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Daniel Pipes: The Burqa Crisis

Another good essay from Pipes, pointing out that a pisslamic portable body bag is the ultimate PC disguise for criminals. Used for at least 14 crimes in the past 6 years in Philadelphia. Used by countless terrorists to move weapons around in eastern nations, increasingly used here and in Europe because white folks are too damn PC to say “take off the mask before entering our business, or you’ll be shot.” which is the only proper response.

If you put on a ski mask and go in a bank, you are begging for serious trouble. If you pull up your hoodie and do the pimp stroll around a good neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning, you’re begging to get Martinized in one hour or less. And no, I don’t mean that in the old dry cleaning way. Pull down the Sombrero, pull up the bandana, and you are assumed to be El Bandito. And we start shooting. Simply put, hiding your face in the West is an act of aggression; it’s a precursor step to criminal activity. And people rightly react to it with violence. Or at least a Code Red level of heightened awareness. “Religious” garb serves the same purpose, but Political Correctness would have us overlook our natural and proper reactions all the time ... to criminal’s advantage. WRONG.

Philadelphia, the city where I live, has quietly and unassumedly become the capital of the Western world as regards female Islamic garb as an accessory to crime.
By my count, the Philadelphia region has witnessed 14 robberies (or attempted robberies) of financial institutions in the past six years in which the thieves relied on an Islamic full-body cover. They took place in January 2007, June 2007, May 2008, November 2009, October 2010 (two), February 2011, June 2011, December 2011, January 2012, March 2012 (two), and April 2012 (two). The most violent attack took place on May 3, 2008, when Police Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski was killed with an AK-47 in a shoot-out following a successful robbery using burqas; the police then killed one of the criminals.

As the Middle East Forum’s David J. Rusin points out in his detailed survey of Philadelphia burqa crimes, Muslim garb holds two great advantages over other forms of disguise: First, many full-body covered women walk the streets without criminal intent, thereby inadvertently providing cover for thieves; the more full-body coverings around, the more likely that these will facilitate criminal activity. Second, the very strangeness and aloofness of these garments affords their wearers, including criminals, an extraordinary degree of protection.

To their credit, some banks no longer allow head coverings. For example, a PNC Bank office in Philadelphia boasts a front-door sign stating: “The safety of our employees and customers is our foremost concern. We request that you remove any hats, caps, sunglasses or hoods while inside this financial institution.” Such policies should reduce burqa bank robberies.

But as banks become harder targets, Islamic garb presents a more general danger to soft targets. For example, in the Philadelphia area, assailants donned Islamic garb to rob a real estate office in 2008 and commit murder at a barber shop in 2012.

Pipes takes this all quite seriously, and I have to agree with him. But it would be ... naughty fun ... if one of these burqa’d bad asses robbed a mortgage broker and then made their getaway on a big white horse. Because then I could write

“Loan arranger asks: who was that masked imam?”

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 02/23/2013 at 07:08 PM   
  1. Not sure how you managed to give Peiper your cold by Email but just because of that sad miracle we have to suffer Puns like this?

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/23/2013  at  09:22 PM  
  2. Your damn right!

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/24/2013  at  02:17 AM  
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