just a personal note and another bizarre example of the kiddies in charge

As most of our regulars here know, my wife has not been in the very best of health for some time, and I’ve been caring for her.  She is not confined in any way except for the pain that restricts where she goes and how she moves.  So it’s been a nerve wracking experience for us both, and at the moment I’m a bit less than I want to be health wise myself.  Although in truth far better than she is.  She can drive short distances, which is pretty scary cos all the damn pills she is on do have an adverse affect.  Never really great at judging distance, she’s all the worse now; but heaven forbid you warn her of an approaching car she is determined to pull in front of.  I was certain it was curtains earlier today.  A bit misty, some drizzle, bone chilling cold.  So there we were at a stop, getting ready to turn onto another road. A car coming from our right with lights on, not that far from us but I admit not right on top of us either, and she decides she can go, then hesitates and then decides to pull out onto the road.  But this time that car is now pretty damn close and I had to shout at her to get her to stop.  She did and so I’m here to tell about it.  Whew. 

With all the meds the wife is on, you would think she’d be on a perpetual high. But no.  She is one of those people, and there are a few, who are “resistant” to medications.  So she’s loaded on the damn stuff but it’s doing F***all with regard to pain.  In the next few months I want to get her back home to see docs there.  Something ain’t right and there’s no help here that I can see.
So meanwhile I’m the one who hears, when she isn’t aware of it, the groans and moans when a spasm hits her.  Which is too often.
Unfortunately, she gave up her Medicare last year in order to save the money, since after all we are living here and not in the USA. Not the best idea we could have come up with.  I say “we” because I didn’t argue against it.  I just allowed it to happen when I could have done otherwise. So yeah.  “We” is correct.
And pretty damn short sighted “we” were.

Now as for meself.  There are times over the last few weeks when it’s been very difficult sitting at a puter and too often not feeling up to much.  Sometime so tired I fall asleep at the keyboard. And I’m not on near the meds my wife is.  I have other issues, hope to resolve some as tests are scheduled next month.
But it’s on and off difficult and so I’ll do what I can while I can.  Hate to let the side down.  Feelings of guilt I think I trace back to grandad who preached that there weren’t any excuses for time off for anything and even being dead didn’t count.  He’d expect you back at the job right after your funeral.

He’d ask if you were bleeding if you said you didn’t feel well and couldn’t go to work.  If you weren’t bleeding, he said there wasn’t anything wrong with you.
He had a very slight European accent and he’d say, “If it don’t come blood, it don’t hurt.”
So I really do have feelings of some guilt when I miss posting here.  Unfortunately for now however, there will be a day or so I’m gonna miss, and some days posts won’t be very many.

Like today.  There are three stories I want to share. I don’t like to cos it’s so much of the same old thing. But I just feel compelled because I want folks to know just what is going on here. Yeah I know you already know.  But it really isn’t exactly like preaching to the choir.  Not exactly.  It’s that when I run across a story like that which follows, I feel compelled to share that exact insanity.  I would guess that quite a few reading this will want to share it also. It’s sort of like a car wreck.  People just can’t help stopping and looking. 

See for yourself.  Is something badly off the rails here er what?

Head teacher and five staff suspended for locking a knife-wielding nine-year-old pupil in the ‘naughty cupboard’

Child carried blade taken from the kitchen at Revoe Primary in Blackpool

He was disarmed and put in a lockable ‘naughty cupboard’ to calm down

Staff suspended and police investigating false imprisonment

By Martin Robinson

Fury has erupted at a small primary school because its headteacher and five others have been suspended after they disarmed a knife-wielding child and shut him in a ‘naughty cupboard’.

Teachers placed the nine-year-old in a lockable room after he terrorised staff and fellow pupils with a blade he took from the kitchen at Revoe Primary School in Blackpool.

But police have been called in to investigate allegations of false imprisonment and the six staff, including the head, have been banned from returning because the boy’s parents complained.

The pupil had taken the knife from the kitchen area and was confronted by head Cath Woodall on a school corridor.

She blocked the boy’s path through the school and he started to kick out at her.

Other senior members of staff at the town centre school then put the boy in a Home Office approved hold.

He was placed in the small room with a glass window to try and calm him down.

However, a complaint has been made and the local education authority called in police to investigate.


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 02/26/2013 at 03:11 PM   
  1. It’s hell to get old, ain’t it? Still, it beats the alternative.

    Best wishes for you and your wife - hope you both get better soon.

    Don’t worry about posting if you’re not up to it. After all, this isn’t work, in the sense that you aren’t getting paid for it.

    As for the story, the school’s staff were in a no-win situation. Let the little hooligan run around and stab someone and they get in trouble. Disarm him and restrain him and they get in trouble.

    Inmates running the asylum…

    Posted by CenTexTim    United States   02/27/2013  at  03:54 AM  
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