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I haven’t done much bowling blogging this season. Nobody cares, and my leagues are pretty weird. In Greed League we bowl superbly, but get outbowled nearly every week so we’re at the bottom of the pyramid. On Cheap League, my team really sucks, couldn’t care less about the game or about being competitive, yet somehow we manage to hover around first or second place. Go figure.

On Greed League we have a sub nearly every week because Bob is never there. He runs a pet food import business, so he’s always down in Texas bringing dead critters and spoiled seafood across in bulk from Mexico.  So we get a substitute. Sometimes the sub is a hero. This week he wasn’t. Our guy Jason has been getting better and better, and this week rolled his 3rd 300 game in his whole life. He’s been a bowler since he was 7. His kids are in junior high now. 3 perfect games. Me? I had a decent week too, rolling a 660 series. That’s about 120 over my average series; not award winning, but still pretty good. No spectacular game either, just solid bowling, each game well over 200 for a 220 series average. 42 over my paper average. Maybe I can do it again on Cheap League, maybe do it better, and finally get myself a 700. Never had one, not ever. Sure would be nice.

On the other hand, my bowling is suddenly quite better, 13-15 weeks into the season. This has let me win the brackets in Cheap League 2 weeks in a row now, so I’m actually up $6 now, for the season, based on the weekly $2 ante. If I can win 1 more week I’ll be in the black for the entire season.


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 01/24/2013 at 12:28 AM   
  1. ” If I can win 1 more week I’ll be in the black for the entire season. “ If I need a reason to drink tomorrow - that’s what I’m using.  Thank you!

    Posted by BT in SC    United States   01/24/2013  at  02:44 AM  
  2. That’s great Drew, good luck on that. In other news,this is really funny so Im gonna share here,From AmericanGlob:

    <Start>Have You Noticed Liberals Always Compare Obama To Republican Presidents?Lincoln united a divided country, Obama has done everything in his power to further polarize Americans against each other. Reagan turned around a dismal economy, Obama has made things worse.

    Frankly, if liberals are as proud of Obama as they claim to be while wiping the drool from their chins, why do they never compare Obama to Democratic Party presidents? Are Democrats admitting that Republican presidents are more effective and appealing? It sure seems that way.<end>

    Hehe, that’s great,you would think they might compare him to Clinton at least but Nope,Never.What a bunch of Tools.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/24/2013  at  03:13 AM  
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