Battleship Envy

I saw this little posting on Tam’s site this morning:


The capacity for the human mind to focus upon a goal and pursue it with single-minded determination is amazing. Given free reign, it is this tendency towards obsession that makes great things happen: Everest is climbed. The South Pole is reached. The Atlantic is flown solo. Diseases are conquered and devices are invented. And sometimes the same obsession goes a bit wonky and model battleships thirty feet long are built.


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 05/29/2007 at 09:49 AM   
  1. That is so neat.

    I love battleships.  One of my goals in life is to visit a Iowa Class Battleship.  I’m hoping to go see the USS Alabama.  Although it’s not an Iowa Class, she’s close enough.

    Posted by BobF    United States   05/29/2007  at  10:25 AM  
  2. BobF,
    If you’re ever in the New England area we have a great display right up your alley. At Battleship Cove in Fall River, Ma. we have the (S. Dakota class battleship) U.S.S. Massachusetts, cruiser Fall River, destroyer Joseph Kennedy, submarine Lionfish, a couple of PT boats, a higgins made landing craft, and an East German Navy Corvette, the Hiddensee.
    It’s a loooong day or a weekend trip. The battleship is filled with museums and berths where they host overnight trips by Scouts and other organizations.
    There, I’ve done my part for the Mass. Tourism Council!

    Posted by mojoe    United States   05/29/2007  at  12:51 PM  
  3. Very cool! Did he carve the gun crews too? That guy should be working in Hollyweird.

    Posted by DaToad    United States   05/29/2007  at  12:59 PM  
  4. Wow .... that is one heck of a model.  DaToad is right ... that guy should go pro.

    Posted by Zebster    United States   05/29/2007  at  01:15 PM  
  5. He might have taken his attention to detail too far ... looks like the gun crew is loading the cannons with real .30-30 ammo!

    Posted by Drew458    United States   05/29/2007  at  02:00 PM  
  6. Drew 458,
    What fun is tooling around the lake if you can’t deliver the occasional broadside?

    Posted by mojoe    United States   05/29/2007  at  04:38 PM  
  7. BobF—a couple of other places to tour would be the USS Yorktown (an Essex class carrier) and associated ships in Charleston, SC, and the USS Texas (a New York class battleship—the only surviving, intact WWI battleship left in the world, it saw action in WWII as well) at the San Jacinto battleground in Deer Park, Tx.

    For actual Iowa class battleships, there’s the USS North Carolina in Wilmington, NC, The USS Missouri is at Pearl Harbor, HI, USS New Jersey is in Camden, NJ, USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, VA and then there’s the class ship USS Iowa at Mare Island, Vallejo, CA.

    Posted by gb_in_ga    United States   05/29/2007  at  05:01 PM  
  8. Thanks guys for the information.  My wife has been wanting to visit Alabama, so that’s why my wish to see the USS Alabama but one of my close friends just retired from the Navy at Norfolk and the USS Wisconsin gives me another reason to take a trip to Virgina.  Mojoe, that must be great all those warships in one place. 

    I’ve spent 26 years in the Air Force but I have a love for Battleships and and large warships.  Maybe that’s why I spent my career working only the heavies: B-52, KC-135, C-141, and B-2.  If it ain’t big, it ain’t worth messing with.

    Posted by BobF    United States   05/29/2007  at  09:24 PM  
  9. So far I haven’t actually boarded any of them (had an invite from a buddy on the Wisconsin but no time) but I’ve got photos I took of the Missouri and New Jersey firing broadsides (from about a mile away off their starboard bows - along with the Long Beach and several other combatants) and pics of both the MO and the Wisconsin during Desert Storm.

    The Wisconsin pics are of us abeam of them getting gassed (unrepping dfm - that’s marine diesel fuel for you landlubbers) up in the Northern Gulf at around 20 knots.

    Posted by babylonandon    United States   05/29/2007  at  10:23 PM  
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