“the dumbness people in the nation”

FL Woman Wounded When Bullets

“Cook Off” In Her Oven

Que Groucho Marx - ”How he got in my pajamas How they got in the oven, I’ll never know!”

A woman cooking herself a snack has been wounded after the bullets her roommate left inside the oven exploded and sprayed her with shrapnel.

Aalaya Walker, 18, preheated the oven of her apartment in Tampa, Florida, on Monday to make herself waffles - not knowing that Javarski ‘JJ’ Sandy, 25, had stashed his pistol magazine with four live rounds in the appliance.

Ms Walker was hit in the chest and the leg by shrapnel from at least one round. Mr Sandy, who legally owns a .45-caliber Glock 21 semiautomatic pistol, told police he took the magazine out of his gun and put it in the oven. He put the gun itself in a drawer, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

He never explained to officers why he put the clip with four live rounds in the oven. Police determined that Mr Sandy, who works at WalMart, had committed no crime. He was not charged.

Ms Walker said she picked brass shell casing fragments out of her skin as she rode the bus to the hospital [where she met with the police].

Unreal. Only a paper as naive as the UK Mail would believe this jive story. Can’t a brotha shoot a bitch without having to make up some dumb-ass story for the cracka po-po??

They sought out Sandy, who was at his apartment in the 200 block of 24th St. N.

Sandy, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, confirmed Walker’s story.

He told authorities there were four rounds in the magazine. He showed the melted magazine to officers, though he’d already thrown away the other bullets.

Best comment at The Mail: “Florida is a beautiful state but has the dumbness people in the nation.”


Mythbusters episode 85 -
Bullets can explode with lethal force if they are stored inside a hot oven.

The Mythbusters placed a .22 caliber, .44 caliber, and .50 caliber bullet inside an oven. All of the bullets exploded once the oven was hot enough, but none of them were able to penetrate the oven. Without a gun barrel to contain and direct the propellant gases, the bullets did not develop enough speed to pierce the glass or steel portions of the oven. The shell casings actually caused more damage than the bullets.

A gun can fire a bullet with lethal force if stored inside a hot oven.

The Mythbusters placed a loaded .38 caliber revolver inside a hot oven pointing towards the oven door. Once the temperature was high enough, the gun automatically discharged and sent the bullet out of the oven, which could potentially kill anybody who happened to be standing in front of the oven.

Bullets thrown into an open fire can explode with lethal force.

The Mythbusters dropped a box of bullets with varying calibers directly into an open fire. While many of the bullets immediately discharged,, it appeared that none of the bullets could be lethal. Like the oven test, most of the damage was being dealt by the shell casings, which could not travel fast enough to be lethal.

Must have been one heck of a magical coincidence, her opening the oven door at the precise instant those rounds cooked off. And so very considerate of her boyfriend, cleaning up the mess and throwing out the other bullets, as she rode the bus to the hospital. What a Valentine he is!

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 02/21/2013 at 06:23 PM   
  1. I missed that episode but I see your point. Its just a firecracker really in that state.
    My Bro use to make firecrackers from 12 guage shells and they just went Boom without travelling anywhere from the location they were set on.
    See, we were ahead of our time.
    tongue wink

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/21/2013  at  07:48 PM  
  2. We used to toss 22LR cartridges in the fire while adding more wood just to scare our camping buddies. No one was ever injured though tragically beer was sometimes spilled. While a cartridge ‘cooking off’ in the chamber is lethal (it can happen with machineguns that have just fired hundreds of rounds) when a cartridge explodes the force will take the easy path through the brass rather than pushing the heavy bullet out of the way.

    SAAMI has made a training video for firefighters, show this to a loved one who is worried about your ammo stash to allay their fears. It’s 25 minutes long and it reminds me of films I watched in elementary school. The part where they fire the cartridges ‘unsupported’ is quite demonstrative.

    Posted by Al_in_Ottawa    United States   02/21/2013  at  10:14 PM  
  3. Ooohhh, note the SuperConnie in the background during the drop test during the 4th minute of the youtube clip.

    Posted by Al_in_Ottawa    United States   02/21/2013  at  10:16 PM  
  4. Outstanding find Al. My garage feels safer already. But you have noticed that powder comes in plastic jugs these days, not in the steel cans of Once Upon A Time?

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/21/2013  at  10:40 PM  
  5. I even had some cardboard hercules unique cans until just recently. Now they are all in plastic, can’t contain an exposion wimpy plastic jugs.  The old metal cans could make a decent grenade.  I know, I tried it once with just a little 296.

    Posted by StephanA    United States   02/22/2013  at  12:18 AM  
  6. I haven’t reloaded in a while but it makes little difference as to what material a container is made of. Here in Canada during the anti-gun nuttiness of the early 90s the authorities wanted to treat gunpowder as high explosives during transport ie protected by sandbags, only so many pounds in a truck etc.  My local supplier whose family has been selling explosives since 1898, took a box full of powder cans and placed a fuse in the middle can and lit it and filmed the results. The contents of the fused can deflagrated (burned very quickly) but did not detonate, the paper can itself did not catch fire and the other cans were unaffected. He repeated the test with plastic bottles of powder with the same result. Unfortunately this was in ‘92 or ‘93 so it was never put on the internet. As a result of this evidence reloading powder is classified as an accelerant in the DOT regulations. You can’t mail it but you can send it by courier, as a matter of fact Higginson Powders offers free shipping on 21lbs or more.

    As a simple test take a charge of powder for a 12ga shell and put it on a small plate. Now TAKE IT OUTSIDE to prevent degradation of domestic bliss and the smoke detector going off and light it with a match. It will burn in about 1 or 2 seconds with a bit of a stink. In my Ontario hunter safety course years ago I was told to take a cartridge and jam the bullet in the muzzle of my rifle and then wiggle the case off in order to get the powder out to use it to start a fire if in a survival situation.

    Posted by Al_in_Ottawa    United States   02/22/2013  at  02:48 AM  
  7. So did the stupid police believe the stupid story? What a bunch of bs.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/22/2013  at  02:00 PM  
  8. StephanA - Ah, WW296. The dust of the Gods! Nothing, but nothing makes a bigger blast or a bigger fireball for you foomgun (.357mag, .44mag). We used to scare the old guys off the firing line with big loads of the stuff. And it stays with you too! A day or two after a range session with 296 and you can still taste it in the phlegm you’re coughing up. Awesomeness cubed!!!

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/22/2013  at  04:32 PM  
  9. I have also tossed some .22 rimfire in a fire and whilst they are not deadly, they do move at a fair rate and I wouldn’t want to get in the way of one. If the bullets in this case were crimped I could see the cases rupturing. Pistol powder burns really quickly and the primer packs a powerful explosive.

    Posted by LyndonB    United Kingdom   02/23/2013  at  01:49 PM  
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