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Marion Iowa Cops Buying Assault Weapons

Police in one Iowa city could soon be buying their own assault rifles to carry in squad cars to ensure they aren’t outgunned by criminals in the wake of several high-profile shootings involving semi-automatic AR-15s, has learned.

Half of the 50-member force in Marion, Iowa, will take part in the upgrade, paying for the $2,000 guns in installments deducted from their paychecks, according to Police Chief Harry Daugherty. He said the proposal, expected to be approved by the city’s seven-member City Council late Thursday, will mean initial responders will have enough firepower to deal with heavily armed suspects. Currently, only members of Marion’s 12-member SWAT team carry AR-15s.

“We can’t wait for SWAT to get there,” Daugherty told “We have to do something and, at this point, the chances of the assailant having more firepower [than responding officers] is greater than vice versa. I want them to at least be on the same playing field when we’re going into these types of situations.”

Marion, a city in eastern Iowa with roughly 38,000 residents, had zero recorded homicides in 2012, Daugherty said. The proposal to equip half of the department’s officers with high-powered assault rifles is not in response to any threat, he said, though he noted semi-automatic weapons were used in several recent shootings, including last summer’s massacre at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater, the December shootings at an elementary school in Connecticut and an ambush of two firefighters in upstate New York.

“They’re not going to be pulling out this weapon unless they absolutely need it,” Daugherty said. “But if something comes up, it’s nice to know that you’re on the same plane as what you’re dealing with.”

So, let’s militarize the local po-po because we can. Not that there’s the slightest need, or even the smallest threat. Hey, why not get them grenade launchers and armored mini-tanks while you’re at it? You know, just in case!

On the other hand, where have these guys been since 9/11? I didn’t think there was a cop car left in America without a Bushmaster in the front seat. Every other police department between here and Anchorage Alaska went “up armor” more than a decade ago. So this Johnny Come Lately bunch makes the same decision, finally, and now it’s news? Huh???

Marion officers are currently equipped with shotguns and either a 9-mm. handgun or a 40-caliber Glock. City officials provide everything but the officer’s sidearm, Daugherty said, and are now considering changing that policy as well to include the roughly $500 cost.

Gak. Have none of these people ever even seen the word “logistics”? You do NOT outfit your troops with two different weapons systems. Just in case they should ever have to share ammunition. It’s a minor point given a police force of 50 or 62 cops, but still. Use your brains, m’kay?

Not everyone welcomed the news, however, of potentially seeing much more firepower on the streets of Marion.

Jennifer Rockwell told the proposal was a bit too much.

“The protection that we have now is significant, bringing in more guns is just asking for more trouble,” Rockwell told the website.

Daugherty disagreed with that sentiment, saying he “needs to sleep at night,” too.

“What we’re proposing here, this makes sense,” he told “The situations that are out there nowadays, this is what they’re dealing with. I hope they never have to pull it, but they will be trained and qualified to do so if they do. If something happens at one of our schools, I just don’t want to send my officers into a situation where they’re set up to fail.”

“It’s for the children!” Double gak, dragging out that old trope. It’s an excuse for a power grab, that’s all. Just like post-9/11 was, and now our cities are filled with Robo-Cop officers in head to foot armor carrying machine guns. That’s the new normal we “needed” then. And like TSA and all the BS travelers have to go through at the airports, it hasn’t done a damn bit of good.

So now the corn belt cops need assault weapons so they can sleep at night, but you should have no right to them yourself, and probably be forced to turn yours in. Let no crisis go to waste, and seize power wherever you can. The little people can’t and won’t do anything to stop it.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 01/25/2013 at 03:10 PM   
  1. I don’t know, maybe a pizza party where they all get together with the locals and have a target shoot competition.Make it fun ,families,cops,the fag mayor,everyone.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/25/2013  at  06:58 PM  
  2. Well, they’ll need us to turn ours in, so there will be some available for the JBTs.  $500 won’t cut it, these days, you need about $2000.  Otherwise there’s that 2 year backorder.

    Posted by Mr Evilwrench    United States   01/26/2013  at  04:07 AM  
  3. Guns? I used to have some, but I lost them when the canoe rolled over on the way out to the island for that hog hunt.

    Posted by cmblake6    United States   01/27/2013  at  07:56 AM  
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