Islamists Mobilize Support in West to Criminalize Criticism of Islam.


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 02/17/2013 at 03:36 PM   
  1. Fug this. Islam itself is a crime against humanity. Criticizing it ought to be the second best thing in life.

    If we didn’t live in some 3rd level Hell Inside-Out Bizaro World, and had real Americans at the helm and in the media, people would understand. We may not be in a Crusade, but one is being waged against us. The Green Tide. And resistance is NOT futile. We are the targets in a never ending war, so it is more than high time we started fighting that war at all levels in our culture, not just some troops in the sand 4000 miles away.

    Fight them on the grand scale. Fight them to win, not to merely moderate them. Close their mosques here. bomb their mosques there. Show their “faith” no respect at all. Korans make great toilet paper. Solitary confinement for anyone pushing pizzlam in our prisons. Expose the women and shave the beards off the men. Don’t allow them to come here. Send the ones here away. Amend the 1st Amendment to the Constitution to outlaw this “faith” in this country, as it is 100% antithetical to what America is all about. Make them the new “approved hate group”, displacing fat people and smokers.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/17/2013  at  05:10 PM  

  2. It really doesn’t matter how much is purged from the manuals.  It doesn’t matter how much lobbying is done against criticism of Islam.  With it’s inherent intolerance, Islam itself will become it’s own counter argument.  To defeat the Islamists, all me must do is stay true to our own law and traditions.

    Plenty of religions and cultures here in the U.S. haven’t always liked each other.  Historically, that’s fairly normal.  However, in general, we have learned to tolerate and even respect each other.  Intermarriage between different religions and ethnic groups is common and unremarkable.  We all get along, that’s the beauty of American law and tradition. 

    Islam stands alone.  Islam does not tolerate others.  The Kafir is always to be subjugated by any means possible.  To marry a Moslem, you must convert to Islam.  A Moslem who converts to another religion is subject to the death penalty under Sharia.  To advance Islam, any sort of lie or subterfuge is not only permissible, it’s a holy act.

    With their continuing refusal to respect other faiths and cultures, Moslems automatically set themselves up.  It’s the antithesis of the Golden Rule.  Whether it’s the Moslem cab driver’s at airports refusing to carry guide dogs or passengers carrying alcohol, the now famous “no go” areas in Britain, the Mosque at Ground Zero in New York or simply the latest incident of honor killing, Islam and it’s intolerance sets itself against our culture and no amount of PC propaganda can hide it.

    btw - Has anyone noticed that the Moslems are blatantly doing what the Jews have been accused of for ages, insidiously taking over the world?  The difference is that in the case of the Moslems, it’s true.

    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   02/17/2013  at  08:30 PM  

  3. Bush tried to say it, do it - and gee look what they did to him.

    But yes, there comes a time, a tipping point and Obama, the liberals, the unions, the dems, the gun-grabbers and the radical extremists who happen to be islmaic all think that they have the control, the power, the lead, the strength. But this is America, it has never been controlled, it has never been anything other than a beacon of freedom in this crappy world - and it won’t be destroyed so damn easily.

    Union membership has dropped to it’s lowest point in 97 years, the unions themselves are feeling sold-out by the big o and WI and MI dealt serious blows (OH tried but there is always the next election) - to the union’s power over taxpayers.

    It isn’t over yet. Just because the state controlled media doesn’t report it - doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen (like the real unemployment rate). And the same is true of what used to be called the silent majority - the hard working, taxpaying, bitter clinging real Americans.

    Not to mention the millions of legal immigrants who fled the cesspools of the world for the freedom here - who are quite aware of where this big o is attempting to take America.

    I have faith in America - and Americans. We did it more than once and that spirit isn’t dead yet.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/18/2013  at  12:48 PM  

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