brits have enough problems thank you. do not need obama’s advice to make them worse.

Just wonderful. America does not have enuff problems these days.  Everyone in the world just loves us. Nobody has any gripes about us. Get real.

So with everything else that is happening in our world, our government, in the person of the president, just HAS to butt in to Brit business of a sensitive and polarizing issue. 

I want you to see a headline. Take a look.

A meddlesome Obama should keep his nose out of our affairs

By Simon Heffer

Heffer is a very serious conservative and that word should be spelled as Conservative in his case.  He is no friend of the administration under Mr. O. but has not been especially angry at the USA as a whole like the lefties.  He’s never attacked us as a people but has had some doubts about our foreign policies past and present.  But never anything harsh by way of insults and I don’t think he does so here. What gripes me I suppose, is the idea that our president can do something to make even a pro American friend angry. And trust me, we really do not have a lot of those here. And I don’t want to start any arguments except to say that Obama in this case (as in others) is very ill informed.  And even if he isn’t, I don’t believe he cares that much. But someone should have told the president just how touchy this subject is and what it has meant to many Brits for a long time.  As far back as 9 years ago I recognized that Britain’s sovereignty was, as I saw things, being eroded.  You did not need a degree of any kind to understand that, cos the evidence was so clear and so open. 

Waytago Mr. Obama. 

Simon Heffer/Daily Mail
His unwelcome interference in this country’s internal affairs comes at a most sensitive time, considering that David Cameron is soon due to make a major speech on the subject — and is expected to say whether we are to be offered the in/out referendum that the majority of voters want.

Ironically, those on the Left who normally revile America — for its interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, support of Israel and alleged mistreatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay — are happy to use the U.S. official’s remarks as a stick with which to beat Mr Cameron.

For their part, it is easy to understand why the Americans are so worried about Britain’s relationship with the EU.

They find it hard to comprehend that Europe is not a single political entity (like the United States of America itself) rather than a collection of independent countries.

Ever since the end of World War I, when President Woodrow Wilson attended the peace conference at Versailles in 1919, American foreign policy has been consistent. It has wanted to reduce European power and fill the vacuum with its own.

As a result, it has always cultivated officials to interfere in European affairs. The meddlesome Mr Gordon is just the latest.

America is well-versed at patronising and bullying Third World countries, but the consequences of behaving in a similar way towards Britain — a country where a substantial, and growing, number of people are fed up with membership of the EU — are very different.

It is common to hear American politicians boast how every decision they take is in the American national interest. It should not surprise them, therefore, that British politicians, too, are keen to act in their own country’s national interest.

The present discontent among many Britons about Europe is not, as is so often caricatured, a question of our ‘sleepwalking towards the exit’.

In fact, we are wide awake. After 40 years of a European project that has meant the loss of sovereignty, and economic turmoil, many of us have decided enough is enough.

If we choose to leave — and I for one hope we do — it will not be on a whim, but after a long period of rational reflection and deep consideration.


Barack Obama piles pressure on David Cameron over EU exit

Downing Street plays down US President’s personal intervention ahead of Europe speech.

David Cameron’s trouble-prone strategy on Europe suffered another setback when US President Barack Obama made a personal appeal to him not to allow Britain to drift out of the European Union.

Mr Obama’s intervention came only hours before the Prime Minister was due to make his landmark speech on the UK’s relationship with Europe.

Mr Cameron had planned to warn that the British public could “drift towards the exit” of the EU unless it reformed.

But Mr Cameron called off his speech in Amsterdam so that he could remain in London to deal with the unfolding hostage crisis at a BP gas complex in Algeria.

Downing Street did not reveal Mr Obama’s plea but the White House disclosed: “The President underscored our close alliance with the United Kingdom and said that the United States values a strong UK in a strong European Union, which makes critical contributions to peace, prosperity, and security in Europe and around the world.” No 10 had said earlier that the two leaders discussed the Algeria situation.

Today Downing Street confirmed that Mr Cameron and Mr Obama spoke about the postponed Europe speech and agreed that a debate was needed because of concerns in Britain, “but the hope is that Britain will stay in”.


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 01/21/2013 at 11:47 AM   
  1. Of course the big o wants the UK to stay in the EU - it makes it easier when he becomes the Master of the Universe of the oneglowballworld.

    GO UK - get out - bet it would start a mass exodus to a pointless and dangerous concept.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/21/2013  at  12:53 PM  
  2. By Odumbells own logic then should not Switzerland,Russia,Iran,Greenland,Iceland,etc etc all join in the EU fest and let the band of Genius’s in Brussels make peace on earth?
    What a fucking Moron our dear leader is.
    crazy  blah-blah  cowboy

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/21/2013  at  08:39 PM  
  3. We need 6 burly Scotsmen with kilts worn absolutely traditionally.  Each can paint two letters of this phrase on their ass-cheeks, one per cheek, then face away from the camera, bend over, and Saluuuuute!


    Take a picture of that, and send it to the White house as the UK’s er… unofficial response.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    Canada   01/22/2013  at  03:28 AM  
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