slow death of white america …


slow death of white america ...  and for the few of us that care about that, if you read the lib comments from around the world, that makes us bigoted and the worst of racists. well screw the self satisfied critics who want to believe the worst of us.  romney was correct you know, in some minds made up and no changing them. that applies to the america haters as well.

reader comments at the source, daily mail

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 11/09/2012 at 05:52 PM   
  1. The idiot factories that are our education system have suceeded in dumbing down and propagandizing enough of the population to vote in liberal kooks.

    It is downhill from here.

    Posted by splugy    United States   11/09/2012  at  06:45 PM  

  2. Just grab some popcorn and watch the cascade as it crumbles because WE have NO say in any of this because we voted to FIX it and we lost.FUCK THEM ALL.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/09/2012  at  10:09 PM  

  3. Somedays I’m glad I’m no younger than I am, I won’t live to see the demise of the country I was blessed to grow up in. Then I remember my children & grandchildren and weep for them, knowing what lies ahead. I wanted more children but had what I could afford, I guess I should have had my hand out to the government more.

    Posted by Col. Bat Guano    United States   11/10/2012  at  12:29 PM  

  4. Well, the numbers are in and it looks like “WHITE” america Forgot to vote and all the minorities voted at the same levels they did in 2008.Yes, that means WE fucked ourselves White America.Good Job,enjoy the slide.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/11/2012  at  12:40 AM  

  5. splugy has his finger on the problem except that its been going on for more than a generation. I heard an interesting political program on the news tonight in which it was suggested that while it’s true many euros are critical of the USA and are anti-American, the largest number of criticism and America bashing come from within the USA itself. Oh yeah, did you guys know that you actually had less freedom and freedom of speech and no social mobility, or less anyway than many other countries in the world?  That’s what’s being being peddled by the left over here. If I had hair to pull out I wouldda done. I need to find a way to record what I hear and upload if possible. That would be the only way to show you folks what makes me mad as a hatter so often.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   11/11/2012  at  05:10 AM  

  6. They’re making it sound like a racial thing.  White America vs Minority America.  The left is doing all they can to make this into a racial issue.

    Posted by BobF    United States   11/11/2012  at  03:52 PM  

  7. The Left keeps pushing for a race war, both in words & in passing legislation that makes the gap wider & wider. They will get it, one of these days, and when they do, assholes like Reid & Pelosi will not understand why they are being shot, because they spent all their careers trying to “help”.

    Posted by KnightHawk67    United States   11/12/2012  at  02:35 PM  

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