NJ Anti-Gunners Taking Shotgun Approach

Shooting Everywhere, Hoping For A Hit

NJ Dem Legislators March In Lockstep With Feinstein, Introduce 20 Anti-Gun Bills At Once

[Feb. 8] The New Jersey Assembly planned to quickly take action on 20 gun violence prevention bills Democrats unveiled Friday, as 300 gun-rights advocates held a Second Amendment rally in dreary weather outside the State House.

The package of proposals announced by the Democrat-led Assembly would restrict ammunition sales, require firearms safety training and make it tougher for some to obtain gun permits. The bills also address mental health treatment and enhanced gun safety.

“Whether it’s the streets of our New Jersey communities, a movie theater in Colorado or an elementary school in Connecticut, enough is enough is enough,” said Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver. “No more talk. It’s time for action.”

New Jersey gun laws are already among the nation’s toughest. But the speaker promised that her chamber would be leaders on the issue of gun violence by enacting measures that do more to protect residents. Democrats enjoy the majority and can get the bills passed even if no Republicans support them. It’s not clear where the Republican caucus stands on the issue.

Its most conservative member, Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll, who represents Morris County, was among two legislators who spoke at the gun-rights rally. The other was Sen. Michael Doherty, who represents parts of Hunterdon, Somerset and Warren counties.

That’s my boy! The Red Corner of this yellow bellied Blue State.

[Feb. 13] Twenty bills, primarily from Democrats, were approved by a state Assembly committee late Wednesday, including a measure that would reopen a window for owners to get rid of already banned assault firearms. The bills will receive full Assembly consideration next week.

Republicans on the panel questioned why so many bills were being advanced at the same time.
[Governor Chris] Christie, who was in California for a campaign fundraiser, has been noncommittal on any new gun-control measures in New Jersey, which has the second-toughest gun laws in the nation, according to some control advocates.

Yeah, the Fat White Hope. A real Conservative. Ha ha hahaha ha. NOT. Our Rhino-sized RINO.

New Jersey’s ban on assault weapons took effect in 1990. Authorities already conduct periodic gun buyback programs. The proposed 180-day amnesty would be another way for people to turn in assault weapons and illegally possessed handguns, rifles and shotguns.

But that’s not enough time to comply if a law is enacted without being publicized, said Second Amendment activists and pro-gun groups.

“We would respectfully suggest that a year would be an appropriate amount of time” for an amnesty period,” said Scott Bach, head of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs and an NRA board member.

That’s Pro Second Amendment NRA action in NJ, for sure. “Please sirs, we’ll take your laws and lose our rights gladly, but could you just give us a little more time to comply? Please?” Effin disgusting. There’s no point in voting R in this state. It’s a rigged game we will never win. Doesn’t matter who is Governor, the Dems control both parts of the state legislature and have for ... gosh, for generations? I really don’t know when, or even if, the R’s ever had both houses. 1924 maybe?

[Feb 13] An Assembly panel has approved several gun control measures that include exempting firearms records from the state’s open records law.

The Law and Public Safety Committee passed the 20 measures Wednesday as part of a package of gun control bills introduced by Assembly Democrats.

The bills include measures that require the state to submit certain mental health records to the national background check system. Another measure would disqualify anyone on a federal terrorist watch list from obtaining firearms.

The panel also sent to the full Assembly a bill exempting firearms records from New Jersey’s public disclosure requirements.

That’s the one bill that seems to make any kind of sense. I’ve read it, but it’s so steeped in legalese I can’t tell if it has a secret proviso: if the state can pass a law to make this information private, why can’t this law then be bent to keep other information private that really ought to be kept public? It seems like a sop, but in this era of smoke and mirrors I’ve learned to expect the double cross.

[From the NRA/ILA, with (my opinion) in parens]

So there you go. Diane Feinstein’s panty-soaker, almost to the letter, except that NJ already has an AWB in place. Leftists marching in lockstep across America. Another huge ration of crap, from the state that already has pooploads of gun control, and a weak-willed governor who is now looking for re-election. I guess this is another one of those “Perfect Storm” moment. Which means the gun owners of NJ are screwed blue, again.

I hate this place.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 02/15/2013 at 05:57 PM   
  1. I’d consider moving to Texas. Actually, I am considering that. I’ve got a friend who would let me rent a room in his house. Cheap.

    Posted by Christopher    United States   02/15/2013  at  09:41 PM  
  2. You got 49 states to choose from but employment is Always the issue really isn’t it.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/15/2013  at  11:25 PM  
  3. People make fun of Indiana, the state you have to drive through to get anywhere, but I’m so glad my ancestors stopped driving here in the middle.  I think the brady bunch scored us a 4, and we’re workin’ it down.

    Posted by Mr Evilwrench    United States   02/16/2013  at  12:32 AM  
  4. We’d love to move to TX (top of the list) but we are so on the verge of financial collapse - having no employment since Jan 2010 -that we can’t do it. Horrible catch-22 can’t get a job here but can’t afford to move.

    BTW, just read a story in the Army Times - there is a ‘sister’ program for military people to ‘assist’ with a sudden (deployment) PCS (orders to move) who own homes that they must sell but can’t [think about it, in a military community everyone is usually moving out and a lot of the jr enlisted families move home to mommy to save money - so there is no buyer pool at all], the program (big surprise) is now connected to the HARP program (’prevent’ foreclosure) - and guess what, after promising in writing a $200,000 check (the difference between purchase price and eventual sold price) - and his sister taking out a loan for $184,000 for a quick closing - the program sent him a check for $84,000 - and basically said, oops our bad. So his sister has a huge loan to pay off, he lost the extra money to match what he was going to lose on the sale - and of course no recourse what-so-ever - as he goes off to the war zone. Government programs never help anyone, they only cause more problems. This wasn’t a Private either but a Colonel.

    And the big o is only making it worse, planning on passing a Dodd-Frank redo.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/16/2013  at  05:12 PM  
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