Fox showing it’s bias and stupidity, again

Officials say three people were wounded when gunfire erupted at a gun show at the North Carolina state fairgrounds.

It happened Saturday at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show, a quarterly event that usually draws thousands of people.

State agriculture department spokesman Brian Long says a 12-gauge shotgun discharged while its owner unzipped its case for a law enforcement officer to check it at a security entrance.

Two bystanders were hit by shotgun pellets and taken to a hospital. A retired deputy sheriff suffered a slight hand injury.

This is what’s called an accidental discharge due to a stupid person.  ONE ROUND is not an eruption of gunfire. It’s a shame that these people got a bit, ahem, banged up, ahem, but the security guard was ineffective IF it was his job to check all incoming firearms to ensure they were not loaded.

Dumb stuff happens, even with guns. Remember the very first rule of gun safety: all guns are assumed to be loaded until you yourself have personally verified that they aren’t, and don’t be a dummy. The owner was negligent in not clearing the weapon before taking it out of his home.

And try and get some outdoorsman type reporters for these things, AP and Fox. You city boy bias is showing worse than a ghetto kid’s underpants.

Two other people were hurt by bullets at other gun shows around the country the same day. One guy managed to shoot himself in the hand while loading his 1911 after leaving a show, and another guy pulled the trigger on a gun he’d removed the magazine from but hadn’t checked the chamber.

Stupid people. Now of all times. Thanks a lot dumbshits.

Assume all firearms are loaded until you have personally verified that they aren’t. This means removing the magazine and cycling the action several times - 3 or 4 - to make sure no cartridge is anywhere in the weapon.

Always point a firearm in a safe direction when loading or unloading it, or when handling it. Don’t be Darwin, m’kay?

Never touch the trigger or the hammer with anything until you are ready to shoot. This means your thumb, your fingers, your shirttails, your belt, the tent flap, etc etc so on an so forth.

And remember, the ONLY gun safety that actually works is the one installed between your ears. If you don’t use that one first, all the mechanical ones on earth won’t do you any good.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 01/20/2013 at 02:13 PM   
  1. Does the person who discharged the firearm have any personal or professional history with, or links to the Obama administration or the Democratic Party?

    Just askin’.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    Canada   01/20/2013  at  02:56 PM  
  2. Argentium I agree. We’ve seen plants at Romney rally (Obamaphone Lady, paid $11/hr to follow Romney around OH) and the one who started a dustup at (was it a Perry rally during the early primaries?!?) - how much you want to bet that this is true gun idiot or a plant to help keep this ‘the dangers of gun violence’ in the media.

    Now, having said that - my Dad was cleaning a gun once and swore it was empty, said it was empty and pointed it at the ceiling and pulled the trigger, it wasn’t empty. Not quite sure how he missed it, he wasn’t careless with guns at all. No more than my brother home from Army service on leave who over shot and the bullet went through the garage door to imbed into the garage/house wall. So I guess I’m trying to say (Dick Cheney) that accidents happen to even the most careful and well trained gun owners of us.

    Shame on Fox for playing along so badly (was this an AP (WH Statement) feed?). We haven’t watched FNC since Jennifer Griffin breathlessly announced the end of the Iraq War and made a point of blasting President Bush for his aircraft carrier “Mission Accomplished banner” lie. If they can go that far to lie about a Former President - they are no longer fair and balanced and certainly not unafraid.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/20/2013  at  05:23 PM  
  3. Any and ALL gun related Anythings with the Exclusive Exception of Heroic gun Stories are hereby forbidden on all major networks until January 20 2017.
    Sound about right Gang?
    Damn right I’m Right.

    cool smirk

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/20/2013  at  06:01 PM  
  4. Could’ve been an ignorant rube that inherited it from his grandfather and just wanted to sell it, but there’s no excuse for that kind of ignorance.

    Posted by Mr Evilwrench    United States   01/20/2013  at  06:08 PM  
  5. More:  There were THREE incidents.  Given that these incidents are incredibly rare to begin with, to have three at the same time has me convinced that this is a coordinated action, much like “Fast & Furious” was.

    LA Times: Gun Appreciation Day: Five injured at three gun shows

    This plays into the executive orders which use language of “health” to turn healthcare workers into government snitches, and “gun safety” to enact legislation aimed at repressing the ownership and use of firearms and ammunition.  Look at New York State’s recent firearms related laws.

    The media will happily dance to the Democrats’ tune, of course.  It’s what they do; it’s who they are.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    Canada   01/21/2013  at  12:40 PM  
  6. I swear, just once, I’d like to see the blame placed where it belongs - on the head of the S.O.B. who pulls the trigger.
    There’s no such thing as an accidental discharge (just like the term assault weapon), instead call them for what they are - negligent discharges.
    Every firearm incident I ever investigated, ended with the answer to the question “Did you pull the trigger?” Every single time, the answer was yes. And we’d also find that they failed to properly clear the weapon.

    Posted by jackal40    United States   01/21/2013  at  02:11 PM  
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