Dorner Killed In Flaming Row

Yup, looks like I was wrong about the Mexico thing.

I got up this morning and checked the news and it seems like it’s all over, though the story is rather confusing at this point and the videos are spotty.

Fox News reports that the fugitive ex-policeman had been hiding in a cabin right across the street from the search team’s command center ... and yet, he was only spotted - or was it finally spotted?  - driving a purple car he had stolen, hiding either between or behind one or two school buses. Realizing he’d been ID’d, Dorner temporarily evaded pursuers by driving down a side road when their view was blocked by those buses. In the time it took for the lawmen to realize their error and go back down that side road, Dorner had crashed that car and somehow immediately carjacked a white pickup truck. Game wardens saw him driving the truck towards them ... and this is perhaps 20 seconds after jacking the truck, according to the truck’s owner ... and opened fire on wardens or deputies in the second vehicle chasing him. One deputy was hit, and one managed to get off 15-20 rounds in return fire. The truck crashed, Dorner ran, and holed up in a cabin. The law soon caught up with him, and the TV news crews too, and a big shootout ensued. Two deputies were shot in the firefight, one fatally. And then it just gets weird.

As police scoured mountain peaks for days, using everything from bloodhounds to high-tech helicopters, the revenge-seeking ex-cop they wanted was hiding among them, holed up in a vacation cabin across the street from their command post.

It was there that Christopher Dorner apparently took refuge last Thursday, four days after beginning a deadly rampage that would claim four lives.

The search ended abruptly Tuesday when a man believed to be Dorner bolted from hiding, stole two cars, barricaded himself in a vacant cabin and mounted a last stand in a furious shootout in which he killed one sheriff’s deputy and wounded another before the building erupted in flames.

Game wardens from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife who were part of the search detail spotted the purple Nissan that had been reported stolen going in the opposite direction and gave chase, department spokesman Lt. Patrick Foy said. The driver looked like Dorner.

They lost the purple car after it passed a school bus and turned onto a side road, but two other Fish and Wildlife patrols turned up that road a short time later, and were searching for the car when a white pickup truck sped erratically toward the wardens.

“He took a close look at the driver and realized it was the suspect,” Foy said.

Dorner, who allegedly stole the pickup truck at gunpoint after crashing the first car, rolled down a window and opened fire on the wardens, striking a warden’s truck more than a dozen times.

One of the wardens shot at the suspect as he rounded a curve in the road. It’s unclear if he hit him, but the stolen pickup careened off the road and crashed in a snow bank. Dorner then ran on foot to the cabin where he barricaded himself and got in a shootout with San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies and other officers who arrived.

Two deputies were shot, one fatally.

A SWAT team surrounded the cabin and used an armored vehicle to break out the cabin windows, said a law enforcement official who requested anonymity because the investigation was ongoing. The officers then pumped gas into the cabin and blasted a message over a loudspeaker: “Surrender or come out.”

The armored vehicle then tore down each of the cabin’s four walls.

A single shot was heard inside before the cabin was engulfed in flames, the law enforcement official told The Associated Press.

Fox News has a video to go with the above quotes here, showing a smoking cabin and the loud sounds of many dozens of shots being fired. Or perhaps that sound is ammo cooking off inside the burning building, although in my experience those don’t make anywhere near as much noise as firing a gun. It’s hard to say if some smoke seen on the left side of the video isn’t drifting from the cabin, or is the result of bullets striking one of the LEO trucks and blowing out the radiator. Reports also say it was a log cabin, which I guess is a fairly bullet-proof building, but the picture shows a clapboard building. Clapboard over logs? Possible, but that’s not one of the details that will ever be explored. It’s cinders either way at this point. And so is Dorner. I would have liked to see video of the armored vehicle (robotic vehicle?) breaking out windows, shooting teargas, and tearing down walls; if the TV guys were there for the gunfight, they were there for that too.


Ok, that’s that.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 02/13/2013 at 03:20 PM   
  1. I heard a scanner audio clip purporting to be of the police discussing burning the cabin as they had previously planned.

    It appears they may have wacoed him.

    Posted by Mr Evilwrench    United States   02/13/2013  at  10:25 PM  
  2. Just plain executed. 

    Since he’s dead, there are some questions that will proably remain unanswered.  Such as, why Big Bear?  Why not South Central L.A. where he could have blended in comfortably for weeks as the very least.

    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   02/14/2013  at  06:13 AM  
  3. Isn’t it interesting that liberal violence perps always seem to end up dead before they go to trial.

    I have to wonder why? {And yes, I know I am in agreement with all of the above]

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/14/2013  at  12:21 PM  
  4. Not to dip into conspiracy land but - Dorner’s wallet found in two different places?

    We won’t know the real story for many months, but I’m not positive they got him.

    Posted by jackal40    United States   02/14/2013  at  01:05 PM  
  5. “Just plain executed”

    Negative Doc.........Exterminated!


    Your enemy is your enemy until your enemy is DEAD!

    Posted by New Jersey Yankee    Ireland   02/14/2013  at  01:38 PM  
  6. @Jackal… and why was “he” fried to a crisp, but his driver license was fine?

    Posted by kjmerz    United States   02/14/2013  at  04:34 PM  
  7. Yeah, first they find his wallet in San Diego, then they find it in the remains of the cabin.  I remember.

    Quick thoughts:

    Timothy McVeigh was no liberal.  He had the shortest time from his trial to his execution of anyone in my lifetime.  His still living partner has been very quiet.

    Anyone who has ever been jacked up by a cop has a certain amount of sympathy for Dorner.  A lot of people of all races have had interactions with the police where they were, or felt they were, handled in an excessively negative manner.

    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   02/14/2013  at  05:40 PM  
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