The Irony Is Killing Me

Biden Blames Violence on ‘Coarsening of Our Culture’

Speaking to hundreds of mayors from around the country, Vice President Joe Biden made a case for President Barack Obama’s sweeping executive orders and proposed legislation to curb gun violence, but he did not lay the blame exclusively on weapons.

“This isn’t just about guns,” Biden said on Thursday at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C. “It’s about the coars[en]ing of our culture.

“Yes, that’s what I said, the coarsening of our culture, whether it’s with video games or movies or behavior,” Biden said.

Hey Sheriff Joe, you’d better get right to work on this one. As you like to say in public, “this is a big fucking deal.”

Biden concluded his remarks by repeating his charge about the role culture plays in violence in society.

“I believe we can turn this all around,” Biden said. “It’s not all because of guns.

“It’s a lot of other things,” Biden said. “But maybe what happened in Newtown is a call to action about more than just gun violence; about civility in our society.”

After finishing his remarks, Biden then complemented the mayor of Cincinnati who was in the front row with his wife. “Hey man, nice tits on your broad there.”

Ok, I added that last bit. But you can hear him saying it in your mind can’t you? Oh yes you can. Hell, I can see him grinning like an idiot and copping a feel.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 01/18/2013 at 10:09 PM   
  1. Remember when it was all about Cheney/Halliburton/evil.Now its about the stupid fucking clown who calls himself VP,as in “Veritable Pinhead”.
    Gee I miss the old evil one, at least you could think he was doing something constructive to help the country. This goof just causes mouth spew on command.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/19/2013  at  02:53 AM  
  2. As someone who is 50+, I have to say - I blame the feminazis for the change in the American culture (at least most of it). Growing up, my mom taught me to be polite to strangers, hold doors open for women (all, not just ones I knew), and to believe in Jesus Christ.

    When I get cussed out by some lady for holding a door open for her, witness many examples of public rudeness, and see the relentless persecution of a belief which helped found this country - I can only pull my best Homer Simpson.


    Posted by jackal40    United States   01/19/2013  at  03:20 PM  
  3. When folks are rude to me I’m more of a bird watcher, finger  finger  finger

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/19/2013  at  03:35 PM  
  4. If the culture has coarsened, Joe being a total uncouth pig, would know.  His whole demeanor speaks of sex parties, booze, cheap hookers, and general scumbaggery. Oh, and molested grandchildren and snuff films.

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   01/19/2013  at  04:01 PM  
  5. He may not be right about anything else but, ‘Coarsening of Our Culture’ is right on the money.  As Jackal points out, the feminazis helped it along in their way. But they are far from the the worst as far as coarsening our culture. And Biden is right when he says you can’t blame it all on guns. Except he puts it badly. You can not blame ANY of it on guns, which Americans have held from the beginning of the republic.
    It’s the attitudes and the behavior, even when bad, that is accepted as quite alright because we have rights.  I firmly believe violent video games and movies have also contributed hugely. Even so called comedians who are so foul mouthed but hey, they’re exercising their right to be entertaining according to their lights. They no longer have to work hard at being witty or clever due to censorship.  MONEY and lots of it can be made by no talent decadent dirt bags like Howard Stern, and for what? People like him used to be shunned in an age when manners mattered and damn it yes. Appearance did matter once. Before it became okay to appear looking like you needed a bath, no one looking like him would have made it anywhere except the city dump. Standards are in the toilet.
    The worse thing that ever happened to us in my lifetime, has been the civil rights industry. It stopped being a movement a long time ago.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   01/19/2013  at  04:21 PM  
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