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Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 01/20/2013 at 12:20 PM   
  1. If you turn over enough rocks, you’ll find enough sick and twisted people to support anything.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/20/2013  at  02:13 PM  

  2. On March 22nd:  She’ll be a former senior manager at that wealth management company she currently enjoys working for.

    Actions have consequences.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    Canada   01/20/2013  at  02:46 PM  

  3. Tiger, you may have something there. In which case she’ll most likely sue for unfair dismissal and put in a claim for benefits as well.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   01/20/2013  at  02:51 PM  

  4. Chains? Project much?? I’ve seen a few brandings in my time - not something I believe in nor enjoy - but to lie about how it is done - you are out for your 15 minutes of fame. And yes, let’s recruit a (pathetic and sick) psychotic masochist to play along.

    And looking at her picture - you all must have a real different version of ‘dresses smartly and attends high-lever business meetings’ - as no one I know who does that - even has those kinds of clothes in their house, much less wears them.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/20/2013  at  05:29 PM  

  5. I just wonder how she got that chunky as a veg-head.

    Posted by Mr Evilwrench    United States   01/20/2013  at  06:03 PM  

  6. Avocado’s Mr E, Them things are fatty fat fat but Oh So Yummy. Weird that a Veg can have Fat but there it is:
    A serving of avocados provide 29.5 grams of fat per serving, including 4.3 grams of saturated fat and 25.2 grams of unsaturated fat.
    I wonder if Mike Bloomberg knows about this Evil Veg?

    nah-nah  nah-nah  nah-nah

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/20/2013  at  06:14 PM  

  7. Gee.. I am now seriously considering considering possibly thinking about maybe changing to being a vegan…
    Nope, guess not, still want bacon.

    Posted by Doctor DETH    United States   01/21/2013  at  12:04 AM  

  8. "MORON” branded across the forehead would be more sensible.  Who keeps telling idiots like these that their protests mean anything?

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   01/21/2013  at  03:01 PM  

  9. Grayjohn, they hear voices.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   01/21/2013  at  06:44 PM  

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