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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 03/04/2010 at 12:06 PM   
  1. Drew,

    As a long time airsoft player and President of a state association for airsoft, they are not BB guns. We have tried over and over to get them classifed as such, so that the age limit would kick in, but they are still toys. The sale to under 18 is voluntary, and not mandated by any law. Unless the state you are in changed their laws, and I am sure that the airsoft community as a whole would have heard about it, it still is only a toy.

    Now, as for the airsoft guns in general.

    The receivers that you show in the article, are not so convertable as you are making them out to be. They are not the same dimension as a real steel rifle lower. This is done on purpose. A Tokyo Marui M4 lower (which is the Gold standard for all airsoft replicas) is too wide and too short to allow a real steel upper to be installed. The magwell for the TM-M4 will not accept a real mag as it is too short. So, you cant even modify an airsoft mag as a real bullet is too long to sit inside the front and back of the mag shell correctly.

    The thing of late is that there has been a rehashing of reality in the game. And these guns the WE Tech M4 has been one of the more interesting ones. The WE M4 that is the base of this case is a one for one size replica of a real steel m4. The lack of forethought on the engineers is stunning… They made a fully one for one replica, the mags, yup the exact size as the real ones. The spacing between pins, exact, the receiver correct in all outer dimensions.

    So, you CAN in this instance ONLY, take a WE M4 lower and convert it with a real steel upper and real steel parts in the lower and with a bit of work, make it fire. This is also due to the design of the WE M4 as being a Gas Blow Back system and not the normal Electric Drive system, which houses a large gearbox in the lower of the AEG, and this GBB does not have. Coupled with the utter ignorance of WE to use a somewhat similar hammer arrangement to actuate their GBB design.

    But, this does not apply to just ANY airsoft gun. These are the only ones that have this lack of forethought in their design. But, they may not be the last as the mfg’s in Taiwan and China dont really care about the US market much anyway. So, I would not expect this to stop happening anytime soon.

    Posted by B3    United States   03/04/2010  at  02:10 PM  

  2. ATF hires Retarded Policeman from Youtube!  Read all about it!!

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   03/04/2010  at  07:50 PM  

  3. What Rights? = We Won!
    Who needs a reason or a justification or even a specific regulation when “WE” have the power.
    Did I miss anything?

    Posted by Rich K    United States   03/04/2010  at  08:40 PM  

  4. B3 - thanks for your input. I think the matter is debatable; I contacted AirSplat and they said it could not be done. I posted that, but will update that post to reference your comment here.

    Airsplat has promised a video on their YouTube channel that shows that it doesn’t work. I would like to see a video, either from ATF or some anonymous someone, taking apart one of these toys and then putting real parts on and making it go bang several times and not blow up. Full auto fire would be nice too, but is not needed to make the ATF’s case. Just make it fire a couple times.

    I did not know that these things were actually classified as toys. If that is the case, then the feds had some standing that this batch came in without the silly orange muzzle that toy guns are required to have. My assumption, since the guns fire projectiles at velocities high enough to leave welts, was that they are BB guns or pellet guns of some kind.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   03/05/2010  at  11:20 AM  

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