Human rights? He isn’t even human. family outrage

‘What about my human right to live my life without looking over my shoulder because he is roaming free or trying to get released again? Does no one care about the families and the damage that is done?’
At her semi-detached house, the middle-aged woman added: ‘I will suffer every day for the rest of my life because of what he’s done. It will never get easier for me, so why should it for him? Why should he be given the protection of anonymity so he can escape what he’s done when I can’t?’
She said the constant worry of him being released had a deep impact on her. ‘I just can’t cope, I’ve been through enough and now this keeps coming up. Life should be life, he should never be freed.’ He doesn’t deserve human rights, he’s not even human. He committed such a horrendous crime and should have to face up to it.’

There is still every reason for the public to fear the man. It is indisputably in the public interest to know if he is going to be moved closer to release and for the judge – who has yet to decide the man’s fate – to be held fully accountable for his decision.

So what is this all about?

A screw up that’s hard apparently, to put to rights.  Speaking of ‘rights’ as if the victims and families have any these days, this multiple killer (as I’ve heard but don’t know the facts) butchered his victims, some are saying who claim to recall a noteworthy and infamous case they believe is this fellow) wants to be protected and placed in open prison.  At some point it is hoped the press will be able to ID the killer so the public can know who it is that could be released among them.  The accounts in the papers about this particular vermin, are not even going into detail of his crimes, although at the time they were made most public. The crimes were so horrendous we are told, that they made the news nationwide.  Well, there have been a number of crimes here over the years that also fit that bill, so I guess it’s a matter of going through old files and taking your pick of various crimes in an attempt to ID this one particular guy. Lots of luck with that.

The idea that he would even have the right to do this today, and that he has a lawyer willing to be his mouthpiece, will be seen by some as proof of how fair and wonderful is the justice system here.  I’d say it’s proof only of how far wrong and how skewed the system has become under the stewardship of the left over many years.  I think it’s proof of national insanity that it’s allowed, and that there are those who would champion his cause. 

See the link for more.

Notorious killer who wants to move to open prison granted anonymity by High Court judge using human rights laws

· Judge ruled that allowing convicted man, who has spent decades in prison, to be publicly named could ‘endanger his life’
· Details of the man’s offending cannot be revealed to the public by order of the court

By James Slack And Jack Doyle

A judge has used human rights laws to ban the identification of a notorious killer who wants to be set free.
The man – whose crimes shocked the public years ago – is currently challenging a Parole Board decision refusing him a transfer to an open jail with limited security.

This is typically the last step taken by killers before they are freed back on to the streets.
Yesterday the high court sparked fury by saying the man might be in danger if other inmates found out his identity.

Mr Justice Simon, sitting in London, rejected submissions from the Press that granting the killer anonymity was setting a precedent for other high-profile prisoners to seek anonymity.

Quincy Whitaker, making the no-names application, told the judge there was ‘a serious likelihood of a serious attack’ on the man if his identity were revealed.
She argued this would infringe his rights under the 1998 Human Rights Act to not have his life endangered or be subject to inhuman or degrading treatment.


Is it any wonder most of the public that is interviewed, does not believe the law and justice is on the side of the law abiding?
How can it be considered so, when all the evidence so far, points in the opposite direction?

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