the future looks darker

Well this isn’t any surprise, and anyone living on this side of the Atlantic who has eyes and ears, can see and hear it all around them.
I may not say things as well, but I and others right here at bmews have said as much for awhile.  Of course, muslim birth rates are not the only high rates to worry about.  I’d spell it out but that might be conscrewed as. raaaaaaacist.  And perhaps it is.  So what?  It just happens to be a matter of absolute fact.

If I were in my 20s in today’s world, I would be very, very worried.  In fact, I might even be somewhat frightened.

I once read an opinion by someone whose name I have long forgotten.  But I can’t forget the quote.

He said that “ had the Nazis won the war, in time even they would have become civilized.” Personally, I think there could be some truth to that.  Haven’t any idea how long that might have taken but in time, it is possible.
However ....  My imagination doesn’t stretch so far as to believe that a people who’ve had a good 1400 years at least, and only come as far as adapting to western technology in order to slaughter those who do not accept their version of god, or the equality of and worthiness of women, are capable of ever becoming civilized as we know the word.  We keep hearing that terrorists are a small minority of the whole and that the “vast majority” do not approve of them.
Fine. You can believe whatever you want to, but I do not buy that. 

I do not like seeing what I do, I don’t like the idea of floods of people arriving on the shores of their new country with names and spellings that are incomprehensible. 

While it hasn’t gotten quite as bad in the USA, yet, that is only due to the size of our country and the ability (for now) to absorb new peoples in greater numbers.  But even at home and without immigration, the darker peoples breed and breed and pretty much it’s as though they haven’t anything else better to do. Vilmar has a damn good example, scroll down to video.

So bottom line to end this for now.  If you’re only 50 and reading this, you’ll see it happen.  For those of us 60 and over, best of luck people. You’ll need a lot of that. Oh yeah, and keep your powder dry cos you may need that too.

The Silent Conquest of a Continent

Michael Youssef
Town Hall Daily

There’s been a lot of discussion within some in the media regarding the demographic changes taking place in Europe. But those of us who’ve travelled there have observed it firsthand: namely, the decreased birthrate among Europeans compared to the enormous birthrate increase among Muslim immigrants.

Overall, the birthrate across the continent is far below the replacement level of 2.1 children per couple. Italy, Spain, Austria, and Germany have a fertility rate of only 1.4, while Poland and Russia languish at 1.3 and 1.2, respectively.

However, as a subgroup, Muslims in Europe are producing from 4 to 6 children per couple. Encouraged by some sheiks in Muslim countries who have forbidden the use of birth control, Muslim immigrants are producing children at two to three times the rate of Europeans.

Even Muslims in Europe who came from more westernized Islamic countries, like Turkey and Tunisia, have twice the birthrate of other Europeans. And the rate among their second generations is holding to that factor.

There are many projections as to when the Muslim population will gain a majority in Europe. Some say it could be as soon as 2025. Others as late as 2050.

Regardless of when Muslims become the majority in Europe, that turning point will present one of the greatest ironies in 1,400 years of European history.

Ever since Islamic expansion under Caliphates Umar and Usman, Muslims have tried again and again to invade and defeat Europe. But they failed.

The Ottomans got the closest; in fact, as close as Austria. But ultimately, that attempt and all others were unsuccessful. Until now. As Sheik Yousef Quardawi has been quoted to have said: “What our forbears failed to do by the sword, this generation is accomplishing through legitimate birthright, immigration, and petro-dollars.”

It’s impossible to predict whether radicals or more westernized elements will dominate the coming generation of majority Muslims. Certainly the current push for Sharia implementation in many European countries, including England, presents a foreboding omen.

That news doesn’t bode well for atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists. At least Christians and Jews will be treated as demis, or second-class citizens. But the Sharia will have no such leniency for out and out non-believers.

What will happen to the gospel of “tolerance” that secular forces preach today? Although purveyors of that gospel are, in reality, the most intolerant of all, that won’t matter. “Tolerance” is used to give Islamists a foothold in the West, and then the proselytizers of that gospel will be swept into the dustbin of Islamic intolerance.

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Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 02/03/2013 at 03:15 PM   
  1. To most of us it may look darker but to this lady the sun is coming up Tommorow:

    Mourners couldn’t believe their eyes when a 101-year-old woman sat up and spoke - just as she was being put in her coffin.
    Peng Xiuhua wanted to know why so many people were in her house in Lianjiang, Guangdong province, China.
    Peng, who lived alone, had taken a tumble and hurt herself so her two daughters, who are in their 70s, were looking after her.
    However, 10 days later her daughters could not detect a heartbeat and her body had gone stiff so she was declared dead.
    The daughters gave her a bath, an undertaker dressed her and they were about to put her in her coffin when she came back to life.
    Peng said: “I am a lucky woman. Not only did I get to see how many people care for me, but I also woke up before they took me to the crematorium.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/03/2013  at  10:23 PM  
  2. OK, Everybody here,Drew,Peiper,etc,,GO AND WATCH THIS!!!!
    Watch this from The Rott,I want this guy to run for President:

    If for some reason the link is bad go to the Rott and scroll down to the Article:
    From My Cold, Dead Hands

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/04/2013  at  01:41 AM  
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