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Get your own dashcam.

Prevent this kind of fraud from happening to you.

You know, I thought about getting a dashcam several years back when the wife got a traffic ticket that was total BS*. But what I wanted was not available at that time: I want 4 cameras facing outward, and one facing inward, with sound, hi-res, in color, with a 15-30 minute digital “tape loop”. Not sure if I want a digital overlay of speed and RPM, but I would want date and time stamps.

And no, it’s not for my car insurance or for the government. It’s for me, and my own personal protection. Just to be on the safe side.

A few years back, NJ put a “move over law” into place, that requires drivers to slow down when approaching an approved emergency vehicle with it’s lights on at the side of the road, AND to move a lane over on the road to give them some safety room if it is safe and legal to do so. Well, that’s how they advertise it; “Slow down, Move over”, even though the law is actually written as “move over” and if you can’t, then “slow down”.

And aside from defining what qualifies as an approved emergency vehicle and what color flashing or revolving lights each one uses, that’s pretty much the actual text of the law. It does not say how much you have to slow down, it does not say how far away you have to slow down when you are approaching them, it does not say how long you need to maintain that reduced speed once you have passed them. And it makes the driver judge whether moving over is both safe and legal. It’s as vague as vague can be, which is the perfect kind of traffic law cops love. They can’t lose.

She got a ticket for not obeying this law, because she didn’t move over across a double yellow line on a blind curve at night. The local cops said they had video evidence (all the cop cars have dashcams and computers and M16s and stuff) but in 6 months of waiting, they never produced the tape. Her “transgression” occurred in a 35mph zone, yet the ticket did not have her measured speed listed. Man was she pissed. I agreed, and said she should fight it, as the penalty can be severe - up to $500. So she hired a lawyer (face palm), spent $500, and her lawyer didn’t get it tossed out but instead talked it down to the legal term that means “having a blonde moment” which I think they called “delayed decision making”. Total crap IMO. But good husbands learn not to bring certain things up ...

The law says Rule 1 AND THEN Rule 2 if the driver feels iRule 1 wasn’t safe and/or legal. Which is pure crap law. But without a radar reading, there is no evidence for Part 2, so the whole thing falls apart. “I slowed down your honor, but I couldn’t see around the curve so I didn’t think it was safe to cross into the oncoming lane. I did move over within my lane though, which left the officer plenty of room.” Next. 5 seconds before the bench, and she could have walked out free and clear. And failing that, I would have brought a $50 million dollar lawsuit against the county judge for bias and a sexual harassment suit against the cops. But whatever. She beat it her own way I guess.  But that’s why I think all vehicles should have 4 way or 5 way private dash cams.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 02/18/2013 at 09:07 PM   
  1. And they are quite inexpensive too:,aps,270

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/19/2013  at  12:14 AM  
  2. Thanks Rich. In another couple of years they’ll be built in, like today’s cars and their 16 airbags.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/19/2013  at  02:02 AM  
  3. It would be satisfying to see a Cop getting all Bent when you inform him he’s being filmed and recorded.Hmm, that could be a double edged sword Huh.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/19/2013  at  03:50 AM  
  4. BTW, I found out where all the OWSers went after that whole deal died,they are on Fox News comment sites trolling their brains out.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/19/2013  at  03:52 AM  
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