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Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 06/30/2012 at 09:29 AM   
  1. You want to know how various groups will fair? Like those with low wages? or no wages? or small business owners?

    The answer is, lousy. A lot worse than the sheeple among them believe. The truth is, we are all screwed. Because to ask these questions is to miss the whole point.

    (Apologies to the author of this analysis, I forget where I saw it.) The point is this: Obamatax (the Court ruling that this is a tax, not a mandate, so the word “Obamacare” is now obsolete) is a brand new, vast transfer of wealth (which itself is repugnant to the Constitution we supposedly have). It transfers huge batches of wealth from the young to the old, and from the healthy to the sick. And it does so with absolutely no consideration of your ability to pay. In the ancient lingo of Progressivism, Obamatax is hugely, and cruelly, regressive.

    Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly explained that, under Obamatax, federal bureaucrats will now have authority to regulate every aspect of our lives. We will see regulations, penalties, tax incentives, and ghod knows what else, to force us to live exactly as the powers that be decree we must. How much exercise we must do. What activities qualify as exercise, and which do not. What Body Mass Index we must maintain. What foods we may eat, and in what quantities, and how it may be cooked. Websites and hotlines encouraging us to snitch on our neighbors if they are cheating, or gaming the system somehow. All in the name of controlling health care costs.

    The only people who will benefit are the bureaucrats and power brokers. And even they won’t benefit much, or for long, because the wealth needed to fuel their power is already gone, spent. Our country is already bankrupt, the authorities just don’t want to admit it yet. So even they are screwed.

    This Court ruling is the worst since Dred Scott.  That ruling merely decreed that Negroes are not people, so they cannot be citizens. This ruling abolishes the very notion of citizenship, because it makes everyone slaves to the government. The analogy is a good one. Dred Scott did not ignite our Civil War, but it was a key step toward it. Thursday’s Court ruling will not ignite our next civil war, but it comes close to wiping out what little chance we still had to avert it.

    Police state, we are here.

    Posted by KGrupa    United States   06/30/2012  at  11:02 AM  

  2. ObamaCare, the Affordable Health Care Act, ACA, or whatever name we will know it by in the future, is far far bigger than a mere single can of worms. It is a shipload full of those cans, plus a thousand worm farms behind that.

    There are all sorts of exclusions, so that the working poor don’t have to pay in to the system. They don’t even have to pay the not-participating tax penalty tax. The non-working poor already have Medicaid coverage. In theory Medicaid will now expand to the next higher up economic class, though it won’t be called Medicaid any longer. I think. And in theory the number of things covered by not-called-Medicaid-anymore will grow to cover just about everything non-elective, and several things elective as well.

    Any teeny tiny business is exempt, but any medium small business is not. Once your company grows to 50 employees, you have to provide coverage. So yeah, you’re correct: this is a huge economic damper that will utterly stratify the business world, because the cost of adding Employee #50 is astronomical, regardless of the job that #50 is hired to do. Small businesses will grow to 49 employees, then stagnate.

    However, given American Ingenuity at avoiding taxes, I expect small businesses to split into parts, at least on paper, to avoid this pain. Hell, even giant companies could do it. Imagine each piece of the assembly line at GM being a separate company. It would take some pretty advanced accounting software to handle the ins and outs, but it could be done.
    Well, that assumes that there isn’t some sneaky language hidden deep in the Act that forever forces larger companies to provide coverage based on the way they are structured right now ... which will also stagnate the economy, because an inflexible business can only die.

    I expect most businesses, small and large, to simply opt for the government plan. It saves them millions compared to paying for Blue Cross or Afflack directly for their people. So the health insurance industry is going to die, and die quickly. Which means everyone will be on not-called-Medicaid-anymore very soon. And since that is quite limited in coverage scope, the overall quality of health care in our country is going to decline severely and rapidly, leaving us no better than some Turd World shit hole. And the federal government will have total control over what is currently 1/6 of our economy.

    I may be wrong with this. I have not read the 3000+ page bill or it’s tens of thousands of reference pages, rules, and regulations. But I can tell this is a coupe of the largest order. This is the biggest power grab in US history. And they all knew ahead of time that it would kill the economy. That does not matter. Power for power’s sake is all that matters.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/30/2012  at  11:17 AM  

  3. Drew and Peiper the sneaky language in the ObamaTax is - ‘at the Secretary of Health & Human Services discretion

    And oh, btw the big o is already screaming from the housetop insisting that Tricare (i.e. The Armed Forces) pony up more dollars for gov run health care - at the exact moment the big o has put into play (he hopes, unless Congress finds a way around it) a huge RIF (Reduction in Forces) - which then puts thousands of military & family into the unemployed column and without healthcare. His sole intention is completely destroying the existing healthcare system - to be ‘universal’ healthcare. So anti-American, I can’t understand how a single person could support.

    The Join Forces, Jobs for Troops etc are a joke - mostly part time, temps and yes, our beloved favorite - call center crappola. Hubby was sent a notice for a Job Fair in Detroit - we actually considered it - as his mom lives in the environs. But we have no cash for a trip like that (gas was high before the dates, we did not know it would come down) - and then right before his job counselor informed him that they would give him a stipend (would have been nice to know right off) - but alas it was during his medical tests/appts. Which was more important than attempting in this wreckovery economy to move into a collapsing economic area.

    Lucky for us - a new grocery is opening - I will be among the zillion of unemployed attempting to get a job - maybe just maybe.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   06/30/2012  at  11:31 AM  

  4. What KGrupa said, in spades.

    PS - Words to the wise: DO NOT purchase any red meat, soda, candy, raw sugar, ice cream, alcohol, or tobacco products with a credit card. Eggs too, and whatever is on USDA’s Bad List. Do not use your grocery store membership/discount card for these purchases. Start paying cash for at least half your gasoline purchases. Because it is NOT a safe bet that the government is not monitoring this data. Don’t even talk about doing this on the phone, or in emails, because the government already IS monitoring and saving every last one of those. Just do it, and keep your mouth shut.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/30/2012  at  11:32 AM  

  5. Wardmama, future member of the UFCW, and happy to be so. Hey, union membership comes with health insurance too!

    I was a UFCW member for 12 years.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/30/2012  at  11:44 AM  

  6. I’m not sure Jungle Jims is Union (don’t recall the sign) - here Kroger is the big union grocery - part of the reason biggs got bought out is because it stood up to Kroger. But I found an interesting little thing - there is a Kroger that is near us, in the city - which does not prominently display the UFCW shop sign at the front doors (like so many others do) and I have to wonder is that because so many of the workers are of a certain color and in that particular area only because of Section 8 manipulations? I also saw one out by where my mom used to live (i.e. small town OH) that did not have the UFCW shop sign. I have to wonder about a corporation that allows certain special interest groups to ignore their hard and fast union rules. Isn’t that pandering - and what does it say for the union? Not that it is of interest, but crossing the union picket line at my local Kroger was my first job (17) - too bad as soon as they saw KIDS crossing the line for a job - they caved - so I only worked a couple of days.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/01/2012  at  10:01 AM  

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