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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 10/09/2013 at 04:53 PM   
  1. If you like this bit the rest is at “Ace of Spades”:

    But when an owner-of-record attempts to leverage property he only “owns” as a nominal owner in order to benefit himself --and not the trust, and not the beneficiary of the trust—using the assets of the trust, it’s criminal conduct.

    The media does not know this. The media is not expert in anything beyond Writing Things Down and Having a Good Phone Voice, but they present themselves as General Universal Experts Without Portfolio.

    But they’re not. In fact, they’re not even well-informed enough to even know what the hell I’m talking about here, and then ask questions of an actual expert. They don’t even know that much—they don’t know enough to know they’re on unfirm ground with their Starbucks analogy, and therefore should ask an actual expert before making large conclusions based on a flawed analogy.

    The Park Service—the Interior Department—is in fact the owner-of-record of these public spaces. They are legally entitled and obligated to manage these spaces… but as a trustee, as an owner of record, acting for the actual benefit of the true owner of the property, which is itself, of course, the American public.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   10/09/2013  at  07:05 PM  

  2. Rich K is quoting from Ace, who walks us through 1st semester law school so that we understand the difference between a nominal owner of record aka a trustee, and the actual owner, know legally as the owner of benefit.

    The Interior Department administers the federal Parks and monuments as owner of record FOR THE BENEFIT, and only for the benefit, of the true owners, the American People.

    Thus to follow the orders of a politician, ie Obama, to close down the parks, to harass Americans trying to use those parks (aka seeking benefit from them) is actually criminal behavior. (breach of duty)

    So when this all blows over ... assuming it doesn’t collapse into civil war ... it will be time to a) impeach Obama, as he is the ultimate trustee, b) fire the head of the Interior Department and the head of the Parks Department, and bring criminal charges against them, and c) FIRE EVERY LAST FISH COP AND TREE HERDER (aka game wardens, forest rangers and park police) who acted in this as his minions. They are oathbreakers, and in a large way their actions are rather akin to treason. It is inexcusable that they didn’t know the law, that they allowed themselves to be used this way, that they are exerting coercive power over the public. “Ve vaz yust followink orders!” didn’t work at Nuremberg, and it won’t work here.

    Please go and read the whole post at Ace’s. Always best to understand the law, even when it’s just about ¬†feces¬† fasces.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   10/09/2013  at  08:20 PM  

  3. I live to serve.
    Grace be to God.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   10/10/2013  at  06:54 AM  

  4. I can fix American healthcare in one sentence - and remove everyone so that it truly is the protected RIGHT to privacy between a patient and their doctor that the Supremes ‘found’ in the Constitution in 1973 - CASH ONLY - no insurance, no State or Federal Gov or Business involved at all. Everything from day one to death is between the patient and the doctor INCLUDING THE COST.

    Bite Me.

    The GOP has gone from Repealing to Defunding to Delay the IM for a year, to everyone on the PPACA - if that is NOT giving concessions and negotiating - then the Dems need to speak the TRUTH - ‘It’s my Way or Nothing’ for every American to see honestly exactly what is happening in DC. And with 278 GOP Congresscritters and 4 Supremes (282) - out of 545 - um - that leaves 263 - How the hell does a single Dem think that they are in CONTROL at all?

    Basic math, basic reading and basic civics would destroy the DNC forever.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/10/2013  at  12:15 PM  

  5. Here’s what I want wardmama:

    1) high-deductible catastrophic coverage, with
    2) tax-free medical savings account and
    3) not affiliated with my employer, or lack thereof.

    The whole health insurance/employer thing is a holdover from FDR’s wage and price controls during WWII. It needs to end.

    I shop for all other insurance, life, home, auto. None of which am I ‘mandated’ to own.

    Yes, my bank might require me to maintain homeowners, but they can only require that while I have a mortgage with them. My house is paid for. I do have such insurance, but not because it’s required. Ditto for auto insurance. I only need it if I own an auto. Even then, I don’t need to buy auto insurance. There are other ways, at least in Ohio, to prove ‘financial responsibility’. As for life insurance, if I were single or a widower, why bother?

    Posted by Christopher    United States   10/11/2013  at  08:40 PM  

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