treated like a Christian? Can’t have any of that.

This is an update to a story from last year.  Which you might not recall.


Boy (?) muslim, meets girl, Irish and white, she’s 15 at the time. Mommy and mommy’s friend try to stop relationship and claim girl too young to marry in any event.  Being a muslim, boy stabs mom and friend to death and on trial now.

He is complaining that he is being treated like a Christian or worse and insists he be tried as a yoot as he claims to be 17. Uh huh.  He’s 22 btw. So much for truth from muzzies but then we already know all that.
Here ya go. Another story for the books.  He also claims reporters in court are causing him depression while admitting he did kill two women.

Gotta wonder in the first damn place, what the hell is it that so many young white girls find attractive in these guys and their religion. 


Turkish waiter ‘depressed’ as he admits to killings
Michael Carroll

A CONFESSED Turkish killer of two Irish women asked for reporters to be banned from his trial because media reports were “depressing him”.

THE request came shortly after the defendant, former waiter Recep Cetin, admitted the charges of murdering Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore, both 53 and from Newry, Co Down, in August 2011, at the Fifth High Criminal Court in Izmir, Turkey.

Recep Cetin, appearing in court alongside his alleged accomplice father, Erup Cetin, appealed for the media to be banned because of the effect reports were having on his mental health.

He complained he was being treated like, “a Christian, an atheist or communist” in the trial.

“I am a Muslim. My father is innocent, yet he has been in prison for one and a half years. Camera records show my father was not at the scene,” he added.


Cetin claimed he was suffering from depression because of media coverage of the case and called for the court to remove reporters from the courtroom.

“I have read reports claiming I cut off the victim’s heads,” he said.

“I murdered them, that is true. But the media has reported false allegations.”

Despite his admission of guilt, Cetin defended his father and denied that he had any involvement in the double murder.

“I swear to this country, to this nation, that whatever my father says is true. I am guilty and my guilt is a sufficient punishment for me,” he said.

Cetin’s father told the court he was the victim of a conspiracy. “I have nothing to do with this incident. I am innocent yet I am kept in prison. Neither God nor justice will forgive this,” he said.

The women’s bodies were found in woodland near their holiday resort, in Kusadasi, Turkey. Both were with Ms Graham’s daughter Shannon (16), who had started a relationship with Recep Cetin.

Ms Graham and Ms Dinsmore had hoped to convince Cetin to stop attempting to marry Shannon. They got in a car with Cetin, who said he would take them shopping. Prosecutors allege Cetin drove them to woodlands, stabbed Ms Graham in the chest and cut Ms Dinsmore’s throat.

Police arrested Recep Cetin and the waiter confessed to the killing. He is believed to be 22-years-old, however he insists he is 17 and should be tried as a child.

Cetin is currently being tried alongside his father in an adult court.

The case was adjourned until March 20.


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 02/27/2013 at 04:58 PM   
  1. That’s an easy one,Brown Skin. Yes, I know that sounds like a certain Thing we don’t talk about in America anymore ,unless its about a certain “person” getting elected,But, The girls like the natural tan thing.Remember,” White Male Hetero” is the new Jew in our correct society.We do all the bad while the colorful ones can DO NO WRONG.
    Glad to help.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/27/2013  at  09:24 PM  
  2. This guy’s being tried in Turkey and complaining how he’s being treated? What a typical muslim joke - no remorse what-so-ever for what he does, but always complaining about what others do to him.

    No, Rich - I too wonder how anyone can even look twice at these manipulative, lying distorted and barbaric people and even give them a second glance. The women are just pathetic or just as distorted and manipulative. But their lack of exposure to the sane world is part of their problem. I also wonder how black Americans can get involved with this ‘religion’ since it still accepts slavery and the ‘master’ having sex with the female slaves [From The Infidels Guide to the Koran by Robert Spencer. No I don’t believe that every muslim is pure evil, but I do believe that it is not a religion and expects complete control for the believers life (and isn’t that one of the classic signs of a cult? Just asking).

    I just wish that truth and honest discussion were part and parcel of all of America’s political landscape - but given the big o’s sequester bs - not happening any time soon.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/28/2013  at  12:47 PM  
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