All The Laws In The World Won’t Help

Hey UK, how’s that nearly universal disarmament gun control shizz workin’ out for ya?

Dale Cregan fired a total of 32 bullets at two unarmed police officers during a carefully planned ambush which lasted just 31 seconds

The 29-year-old continued firing at the officers when they were on the ground and only stopped when his Glock handgun, which had been fitted with an extended magazine was empty.

PC Fiona Bone, 32, was shot eight times as she desperately discharged her Taser weapon, while her colleague 23-year-old Nicola Hughes was also hit eight times.

The court heard how Cregan coolly stood over the officer as she lay on the ground and fired three bullets into the back and side of her head.

Before fleeing the scene in a stolen car Cregan, who had been on the run from police for three months left what the prosecution described as his “calling card”, by throwing a hand grenade at the two stricken officers.

It exploded causing further injuries to PC Hughes, but the court heard she was already dead by that point.

Totally deranged psycho mofo. But hand grenades? Where the HHelll do you get friggin’ hand grenades from???

Jurors were also told how Cregan, who was wanted at the time for the murders of father and son David and Mark Short, who had been shot in separate attacks in May and August, carefully planned the ambush
Continuing to outline the prosecution case on day two of the trial at Preston Crown Court, Nicholas Clarke QC said: “Cregan’s carefully laid plan had been successful. He had lured two unarmed officers to his door and he was armed, ready and waiting for them.”

He went on: “As Nicola and Fiona walked through the small front garden, he opened the front door and immediately fired his Glock. Both officers were shot to the chest. The body armour that they were wearing protected them and the bullets did not penetrate. Examination of the scene after the event shows that after the first shots both officers made a tactical retreat. As they retreated more shots were fired. Nicola Hughes was shot just below her armoured vest in the middle of her back causing her to fall forwards paralyzed onto the path. As she was falling or lying flat on her stomach she was shot three more times.”

Mr Clarke said Cregan then turned his attention to PC Bone who was trapped in front of the lounge window in the garden.

He said Cregan fired 24 bullets at her as she desperately tried to discharge her taser weapon.

She did manage to fire the Taser but only into the concrete path.

Thank Heaven the plod allowed her a Taser. All the other officers get is a frowny face on a cardboard stick.
Oh wait, the taser didn’t do jack shit. Never mind.

The court heard that Cregan then left the scene in a stolen BMW car.

Mr Clarke told the jury: “Before he fled Abbey Gardens he made sure that he left his usual calling card. He launched another military fragmentation grenade back towards the garden of number 30, where the two police officers were lying on the floor.

“This exploded causing further injuries to Nicola, who was nearest to the grenade. She had already been fatally injured by the gunshot wounds inflicted upon her. The grenade did not cause or contribute to her death.”

It is alleged Cregan then drove directly to Hyde Police station where he calmly told the officer at the front desk: “I’m wanted by the police and I’ve just done two coppers.”

I’m sure the Lord Mayor of London is convinced that the Glock and the grenades came in from South Carolina where such things are easily available like NYC Mayor Bloomberg says.

Horry Clap. IF this guy gets convicted, will he get more than an “ASBO”? Maybe 6 months in the kitty, with conjugal visits and early release for good behavior? After all, I’m sure he came from a broken home, and his isolated religious upbringing forgot to tell him that murder was illegal and wrong.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 02/08/2013 at 07:57 PM   
  1. Most likely the “Grapes” came from a source in the IRA, who are well stocked with such toys but keep a low profile these days.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/08/2013  at  09:29 PM  
  2. Well, now, it sounds like they’ve just about got it figured out.  I mean, it doesn’t happen that often, right?  Gawd, how long before the good people wake up and realize they’re being used as fodder, sacrificed to “diversity” (it’s our greatest strength, you know /sarc)?  Maybe the UKIP can get the juice to rearm the public; they’re going to need it.  I know, I can dream…

    Posted by Mr Evilwrench    United States   02/09/2013  at  01:56 AM  
  3. Just certain parts. Arm the wogs and the gollys and all hell breaks loose, always.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/09/2013  at  12:22 PM  
  4. Grenades are also coming in from Bulgaria & other Eastern European “hotspots”. Gangs from the Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania are filling England & Ireland with trafficed prostitutes, heavy drugs and massive amounts of weapons.

    The police seem impotent in stopping these bad-boys.

    Another favorite is procuring Blondie Latvian, Lithuanian and other slavic young women to travel to Britian and Ireland for “arrainged” marriages to Pakistanis, Afghans, Saudis and other Muslim men so they can attain “legal” residency in the European Union.

    Both Ireland and the UK are toilets that need to be flushed on a regular basis. But due to the Liberal P.C. brigade it ain’t gonna happen.

    Posted by New Jersey Yankee    Ireland   02/09/2013  at  03:24 PM  
  5. Hmm… I have some Ukrainians across the street…

    Posted by Mr Evilwrench    United States   02/09/2013  at  04:49 PM  
  6. I went by the local Grenades R Us outlet here in SLC but they were fresh out.
    God save us from moontards and fuckbats.

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   02/10/2013  at  10:26 AM  
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