they(americans) love european weapons. we make em the yanks kill each other with em


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 09/29/2012 at 11:00 AM   
  1. BlueMax (and my goodness, can’t we read a lot into that nom de plume!) ALMOST gets it, but then screws it up.

    “you MUST be armed to protect yourself and your family from the effects of the 2nd Amendment. “ is circular reasoning. The UK, without a 2nd of it’s own, seems to be overflowing with random spontaneous “knife crimes” done just for the hell of it, a very high rate of violent home invasions, and a roustabout mentality among the drunken unemployed youth. In America, bar fights exist pretty much only in old time westerns. They don’t happen every Friday night at the corner bar. Nor do we have weekly sports riots. We don’t have all of that (outside of the ghetto zoos where no law applies nor humans venture) because ... DUH ... people would get shot. So all y’all Brits are actually living with a higher amount of violence on a daily basis, albeit violence that’s usually a bit less than always fatal.

    And then he comes around to class ... which makes me chuckle, since the typical lower class Brit - a yob, a chav, Essex girls - is on par with trailer trash and wiggers here, and yours are acting aloof because an upper class exists there that they have zero access to. But your little Lord seems to be arguing that guns in the hands of the elite is just fine, it’s the wretched masses that should be disarmed. And that’s A) why we have the 2nd in the first place, and B) exactly where “gun control” comes from - Jim Crow. It just bugs me that he’s more or less correct, because the vast majority of gun violence in the USA comes from within a small ethnic/urban group or two. But that leaves us with a “chicken & egg thing”, so you wonder if they’d be killing each other with bats and knives anyway, JUST LIKE IN ENGLAND, if they didn’t have guns.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   09/29/2012  at  01:37 PM  

  2. Perhaps the half wit should have a look at the King Canute story, he I believe did that to prove he did not wield god like power! so blows his theory!. As for England the gun violence there is high, I know pubs in London where I bet I could buy a hot hand gun inside one hour. There are gun deaths way too often, 4 unarmed female police officers in the last few years . People are frightened by guns when they dont know, just like falling off the end of the flat earth.

    Posted by Chris Edwards    Canada   09/29/2012  at  02:49 PM  

  3. Oh good ,I get toi be the first on here to give a big ol FUCK YOU to those clowns writing that shit.I assume wild animals dont exist in Blighty anymore either so you dont need to worry about that silliness ( I always go in the woods unarmed so nature can make me UN Armed from communing with a mountain lion). Not!
    Good point about the clue bats Drew, no doubt these chum sweat that possibilty often.
    Oh well, even asshats need something to write about.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   09/29/2012  at  10:31 PM  

  4. I find it humorous (in a sick, twisted way) that these folks want me (and my family) to give up our right to defend ourselves. Setting aside all of the liberal slogans, what is the core issue? The we responsible American’s have chosen to defend ourselves instead of waiting for the Government to do it for us.

    With a Hearty “Go Fk; Yourselves” I’m reminded that with the start of another month - it’s time to perform my ritual gun cleaning, ammo counting, and supply inventory. Thanks libs!

    Posted by jackal40    United States   09/30/2012  at  11:45 AM  

  5. Its not just guns in Britain these days, the gangster who feels he has been disrespected nowadays reaches for a hand grenade to settle scores. Rich there are no predators in the British countryside which could tackle a human. The only predators are in the cities and banning hand guns didn’t really worry them. Ultimately gun control is not about gun control its about control. If the citizen isn’t armed he can never pose a threat to those who are in power.

    Posted by LyndonB    United Kingdom   10/02/2012  at  02:36 PM  

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