Ain’t That A Shame

Barny Fife Might Lose His One Bullet

Police May Suffer Due To National Ammo Shortage

Hey, maybe they can borrow some of those billions of rounds ordered by the feds!

GENOA TOWNSHIP, Ohio - The nation is dealing with an ammunition shortage, and its impact could reach the law enforcement community.

“State law mandates we have to qualify once a year. We do it twice a year with additional training,” Genoa Township Police Chief Robert Taylor said.

The agencies wouldn’t be short on duty rounds, but it might impact the training rounds they use monthly to stay sharp.

“We are about ready to find out. We are submitting an order and we were told it might be a while because of the shortage,” Chief Taylor said.

It is impacting others too, including the average customer at local shooting ranges.

“First time our shelves are half empty, first time we have been scrambling to keep ammunition,” said Clair Marvin or AIMHI Shooting Range in New Albany.

Marvin tells NBC4 that ammunition has gone from difficult to get and keep to being nearly unavailable.

“We’ve talked to some distributors that say we’ve billed to 2015. That is a long time,” Marvin said.

In the meantime, stores like AIMHI have put two-box limits per day on some of the ammunition.

Taylor said they may have to look at scaling back some of the practice ammunition they give weekly to officers, but they will never cut it out.

“I do not seeing us backing off one bit. [We] might be tougher on our budget, but no we cannot afford to skimp on training,” Taylor said.

Oh give me a break. There isn’t a private gun range in the country that lets the local PD shoot there that doesn’t detest Annual Qualification. It’s a guarantee they’ll lose light fixtures, target clamps, return wires, you name it; all shot to hell and back by cops who only practice that one time per year. And whatever passes for qualification would never ever cut it at any kind of competitive shoot. Ha! Meh, I remember the indoor gun range I used to belong to. They’d put up black plastic bags on the windows behind the firing line so nobody could see just how poorly things were doing. And we’d come in later, when they were gone, and count the new holes in the sidewalls, the table tops, the ceiling. It was awful.

Maybe the PDs should start reloading. That can save you loads of money ... if your guys police their brass ... and always give you plenty of ammo on hand. Oh wait. It’s nearly impossible to get any of that stuff either right now. Bullets, brass, primers, powder ... all cleaned out. Golly. You’d think the country was stocking up for a war or something. Something.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 02/12/2013 at 05:39 PM   
  1. I do hope the reloading supplies get back from Neptune, I’m ashamed to say I kind of missed out on those.  I do have enough manufactured rounds to give a whole lot of people a very bad day, though.

    Posted by Mr Evilwrench    United States   02/12/2013  at  06:57 PM  
  2. God knows the cops need all the practice they can get. In their search for that whacko Donner they’ve turned southern CA into a freefire zone. Fortunately for the white guy (Donner is black) driving a blue truck (Donner’s is black) and fortunately for the two women—WOMEN—delivering newspapers who were the subject of fusillades by the cops it appears that SoCal LEOs are lousy shots. (link here)

    Posted by CenTexTim    United States   02/12/2013  at  11:19 PM  
  3. Let em borrow from the DHS, Or the Post Office then.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/13/2013  at  04:44 AM  
  4. I think that DHS, SSA, and the Post Office should be sharing with the local PDs.

    But while we at it, why not do a little bit of classroom work BEFORE you head out to the range - things like Target Identification (yes, LAPD, I’m thinking of you here), procedures, and maybe even how to shoot classes.

    Posted by jackal40    United States   02/13/2013  at  01:17 PM  
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