what, no tomatoes?


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 01/27/2013 at 05:48 PM   
  1. Sriracha.  Yeah, I got 100%.  I typically apply it like ketchup.  Feel the burn?  Burn?  What burn?  It actually comes from California.  This disappoints me.  Gonna see about a crop of bhut jolokia peppers this year.  I just want to find something I can get enough of.

    Posted by Mr Evilwrench    United States   01/27/2013  at  11:57 PM  

  2. I think just touching one of those would be enough. Especially if you need to pee any time in the next 8 hours. Meeheheehee.

    Scotch Bonnets and Red Savina Habeneros are plenty hot enough for this old duck, thanks just the same.

    Recipe feedback: we tried the wings with the spicy peanut sauce. Good, but by the time we were done we decided to try the base recipe, which is exactly the same only without peanut butter. It was a good try at “hot satay chicken wings” but the only way to make them is to use an authentic block of thai ground peanuts with ginger. Or grind your own, duh. But even “natural” peanut butter isn’t actually peanutty enough to shine through the hot stuff.

    So I’d give it a B+, and I’ll do a double batch of the base recipe next time: one batch will have the sauce baked on, the other batch will have it brushed on at the end. Sriracha loses heat and develops taste when it’s cooked. Could be interesting.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/28/2013  at  12:37 AM  

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