america the awful?  and all these stories happened where exactly?


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/06/2012 at 09:45 AM   
  1. and should have dialed 999

    - What phrase is greater than ironic stupidity at it’s max? The nurses should have called 999 - for an asthma attack?

    And that sort of crappola is heading for us, very very soon.

    In 1965 the government told my dad that he had to take cash or insurance ONLY. He, his brother and his father - had done completely free (my grandfather traveled to Appalachia to do free surgeries every year) - my dad bartered for ‘healthcare’ bennies like house calls - rather than charging actual money. Set up local small clinics in very small towns for easier access to healthcare (worked with the Visiting Nurses Association). And set up the first (locally) evening and weekend clinics - for those hourly wage earners who couldn’t come in during the normal working hours.  The government also enforced ‘business model’ changes in his medical group - so he came home with a Thunderbird (his previous car was a Nash Rambler). In 1965 he charged $8.00 for an office visit - has insurance and government ‘regulations’ done a damn thing to bring those costs down? No because every time you add another layer, you add more costs. It is simple economics.

    BTW, youngest son is a burn survivor - who suffered a terrible burn - Galveston Shriners Hospital saved his life and brought about a greater return to function than even they expected - at no cost to us. Innovation and charitable donation - still does great things in America and American healthcare. [The artificial skin that was used on my son, Integra - was from a formula buried by the chemical company that came up with it - deemed ‘not a profitable concept’. Finally someone managed to purchase it - yes, it was expensive, but in 2001 when my son was burned only two such products existed - now there are at least 10 with a British company looking at using a similar formula for all wound healing. This type of innovation will be diminished under a government run system - never forget it started in the US under a free enterprise system]

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/06/2012  at  01:27 PM  

  2. I have said if before and I suppose I will say it again.  The reason everyone thinks America sucks and thinks everything about it should be changed is becasue of our damn Main Stream Media (MSM). 

    There are those, like all of us, that seek out the truth and know that America may not be perfect, but is way better than anything else out there.  Same goes with out style of governing and our hospitals, our capitalism....etc and so on.  But of course, this fact is never pushed or made known to the average American.  The truth we have to find buried deep in the internet.  None of the truth is on the MSM news, except for FOX, which is fighting alone and has already been marginalized. 

    The average American is ignorant.  Not stupid (possibly), but is definitely ignorant.  Their sole news source is the MSM, such as their major newspaper or ABC, CBS or MSNBC. 

    If conservatives want to take back this country, we have to do ONE THING.  All other tasks needed to be done are merely secondary.  We MUST take back our media. 

    The media used to be the unofficial 4th branch of govt, keeping tabs on what was really going on and making sure “We The People” knew what our govt was up to.

    Now, they run cover for every liberal action being taken.  It’s as if the entire media news is run by communists and would love to see this country fail.  They hate capitalism, they hate America, they hate conservative values, and most of all, they hat the truth. 

    The cover the MSM runs for obama would make goebbels green with envy.  of all the BILLIONS spent on trying to take back the presidency and all the other liberal congress and senate seats was wasted.  Why, because all the advertising in the world means nothing if the media tells everyone that you suck and obama and friends are great. 

    We need the truth to be told and it needs to be told on the MAIN media formats.  Only then, will the average ignorant voter (the ones that voted for obama...twice), will see that they are wrong.  If all they hear is republicans are evil and democrats are good, they will vote accordingly, and feel real damn good about themselves.  And if all they hear is how great of a job the liberal govt is doing and how evil still exists, such as in our health care system, they will cheer the destruction of our once great medical care system in America.  They will only find out they have been duped after the reality of what they have done truly affects them personally.  Then, they will yell that no one warned them.  That no one told them what would happen if obama stayed in office.  And technically, they would be right.  Why, because how they get their news is the same way their parents did...mainstream media. 

    So, before anything else is done.  EVERY SINGLE ONE of our republicans need to pool their money and start buying up the MSM.  I thought newspapers such as the NY times were doing poorly.  Then buy them up, fire every damn journalist and hire real news reporters.  Like the ones of the golden age movies that strived for the matter what.  Unlike today’s reporters that strive for thier version of how things should be and truth be damned.

    At this point, every other action to take back this country by conservatives is wasted unless they take back the MSM.  When MSNBC is the minority news channel and FOX is the leader with all the others in tow, then our country will return.  Until and unless that happens...expect this to continue until one day, America, the Land of the Free, will no longer be. 

    Then again, maybe I’m just a moron and wrong.  What do I know?

    Posted by sdkar    United States   12/06/2012  at  06:20 PM  

  3. How else are they going to get rid of the people that object to their policies so that Islam can claim England?

    Posted by harleycowboy58    United States   12/07/2012  at  01:13 AM  

  4. Well said all but we should be aware that there are faults in the system that need looking after. What I mean is, just cos a libtard finds a fault here and there does not mean it doesn’t exist. And not everyone who doesn’t agree with our pov is the enemy. Well, not always anyway.  I think I’m trying to say in a clumsy way is, we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. After all, much as I HATE the left, if I fuss about all conservatives being accused of any number of crimes, I can’t then do the same to ALL the people who may have a liberal viewpoint. Cos if I did that, then heck. I’d be just like them. Crivens.

    Sdkar makes some very good points but the msm has its masters and they are very much a part of what is a 5th column. And as I have reported many times in the past, there are actually agencies hard at work who are based here in Europe, who are working inside the USA. Now that does appear bizarre to read I know.  But it happens to be true. If I’d had my wits about me at the time some year or two ago, I’d have noted the name of at least one which was actually named in print here. I admit I miss a lot due to our circumstances and health issues. But I still should have noted that damn thing.

    The other thing beside the msm may be as important if not more so. The education of the young. There was something in our weekly amateur (my term for them) local paper.
    Large number of ppl demonstrating support for green issue locally but ALL the ones carrying posters of protest against the carbon enemy were, the kiddies. Too many of same too young to even know what the issue is all about. And someday they will raise their kiddies to follow the same left line. And so it goes cos the schools are teaching it.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/08/2012  at  01:44 PM  

  5. I agree that the schools are the second part.  The reason I raised the MSM first is these are the immediate steps that could be taken with immediate results. Also, the MSM problem can be solved from the outside with the only resource needed is money. 

    The school issue must be tackled once the presidency, senate and congress are won back. 
    However, I don’t see that happening as the last time the republicans had the power and could have done something, they instead busied themselves with amnesty (over and over),completely ignoring their constituents wishes and instead, trying to serve their masters, who wanted cheap labor. 

    To be honest, we are ultimately, victims of humanity and history.  Both of these factors show that America will fall.  You can only peak once, and I think America has done that.  Any headway made in getting this country back on tract are merely minor uptics in the overall descent.  I am afraid that history books a hundred years from now will show this. 

    The only question is, how will be fall.  Will it be a simple decline into mediocrity like the once great powers of Spain or Britain.  Or, will it be catastrophic, like the fall of Rome?

    Posted by sdkar    United States   12/08/2012  at  03:53 PM  

  6. Catastrophic sdkar, if everything I see and read here are anywhere near accurate. We won’t be here but, in a thousand years I think all of Europe and surely much of America too, will be of a different racial makeup, with possibly muslims in the majority if things continue as they are. So far, although there are a lot of loud voices, birth rates and immigration seemingly unlimited, will continue. Those immigrants will come from turd world countries because where else will they find a cushion like here. Eventually, because their brains are also third rate, the entire place will sink. Yes, there will always be pockets of better but again, they won’t have the numbers. Another thing is interracial marriage. It is on the increase and will continue. 
    Having read Drew’s post today, I think the future is somewhat bleak unless something earth shattering in thinking and acting takes place. Political correctness has a firmer hold over society than anything I’ve seen in my lifetime except for the Nazi and Soviet dictatorships.
    The west simply refuses to defend itself, whites are cozy with self guilt and look for things to apologize for, and bend over backwards to maintain liberal credentials.
    Oh, and I haven’t even started on what passes for the entertainment industry.

    America might stand a slight chance if the 5th column can be destroyed and orgs. such as the aclu and amnsty intl. and all their like can be rounded up and shot. And it will take nothing less.  But Europe and England may well be doomed and over run with muzzies both foreign and home grown. Sure hope I’m dead wrong but, from all I see around me and from what I hear and read, doesn’t look very good.

    Lastly, you don’t see many ppl from Sweden or Denmark or Germany and not even France, breaking down the doors to get into the UK. They are almost all from an inferior culture and world. From gypsies to the muslims to those others who have only recently come out of caves and trees. They want to be here. Or the USA. They aren’t the sort of people who long ago immigrated and helped to make both countries preeminent. 

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/08/2012  at  05:38 PM  

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