where islam spreads, freedom dies

No surprises here.  Not that you’d expect any. A park in Memphis, some journalists in Austria, political correctness and race awareness is alive and most unfortunately well. It’s so healthy in fact, if seems like there is no end to the lunacy.

btw, I’ve always though all those asses raised in the air looked pretty damned stupid. 

Anyway, to quote the late and very great Dave Allen.

“Thank God I’m an Atheist”

H/T again to Islam versus Europe

Austria: Repentant Journalists Offer to do Free Work for Muslim Organisations After Being Condemned for Discrimination

The Press Council has condemned the free newspaper Heute [Today] for discrimination against Muslims. 66 readers, a record number, complained about an article. Heute is now taking the necessary steps in response to the incident. The authors of the piece, who according to the Press Council seriously infringed the Code of Standards, had already declared their willingness to do unpaid charity work for Islamic organisations.

The judgement came in response to the article: “Jealousy: Man strangles wife in front of nursery school”, which appeared in the newspaper on 7 December. The following passage generated uproar:

The driver (43) is the type of man who fortunately tends to live behind the crescent moon. In countries where the backside is higher than the head while praying. They consider their partners to be their property. If they act independently, their pride is wounded and they crack up.

...The two authors, Jörg Michner and Wolfgang Höllrigl, who wrote the bad article, also declared their willingness to do unpaid charity work for Islamic organisations. Even more: In conjunction with the managing board, the editorial team intends to develop an internal editorial code of conduct. New review loops for the editorial team will be introduced for articles written late in the evening and there will be training sessions to heighten the sensitivity of the Heute writing staff, according to the Press Council.

Various government ministers, multicultists and genocide propagandists have praised the editors’ reaction to the judgement, but I can’t bring myself to translate it.

Poor Austria. To have come to this. Of course it’s going to get worse once that country, along with the rest of Europe, become islamic. 

Germany too is having it’s problems with muslim school kids.  Oh that’s a big surprise. News here tells of German born kids outnumbered in one area, and being bullied by muzzy kids in school and threatened.  Being referred to as “Christian Shits” is the norm in one school.  But the Germans and I suspect the Austrians as well, are soooooooooo worried about being labeled racist Nazis, that they will endure almost anything and go to any lengths to prove they are not. Even in the face of national suicide.  Generations yet unborn will be raised with the national guilty conscience, and will continue the practice of the bended knee and begging forgiveness for things even their parents had nothing to do with.

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 02/07/2013 at 11:50 AM   
  1. "Where islam Spreads, Freedom Dies”

    And in other news, the sun rises in teh east, fire is hot, and obama is a SCOAMF.

    Posted by CenTexTim    United States   02/07/2013  at  02:54 PM  
  2. Its payback for spawning Hitler.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/07/2013  at  09:10 PM  
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