The Redneck National Anthem …. all stand please.  Thank You.

Just seems to be my day to be the one being offended by the left and their bullying pc bs. And I see no end to it or them. Not in my lifetime anyway. Damn it that is depressing.

I HATE the pc world we live in and especially those self offended, self appointed guardians of the correct and only way to see and think and speak.

I defy anyone anywhere to show me an example of one ship during the era of slavery, that delivered slaves under the glorious and proud Stars and Bars. Not one.  Those slaves were originally brought to our shores under the flags of many nations including the USA.  So why aren’t all these highly offended negros and their guilty white idiot supporters calling for us to abandon the Stars and Stripes?
Now the word Redneck has to be apologized for also.  Read it all to find out why.

‘Redneck Day’ at Arizona high school causes uproar

An Arizona high school has come under fire from civil rights groups for holding a spoof “Redneck Day” to build team spirit ahead of end-of-year dance.
By Philip Sherwell, New York

The event at Queen Creek High School, near Phoenix, split the school community, upset Black students, angered civil rights activists and unleashed a debate about free speech and racial stereotypes.

The teenage student council, whose plans were approved by school officials, insist that their only intention was to satirise Duck Dynasty, a reality TV show about a family of long-bearded, rural Louisianans who have made millions from their duck-hunting business.

One student however turned up draped in a Confederate flag, an emblem of regional pride in parts of the South but which for many is a racist symbol of slavery and segregation.

School officials said that the student came from another state where the Civil War flag was a more common sight. He was asked to change attire by a teacher and he explained that he had not meant to offend.

In a country where historical reminders of racial divides are still so potent, that did not end the controversy. The term “redneck” is also politically and racially loaded. It is traditionally derogatory slang for poor white farmers, but for some has connotations with bigoted rural conservatives.

Leading the criticism was Ozetta Kirby, a local leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People, America’s oldest civil rights organisation, whose grandson attends the school.

“I’m sitting here crying and praying,” Mrs Kirby, a church pastor, told The Arizona Republic. “That can break you down and make you feel at the bottom rung of the whole society, where everybody is being jubilant. No kid should have to go through that. We all know the connotation of ‘redneck’.”

The Queen Creek school board apologised for offence caused by use of the word.



The article reminded me of this song by an old friend who once recorded for RCA.  I have chosen this version because of a memory or two.

This version is NOT the studio recording.  Vernon was playing somewhere here in the UK, in one of the Country Music clubs dotted all over the UK from England to Wales.  American single acts playing gigs here, almost all one nighters and a hell of a grind, and were ALWAYS backed by a British band.  Always.
I used to arrange the booking with Brit agents who then booked the various clubs. 

I got to know Vernon well and he was very kind to me when I was out of work and as they say, in between gigs.  He gave me one of his western hats which I wore with great pride for a long time. Somehow, it got lost among the many moves we made.

You will note the dress among the audience in this video.  Brit fans dressed up this way in lots of clubs, they had fast draw contests firing blanks of course, and this was all in a the day when a gun firing blanks wasn’t a taboo.

Vernon and many acts like him had a very hard time getting air play on American Country radio stations, because they were thought to be, “TOO COUNTRY.”
So anyway ... here’s something that in it’s day was a hit record for Vernon Oxford.

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 05/08/2013 at 10:15 AM   
  1. nice day dream there Johnny Reb. At this end you had the Union navy blockading every port big enough to put a full rigged ship in to. At the other end you had the British Empire actively (that translates as “using the Army and Navy") repressing the slave trade, and capturing or sinking any slave ships they found. Called the Preventative Squadron, their efforts went on for over 50 years and even included deposing the king of Lagos (Nigeria). Thousands died, 55% average casualties, not just from fighting but from all the horrid tropical diseases. They captured 1600 ships and freed over 150,000 slaves.

    And seeing as how ol’ Massa was gittin hisself as much slave booty as he could, to breed up a new crop, and how he’d been doing that since ... oh, about 1808 when the last foreign slaves were imported ... kinda puts a kink or two or three in your statement.

    As for “glorious” ... well, that’s rather debatable too, depending on your viewpoint. Black hearted Democrats and a new landed aristocracy ruling a hollow society with no real middle class and zero upwards social mobility - not what I’d call glorious.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   05/08/2013  at  07:08 PM  
  2. ” So why aren’t all these highly offended negros and their guilty white idiot supporters calling for us to abandon the Stars and Stripes? “

    and what do you think “God Damn America” and Black Liberation Theology are really all about, if not exactly that? Oh, and the hippies, and the Occupiers, and the Progressives, and the pResident with his “fundamental transformations” and his Pigford reparations and so on and on and on??? They ain’t just callin’, they’re doin’.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   05/08/2013  at  07:11 PM  
  3. It is a cute song though. And it’s funny seeing John Bulldog gussied up country style.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   05/08/2013  at  07:16 PM  
  4. Sorry. I was overreacting, and channeling my annoyance at SOMEONE ELSE in your direction. Unfair of me. My bad.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   05/09/2013  at  12:10 AM  
  5. That’s okay. No problem here. Yeah, I am familiar with all points raised but the truth still is, no slave was brought here on a ship flying the Stars and Bars.But the lefties and their guilt ridden crowd still focus on the Stars and Bars as some sort of evil thing that must be suppressed. I can’t help but admire Lee and those very few brave boys (compared to the numbers the north could draw on and their industry) who fought so hard and for so long and still it took the north 4 years to wear them down. And the Confederate blockade runners are the stories of the same kind of bravery and can do military spirit, always under manned and under supplied.  So I used glorious in that sense but you are exactly right re. a hollow society otherwise. I believe that had the South won, Lee would have become president, and he would have ended slavery as he personally believed an economy based on it could not thrive long term and would prove ruinous. I also do not believe that those mostly illiterate Southern troops would have risked life and limb just so that a handful of rich aristocrats could own slaves. A class that at the start of the war, didn’t believe their troops would fight and if they did, would not do well.  A class thing I guess which shows ya can never tell, and prejudging based on class doesn’t always lead to the right conclusion. In a way you couldn’t always blame them for that. Early on, many Southern troops learned left from right by which foot the bunch of straw was tied to.  Didn’t inspire much confidence.

    I tend to accept in full the opinion of H.L. Mencken on the subject of just who was fighting for “freedom.”

    I must digress and wonder if your annoyance and mine are similar. ?

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   05/09/2013  at  08:30 AM  
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