Blimey, Blighty, Bite Me


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 02/02/2013 at 07:11 PM   
  1. Ya, I caught this story at the beginning right up to when they finally crashed and burned. Some folk just DO. NOT. UNDERSTAND.
    But they’re Lernin,Huh Gomer.
    sheep  gun

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/02/2013  at  10:00 PM  

  2. This story will warm your hearts:
    The villages in the hilly southern Mexican state of Guerrero now forbid the Mexican army and state and federal police from entering. Ragtag militias carrying a motley arsenal of machetes, old hunting rifles and the occasional AR-15 semiautomatic rifle control the towns. Strangers aren’t allowed entry. There is a 10 p.m. curfew. More than 50 prisoners, accused of being in drug gangs, sit in makeshift jails. Their fates hinge on public trials that began Thursday when the accused were arraigned before villagers, who will act as judge and jury.

    Crime is way down—for the moment, at least. Residents say kidnapping ceased when the militias took charge, as did the extortions that had become the scourge of businessmen and farmers alike. The leader of one militia group, who uses the code name G-1 but was identified by his compatriots as Gonzalo Torres, puts it this way: “We brought order back to a place where there had been chaos. We were able to do in 15 days what the government was not able to do in years.”

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/03/2013  at  12:55 AM  

  3. BTW, the WH just issued a photo of Captain Oreo shooting a shotgun at “who knows what” and guess what,He shoots from the Left.Big Surprise Huh.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/03/2013  at  01:04 AM  

  4. Remember when being left handed was a sign that you were from the Devil, and you were burned at the stake? Amazing how many “old wives tales” are found to have truth in them isn’t it?

    Oh and, related to the subject of the article, I’ll just bet the locals are really happy with this, don’t you? WTF, these people even admitted these were Modern SPORTING Rifles. In what way would that have interfered with their having a Sporting Goods show? Idiots. PC Idiots.  dickhead  dickhead  dickhead  dickhead  dickhead

    Posted by cmblake6    United States   02/03/2013  at  02:01 AM  

  5. Hey Rich, speaking of the Moonbat in Chief, I love a good fisking.  Now, let’s look at the picture of Obama the experienced skeet shooter.

    Here’s Obama, who “goes shooting all the time”.

    First off, note how he holds the shotgun on his shoulder.  Instead of the fleshy and resilient pocket next to the shoulder joint, he’s got the butt against the bone of the shoulder joint itself.  Also, only half the butt is even supported against his shoulder!  Anyone here remember what it felt like the first and only time (unless you’re stupid) you fired a 12ga from a position like that? 

    Secondly, take a look at his right hand as it supports the forearm.  Is is just me or does he have almost no control with a grip like that.

    From Michael Hampton, Executive Director of the National Skeet Shooting Association”

    A top official with the National Skeet Shooting Association said the photo suggests Obama is a novice shooter.

    “This isn’t something he’s done very often because of how he’s standing, how he has the gun mounted,” said Michael Hampton, executive director of the San Antonio-based association.

    Hampton said Obama’s remark about “skeet shooting all the time” and the White House photo would have met less skepticism had the president spoken about his hobby months before this new debate over guns in the U.S.

    Here’s a link back to the original article from AP if you want all the sordid details.
    White House photo shows Obama skeet shooting

    h/t Drudge

    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   02/03/2013  at  06:05 AM  

  6. Even my wife commented on seeing Odumbo’s picture “That arm is going to kill him tomorrow”!  When the Secret Service or the Matines at Camp David did nothing to keep hime form looking stupid that should tell you sometning in and of it’s own!

    Sure CIC go ahead and look like the damn fool you are! smile

    Posted by Old Dog    United States   02/03/2013  at  07:23 AM  

  7. PIMF and I did not!  ARRRGGGHHHH!

    Posted by Old Dog    United States   02/03/2013  at  07:24 AM  

  8. This is a story of ignorance, bias and a gross misunderstanding of America and Americans.

    That isn’t news to me. I’ve been seeing that ever since I got here. And NOT just on the topic of guns either.  And btw, most of them don’t want to understand. That’s cos,
    they already know all things.

    Perhaps Reed Exhibitions’ leadership has only been watching the BBC and reading the London Times and The Washington Post. Maybe they need to reacquaint themselves with the people they serve.

    They serve themselves and a knee jerk pol.correct reaction.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   02/03/2013  at  03:15 PM  

  9. Hellena Handbasket is in Montana, In Salt Lake City we have gun shows all the time.  Rocky Mountain gun show, and Cross Roads of the West are the main ones.  Seems like the radio spots and billboards are permanent fixtures sometimes.  Taking the money away from these libtards is the only thing that hurts them or gets their attention.  Any event that shows the slightest hint of liberalism,political correctness, or reasonable gun control, ANY hint, no matter how slight or subliminal, should cause the event be stomped out of existence by exposure and boycott.  They use lies and deception, we need to use truth and reality to accomplish the same ends. They need to fear the People.  They need to learn respect in place of the contempt they have for us now.

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   02/03/2013  at  05:53 PM  

  10. First real firearm I ever bought was an AR back in the 80s, before the MSR term even evolved.  I fire left handed, too.  My AR didn’t have a brass deflector, so the first shot I fired left a little red circle on my neck.  Try explaining that to your mom without getting too specific.

    OK, so these schmucks make the decision to market to the emotional kneejerks rather than the ones that are actually customers in their markets.  Can’t work up too much sympathy at their results.

    Posted by Mr Evilwrench    United States   02/04/2013  at  02:35 AM  

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