Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 01/23/2013 at 03:28 PM   
  1. And the fucking moron CALLED THE COPS and TURNED THEM ALL IN!!!

    Holy shit. What a slave. 
    “The strongest chains are the ones the slaves forge for themselves.”

    And here I was, salivating about the Auto 5 and that Model 12 and those two Webleys and tht K98 ... and you just know these guns are all going to be melted down to make manhole covers.

    PS - as if you’d actually NEED to be a trained police officer to remove these guns safely.

    Wales ... just as pussy as the rest of the UK.


    On a more positive note: “It is believed the previous owner of the house in Dinas Powys died after hiding the weapons” ... so the police here REALLY ARE taking his guns from his cold dead hands.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/23/2013  at  05:21 PM  

  2. That really is a sad indictment on British Society isn’t it.

    pacifier  uk_flag  sheep

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/23/2013  at  07:36 PM  

  3. What a tool.  There would have to have been someone else there that saw it if I had been in his shoes, otherwise I’d take them home and install them in my own walls.  And are the police there really that well trained in such things?  Very few even get to carry even on duty.

    Posted by Mr Evilwrench    United States   01/23/2013  at  08:14 PM  

  4. I would have kept my mouth shut and taken them elsewhere rapidly.

    But, that show how the Brit people really have turned into sheep!

    Posted by Old Dog    United States   01/24/2013  at  02:16 AM  

  5. Not sheep. Faggots...and not just the pork ones either.

    Posted by Macker    United States   01/24/2013  at  03:19 AM  

  6. The problem is that if he had waltzed into the local nick with a wheelbarrow full of guns he would likely have been arrested. As for keeping a few aside. Well its possible, but realistically he would have needed to take all of them. If he had reported just a few then plod would start going back through their records and found the former owner had a number of hand guns. They would have been round the builders house tout suite to take his house apart. Its all very well saying he was a pussy or a faggot for not keeping them, but the prospect of spending five years in chokey especially if the guy has never owned a gun before is probably a non starter. Its easy to be an internet keyboard warrior. In the real world not so much.

    Posted by LyndonB    United Kingdom   01/25/2013  at  09:11 AM  

  7. Lyndon, Well said. Even I wondered why he didn’t one or two. I should have known all that and I live here.
    Btw, did you see the Mail’s headline recently?  Gun crime down. It may be but the story is still a joke, and the guys who have theirs are are no doubt laffing all the way to the next heist. Nothing like an unarmed populous to make a guy feel safe.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   01/25/2013  at  06:17 PM  

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