Late sleep indeed. 24 hours without, next day awake and night problem. Solution?  Flexeril (10mg) and 20mg of Tamazepam and a glass of wine. Bingo. Out likw a light as the saying goes.  I understand it’s age.

Well anyway, here’s a happy story for a change where one guy doesn’t get to age anymore or suffer the slings and arrows of same. That’s cos the schmuck bought the farm and improved society by giving up breathing.

Masked gunman dies after being pinned down and disarmed by customers in bookies

Man was thought to have been wearing a gas mask and holding a gun when he stormed into a Ladbrokes betting shop in Plymouth, Devon
Customers disarmed the man, named locally as Alan Levers, and held him on the floor while others alerted the police
Robber was unconscious when officers arrived and later died
Eyewitness says he saw a group ‘scuffling’ on the floor as he went inside shop to place a bet

By Kerry Mcdermott

Looks like nobody informed this guy that guns were banned here. He wasn’t supposed to be carrying one.

An armed robber who burst into a betting shop wearing a gas mask collapsed and died after being tackled by customers.

The gunman was disarmed and pinned down by punters at Ladbrokes on Crownhill Road in Plymouth, Devon, shortly before 7pm last night.

Brave customers held the robber - named locally as Alan Levers, 50 - on the floor while others raised the alarm, Devon and Cornwall Police said.

Officers arrested the man, who was already unconscious, upon arrival, but he was declared dead a short time later.

Now wait just a darn minute. Can anyone be arrested who isn’t conscious?  How’s that done?
OK so anyway ....

David Walker, 55, walked into the betting shop minutes after the robber had entered, said he was stunned to find a group of men ‘scuffling’ on the floor.

‘I went in about 6.55pm, to put a bet on the football,’ he said.

‘When I went in there, they were on the floor, they were scuffling on the floor, I just thought it was just a fight or something.

‘The bloke behind the counter told me they weren’t taking any bets and I had to leave.

‘I didn’t see their faces, as they were holding the guy down at the back of the shop. I couldn’t see any mask and there wasn’t any physical movement, they were just holding him.’

Mr Walker said he has only lived in the area for four to five weeks and did not know the staff or customers in the shop very well.

‘I only came up to do a bet, I just assumed it was a fight over money or something until they said he’d tried to rob the place.’

Around 12 customers are thought to have been inside the shop when the gunman burst in.

The police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), has been informed of the incident.

A police spokesman said: ‘It quickly became clear the man was unresponsive and an ambulance was immediately requested by police who carried out CPR until they arrived.

‘A few minutes later three paramedics arrived at the scene and continued to carry out further CPR. Around 20 minutes later the man was declared dead at the scene by the paramedics.

‘This incident has been voluntarily referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.’

Witness David Marfleet told BBC News: ‘As I drove past you could see that Ladbrokes was absolutely full of policeman at that time.

‘[There were] easily 10 police cars and then two riot vans and then the ambulance that turned up on site as well.


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