dicks in a dress get some knickers in a twist

See how it works is, press freedom as approved by the scummy, ugly idiots of the left, like Lynne Featherstone. But hey wait, this all started just because Suzanne Moore quite rightly voiced an opinion, not in the press but in her Twitter page.  Moore is a well known journalist here, and the papers all have Twitter pages so perhaps her Twitter account is tied to her paper. Whatever, this truly ugly beast, speaking of Featherstone, seems to believe that folks who have the temerity to voice an opinion not shared by her, are all fascists of the first order and should all go to the wall.

I’m posting this cos apparently a new phobia has been discovered and introduced.
Yeah really.  How’s this grab ya.

Transphobic!  Iz that a werd er what? Write it down and paste it to your fridge or beer cooler.  The word today is,


Leave it to the left to come up with terms for non pc crimes that they can attach ‘phobic’ to.

Oh yeah, take a good look at that ugly face on Featherstone and tell me; can you imagine her as an “Equality Minister”? She is a former minister of equality.  Yuk. Nothing that owns a face that ugly should be seen in public unless wearing a burka or a paper bag over her face. Plastic would work very well too.

Two top female writers, an insult about Brazilian transsexuals and a firestorm on Twitter. Do natural-born women have the right to say what they like about men who change sex?

· Julie Burchill has come under fire for a column in yesterday’s Observer
· The columnist described transsexuals as ‘dicks’ in chicks’ clothing’
· She was writing in defence of fellow columnist Suzanne Moore
· Miss Moore had been forced off Twitter after criticism of another article
· She said women were pressured to have bodies like ‘Brazilian transsexuals’
· Lib Dem minister Lynne Featherstone has called for Ms Burchill to be sacked
· Miss Featherstone also wants Observer editor John Mulholland sacked

By Ben Spencer

A controversial newspaper columnist has been accused of being transphobic after she wrote an article attacking transsexuals as ‘bed-wetters in bad wigs’ and ‘dicks’ in chicks’ clothing’.


Julie Burchill wrote a column in the Observer yesterday defending her friend and fellow columnist Suzanne Moore who came under fire on Twitter for an article that said women were under pressure to have bodies like ‘Brazilian transsexuals’.
The Observer website was swamped with comments in response to Miss Burchill’s column, many describing it as ‘vile’ and ‘horrible’.
Comments have since been suspended on the story and a message posted on the website says that it is now subject to an ‘inquiry’ to be carried out by the paper’s Readers’ Editor.
The comment also provoked fury on Twitter.
Liberal Democrat minister Lynne Featherstone called for Miss Burchill to be sacked for attacking transsexuals as ‘bed-wetters in bad wigs’.
The former Equalities Minister, a staunch supporter of transsexual rights, said she should be fired and her newspaper’s editor John Mulholland should also go.
Miss Burchill wrote the article in defence of fellow columnist Suzanne Moore, who became the target of transsexuals’ fury over what seemed to be a throw-away comment in a previous article.
Miss Moore, describing the challenges faced by modern women in an article for the New Statesman, had written that modern women were expected to look like ‘Brazilian transsexuals’.
She had said: ‘(Women]) are angry with ourselves for not being happier, not being loved properly and not having the ideal body shape – that of a Brazilian transsexual.’
The comment provoked fury on Twitter and Miss Moore subsequently said she had been forced to stop using the website because of the abuse she had received.
She added that the reaction of ‘the very vociferous transsexual lobby and their grim groupies’ reminded her ‘of those wretched inner-city kids who shoot another inner-city kid dead in a fast-food shop for not showing them enough “respect”.’

Some comments on the subject.

I happen to agree with them and find Ms Featherstone a repulsive moaning Minnie who should be getting on with the job she is overpaid to do, not criticise someone else’s opinion to the extent that she demands that they are sacked. So if you get them sacked, it is not going to change their opinion one iota. You can pass all the PC laws you like, but I for one will promptly ignore them!
- exUKresident ,

The world is completely insane, you cant say anything without hurting peoples delicate feelings or someone else championing them and attacking you in the name of political correctness, all this madness has to come to a head sooner or later, the majority of us are sick of the loud crass minority who will jump on any band wagon they can just to make themselves feel worthy
- frankbull, horley, United Kingdom

Lynne Featherbrain is the one who should be sacked! The day the fabulous Julie Burchill is banned from speaking her mind is the day I emigrate to Syria in search of democracy and free speech!
- Dolly Diamond, Brighton,

Now here’s an opinion from the left that won’t surprise anyone.
This is how they think.
THEY will tell you exactly what free speech is and what it is to be used for. Here, read this.

I love how most people commenting here seem to have mistaken ‘free speech’ with ‘vocal & literal bigotry’. Free speech is for anti-war movements, open debate and parity; not for some jumped-up woman to spew hate and insults which are suited to only one agenda: her own.
- Jiffy, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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