living the socialist utopia on the backs of others

Words do fail but pictures sure don’t.

This is what has become of a country in lock step with socialist utopia.  Well, not for the folks who pay for it all but then, that isn’t her worry. Is it?

Be sure and see the drawings and photos to grasp how bizarre this is. But then, this is Britain, 2013.  And very soon now there will be hoards more like her and they won’t all be speaking English very well. If at all.

Take a look.

Yesterday Frost, who first gave birth at 14, vowed to demand an even bigger house if she doesn’t like her new property.

Mother of 11 gets BRAND NEW £400,000 built by council because she’s ‘struggling’ in her two current homes ( $ 618,539 )

Heather Frost, 36, lives in two houses which have been knocked together

Has seven children in one house, while the rest live with her in the other

Now Tewkesbury council has agreed to build her five-bed eco-home

TaxPayers’ Alliance brands move a ‘scandalous’ use of public money

First fell pregnant at 14 to a 23-year-old boyfriend who ended up in prison

By Simon Tomlinson

A jobless mother of 11 is celebrating today after her local council agreed to build her a six-bedroom, £400,000 home to accommodate her massive brood.

Heather Frost, 36, currently lives in two separate houses knocked into one, which she describes as a ‘nightmare’ because it is so cramped.

Now after years of complaining, her local council has arranged for a 1,850 sq ft property to be built for her as part of a new housing development.

The two-storey eco-home has three bathrooms, two lounges and a huge 355 sq ft kitchen and dining area.

A local estate agent who studied the plans for the new home believes it could be worth up to £400,000.

But yesterday Frost, who first gave birth at 14, vowed to demand an even bigger house if she doesn’t like her new property.

She said: ‘It’s being built especially for me. If I go there and I say to them I don’t like it or it’s too small, then they will just have to build me a bigger one, won’t they.’

Neighbours today reacted furiously to news of her new home.

One said: ‘’It’s a complete disgrace. She’s got way too many kids as it is. She treats her womb like a clown car.’

Neighbours say Frost currently lives with 14 people: all her eleven children, two grandchildren and her partner Jake, who they claim is also unemployed.

The children are Sophie and Toby Stevens, Angel, Jay, Paige, Chloe, Beth, Emily, Daisy, Ruby and Tilly Frost.

They live in a three-bedroom house in Churchdown, near Gloucester, which has been knocked through into the house next door.

there’s a LOT more to see and read here

Sure fire stuff to start pulling hair, if ya have any.  This really is total madness. 
Her kids should be taken away and put in service of some kind. She should be sterilized beyond any recovery. And then tossed out in the street with the rest of the garbage.

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 02/18/2013 at 05:48 PM   
  1. God what a slag.

    And the system encourages it. Nay, it practically demands it.

    She’d get twice as much assistance if she turned jizzlamic and started preaching jihad.

    Oh, and 1800sqft is a nice sized home, but nothing giant by American standards. Of course, for us it would be a 3 or 4 bedroom house, not a 6 bedroom one. And we’d demand that the builders actually install CLOSETS, which does not appear to be something yet invented over there from the floorplan (we also have faucets on our sinks where the hot and cold water both come out the same spout too, another modern innovation the UK ought to look into).

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/18/2013  at  09:07 PM  
  2. good God! And she’s not Mohammedan yet?

    Posted by Macker    United States   02/19/2013  at  02:07 PM  
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