What, No Pearl Harbor Post?


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/08/2012 at 04:15 PM   
  1. Lotta truth in your comments there Drew. And if Rich is who I think he is, he and wardmama posted quite a bit on Facebook. I didn’t post anything specifically Pearl Harbor oriented—just some photos from my Navy days, including one in which we manned the rails in dress whites as we passed the USS Arizona memorial in Pearl. But we were caught with our pants down. No excuse when you consider Pearl was and is a major Naval base. But I have to disagree… some of those guys were heroes that day. They did what you and I would do—picked up a rifle and shot back, most importantly the helped their fellow men who were wounded or got civilians under cover.

    Posted by Christopher    United States   12/08/2012  at  04:54 PM  

  2. Yes, some. A very few some; I’m not criticizing anyone, just saying that most were victims.

    But I am waiting for someone to pick up the thread and chew me up a bit; show me where I am wrong and how celebrating/honoring/solemnly remembering Pearl Harbor in this day and age has any REAL meaning whatsoever. The Greatest Greedist Generation are diminishing more and more each day, and so many went out shaking their heads that today is not the world that they fought for.

    Smallest case in point: despite there already being a federal law (DOMA) and more than 30 state laws concerning it, Monday SCOTUS “considers” the definition of marriage “issue”. Which is not in the Constitution AT ALL, and aside from the already existing laws it is supported by more than 10,000 years of human history. Plus a case in point (the end of the Roman Empire) that when “unnatural” became socially acceptable, the civilization fell. So you and I and any WWII vet would figure that such “consideration” would take about a quarter of a second and the response would be HELL NO ... but in today’s namby pamby rainbow unicorn fart world, it’s AT BEST a crapshoot for traditional marriage. My only hope is that they draw the line at ONE partner who must be at least 75% human. Otherwise it’s going to be group marriage with robo-goats.

    So yeah, show me that the Pearl Harbor spirit is alive and running deep in the American spirit. Show me that all of that was worth it. Show me that we can still pull together as a nation for more than 2 weeks at a time, when all I can see is every possible little dipshit sub-group pulling in their own direction, and fuck everyone else. Show me ANYTHING.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/08/2012  at  05:54 PM  

  3. Drew, the marriage thing has been hotly debated here and generally the majority of ppl and not just the religious, do not believe it is right to alter the very definition marriage.
    Does it matter to the powers that leach?  HELL NO.
    The conservative lite PM is all in favor of recognition and has said so. There was an entire radio discussion on it last night. The promise being made is that no church will ever be forced to marry a homosexual couple.  But few believe that in the longer term.
    I think it might pass in spite of what most folks want. Of course, it’ll make the odd couples very happy. It’s another achievement, another appeasement just so that a minority of queer people can claim something.

    You post was right on I must say. Wish it weren’t so but it damn well is.

    Now this will be an awful thing to say and perhaps I should not say it here but.
    I was in the Navy. I saw the drunk in my div. who drank after shave poor guy, when he couldn’t get the real thing. He wasn’t a bad guy or mean or anything like that. Somehow he became addicted. I could forgive him. Never saw him drunk on duty.
    But oh boy did I see a number of our guys let loose on a town and a license to get blotto.
    So when our ship passed the monument to the Arizona, as Christopher describes, I couldn’t help but wonder how many were sleeping one off from the night before.  Not that they deserved what happened to them. Not at all. But while I did feel something for all the guys who died in horrible ways, I never saw anyone as all heroes. So your comment is on the money too.  Heroes are those who while frightened to death themselves, do the brave thing in the very face of their possible final moment. I guess there could be other kinds of heroes but not too sure.  I heard an old vet here say that he didn’t care for the over use of the hero word, because many of his comrades joined up as there were no jobs and the army seemed like a way out. Then came the war and there they were. Stuck in hell, he said. Sometimes a fellow does something we believe heroic but really, he may not have had another choice but the one he took.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/08/2012  at  07:26 PM  

  4. Nicely done Drew, I stand corrected. It was just another day and we have Turkey,Ham and all that xmas stuff to fill our time these days.
    I don’t do Facebook Chris but I have a page just for shits and giggles.
    I actually only mentioned it because I noticed that I saw very little mention of it ANYWHERE on the net.
    Maybe I’ll go burn a flag or something,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/08/2012  at  07:31 PM  

  5. BTW, you must be feeling MUCH better if you have the energy to respond with that much passion over a toss in the lake comment by yours truly.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/08/2012  at  07:34 PM  

  6. I too agree.  I don’t see much of a point in marking solemn occasions or celebrating national holidays with the very same people who are actually working towards the destruction of our way of life. Those who have served and those who have served and died defending our freedom appear to have done so in vain. While we still enjoy some degree of liberty in America, our freedom is slipping through our fingers at an alarming rate.  It is only now that we come to recognize how endangered our civil liberties have become.  We no longer have a free media that reports the news honestly, fairly or accurately.  We no longer have a judicial branch of principled judges protecting our rights and maintaining the system of checks and balances. We no longer have a citizenry of rugged individualist who hold their elected officials accountable but a population of drones who are ill informed and unwittingly trade their freedom for government handouts.  If something doesn’t force the country to reevaluate its current heading, it will be too late to save us from this massive leviathan we call the United States government.  There will be no celebrating the Fourth of July for me this year or any year hereafter until each of us can honestly say we are a free people again.

    Posted by Kuso JiJi    United States   12/08/2012  at  07:43 PM  

  7. Sorry, but I have to disagree.

    I was up at 7AM to lower my flag to half-staff.

    I posted “Remember Pearl Harbor” in one of my favorite Skype chats, which caused quite a few comments as folks recalled their families contributions to WW2.

    I am a firm believer that “those who fail to learn the lessons of history are forever doomed to repeat it’s mistakes”

    You are correct when you say “show me that the Pearl Harbor spirit is alive and running deep in the American spirit. Show me that all of that was worth it.” I reply - go to your nearest VA Hospital, wander through the waiting room, look for a WW2 vet (yes, there are still a few around), and say “Thank you!”

    It will only happen if we make it happen. Just as with any policy debate, you have to point out when such foolish measures as raising taxes have NOT increased revenue to the Federal Government - but instead caused a reduction of revenue. Point it out over and over again.

    Posted by jackal40    United States   12/09/2012  at  12:32 PM  

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