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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/22/2012 at 01:29 AM   
  1. Apologies, guys. I haven’t contributed much in the past week or two because things have been hectic and I’ve been busy. But a little time and distance adds perspective.

    Bottom line, after not posting here for a while I’ve come to realize that (1) obama sucks; (2) the primitive pedophile-worshiping savages that are slowly destroying civilization suck; (3) the EU sucks; and (4) much as it pains me to pass on to my children and grandchildren a world that sucks, there just isn’t much I can do about it anymore.

    Any suggestions to improve things would be appreciated, but in the meantime I’m crawling inside a bottle and not planning on coming out for a while.


    Posted by CenTexTim    United States   12/22/2012  at  05:23 AM  

  2. Hey Tex, you aren’t asking for a leave of absence, are you?
    Ah .... whatever it is ur gonna consume, save a pint. About all I can now handle these days and that barely.
    Happy Christmas to ya anyway in whatever condition you find yourself in.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/22/2012  at  11:38 AM  

  3. Drew, I’ve been reading all that for awhile now and I guess I should have posted it.
    I have been on the subject, but what you’ve posted here is really all of it in full and so kudos. It’s a lot of work and you manage to keep a cooler head than I am able to.

    Caution tho cos it isn’t simple or even most of the hereditary elites. Liebour, as Lyndon calls them, has seen to it that a large number of un-worthies have suddenly become part of a class they are supposed to dislike. It is bad Drew, no mistaking that. It would seriously take a major revolution on the scale of .... ? Who should I use as an appropriate example?
    I do not see it happening though. Not that I am some kind of expert who knows all things. Far from it. But I see no other way out of this painful (and it is that) morass.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/22/2012  at  11:47 AM  

  4. Will Self. What an utter wanker that man is. The turd world dross which is taking over Britain’s cities will result in riots and civil war ultimately. It will be Bosnia on steroids. I hope Bliar and the filth that is the Labour party are proud of themselves. Enoch Powell was ostracised in the sixties for having the temerity to say that in the future there would be blood on the streets. He was perhaps alarmist at the time, but that was when immigration was under 50,000 per annum. Bliar came to power and changed the laws and immigration went through the roof. 250,000 pa at least. If these people had been educated people who were of benefit to the country then maybe there would be some justification. However most of them are far from educated. There are I would estimate three million plus unemployed people getting welfare. Yet we allow hundreds of thousands to come in and take low paid jobs while we pay people not to work. Yet if a political party says enough is enough the bed wetters go into orbit.

    Posted by LyndonB    United Kingdom   12/22/2012  at  05:11 PM  

  5. One down, 5 million to go

    Posted by LyndonB    United Kingdom   12/23/2012  at  06:43 PM  

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