I just wait for the ‘stuck on stupid’ gems to fall out.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/31/2006  at  07:57 PM  

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