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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/18/2012 at 12:11 AM   
  1. I used to get annoyed when libtards called it faux news.

    Sadly, it’s almost to that point now.

    Posted by Friar Bob    United States   12/18/2012  at  01:10 AM  

  2. It won’t eliminate anything. You would have to eliminate the means of making firearms first. Not gonna happen.

    Posted by harleycowboy58    United States   12/18/2012  at  03:45 AM  

  3. I see WHY everyone is going Zonk over this because these were kids barely out of diapers. Not much more to say than I hope the next asshole who does this shit has the decency to pick on adults who might have a fair chance of clipping their ass in a somewhat fair fight.But we all know, Scum, whether Nuts or just Evil don’t give two shits who dies as long as they get to “ Take someone with them”. Just need to let time heal this thing because no Stupid anti anything ideas are going to change or fix it. The End.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/18/2012  at  04:22 AM  

  4. You aren’t getting it - gun control (see China school knifing) isn’t THE issue, cause, or problem.

    Starting in the 1970s - the liberals started turning Mental healthcare into a sham - first by eliminating/making nigh on impossible the commitment process. Second, the drugs for mental health treatment (even, or more especially the new ones) are as bad as the disease, it’s no wonder that many people don’t want to take them. And so we are now at the point where someone has to kill to get treatment - isn’t that pathetic.

    And - there is a metabolic syndrome - that mimics many of the diseases du jour (high cholesterol, diabetes, depression) - so once again our Big Pharma/Big Insurance scam healthcare professionals throw meds at the symptoms rather than address the cause.

    Read I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother -

    We went through a lot with youngest son - I checked with everyone/everything (social workers, counselors, Tough Love, etc) it was all ‘minor’ teenage stuff - until someone got hurt. In many ways - my husband and I thank God that he hurt himself and not other people’s ‘children’ (though in high school, I have a hard time with seeing some of them as children), we don’t have that additional pain to deal with.

    Right now - it’s gun control - but just you wait - before the dirt settles on the coffins - I bet lawsuits will start flying. [see Joan of Arcadia - where the paralyzed son is sued by the drunk driver who caused the accident, saw it in real life here. The only survivor (the driver of the hit car) was sued by one of the families of a victim, when it was the first car driven by a 16 year old drunk who killed their daughter.] The legal lottery is part of what has screwed up - our schools, our healthcare, our government and our society.

    The problem comes down to is do we become the soviet union, cuba or venezuela - or do we recover back to a more sane, a more free and a more functional America?

    I do believe we are on the line in the sand.

    Too bad so many people are still believing we can kick the can down the road to let some future generation ‘fix’ it - so that they don’t have to stand up and be courageous.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/18/2012  at  01:47 PM  

  5. Not even close to a solution

    1. I thought drugs are banned - you see how that works - just the criminals have them…

    2. You ignore non-guns (antiques) that are not monitored/treated as “guns”

    3. You ignore the 2nd ammendment - just as the NRA does and leaves out that ALL AMERICANS are/were/will be members of the militia and must be armed with current weaponds.

    The crime in this case is that there are “defense free” zones where the government says that you can not defend yourself… AND THEY ARE NOT LIABLE IF YOU ARE KILLED/hurt…

    It does not help that the “news media” promotes the violence and portrays the criminal as important, not like they should and excluding their name/family from the coverage ("The crazed killer was executed at the time of the crime, they (or family if child) will be paying all costs").

    Retorical question - Why does a criminal receive medical treatment paid for by the government with money taken from me by force) ?

    rick in North Georgia (USA)

    PS. Did not the early reports say the AR-15 rifle was recovered from the trunk of the car afterward, but now IT is blamed for the crime ?

    Posted by RickD94    United States   12/18/2012  at  03:47 PM  

  6. Rick, I did a post on exactly your last question. It turns out there were TWO AR-15s, and that the cops “forgot” to mention - for an entire day - that all the kids and teachers had been killed with the one not in the car trunk, and that the one and only time either the Glock or Sig pistols were fired was when Lanza offed himself.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/18/2012  at  07:50 PM  

  7. What about those nasty paper-cuts? Ban newspapers! And news magazines! And junk mail! And tax forms!

    I’ve got my guns & ammo.

    { “Oops! No, I sold them all privately in 2012 to pay for O’BuggerCare, Mr. BATF/Gestapo Agent! Sorry, didn’t get the dudes name.” smile }

    Now I’m concentrating on reloading components. Powder & primers, especially. They’re not like milk: properly stored, their expiration date (decades) is well past my remaining “natural” life expectancy.

    I’m good to go....

    Posted by ooGcM taobmaetS    United States   12/18/2012  at  09:07 PM  

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