Fined for hiring too many people!?


Posted by Christopher    United States   on 09/22/2011 at 10:55 AM   
  1. Even then, I wouldn’t hire anyone unless I had a need to do so.

    which is the core truth: it is not government that creates jobs, nor even business. It is customers - demand - that creates jobs. Sure, the companies hire people. But they only hire when they have to. So let’s keep right on buying every last little bit of stuff in our lives from China ... and wondering why nobody has any work anymore.

    Don’t blame Bush for all of this, blame Nixon. Then blame Clinton.

    “Only Nixon could go to China”
    - Spock

    Posted by Drew458    United States   09/22/2011  at  11:46 AM  

  2. “Only Nixon could go to China”
    - Spock

    Guess I’m not as ‘Trekkie’ as I thought. What movie?

    Posted by Christopher    United States   09/22/2011  at  12:17 PM  

  3. it is not government that creates jobs, nor even business.

    Truth. A need, demand, whatever you want to call it, creates businesses. Then businesses hire employees as necessary to meet demand.

    Honestly, I don’t believe I learned this in school. My step-father was a salesman. In my lifetime he sold:

    Encyclopedia Brittanica - (helped me, we got a freebie set that stood me well in school)

    Singer Sewing Machines -(helped my sister in Home Ec class. Plus she’s actually pretty good seamstress when she wants to be)

    Most of his time was spent as a salesman for office equipment. Hence I was one of the first kids in seventh grade to have a four-function calculator. Bragging rights only. It was worthless for my needs. I was better using a slide-rule. (wish I still had one).

    He also sold typewriters, which is why in 8th-grade I took a one-quarter typing class. That class stood me well. My typing skills kept me out of all kinds of nasty make-work in the Navy. I usually got assigned as ‘Company Yeoman’, or ‘Battalion Legal Assistant’.

    Hey! It beat policing the grounds for trash. All because I could type.

    Didn’t save me from doing scullery work in boot camp during Service Week though.

    Posted by Christopher    United States   09/22/2011  at  12:30 PM  

  4. The quote is from Star Trek 6 - from my hubby (the only one I liked was 4) - he babbled something about needing to listen to Shakespeare in the original Klingon?!?

    Fined for hiring too many people - is there nothing that this dictator wanna-be won’t do to stop jobs in America.

    Wondering if we can last until Jan 2013 - and what The Won will do to destroy America between Nov and Jan.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/23/2011  at  08:10 AM  

  5. Thanks for sourcing that quote for me. Not sure which one is Star Trek 6, but I’ve something to work with. (Shakespeare in the original Klingon–right) You liked ST-4. Again, not sure which one that was. My favorite was ST-2 Wrath of Khan.

    Now I’m gonna have to take Obama’s side, just a bit. Schiff was fined in 2008. President then? GWB. Bet you it was a rule/regulation promulgated under Clinton? But he’s also been prohibited from hiring the last three years. President? The ONE, President Zero (as in jobs).

    Posted by Christopher    United States   09/23/2011  at  11:01 AM  

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