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Biden says ‘no silver bullet’ exists to solve the problem with gun violence

classless as ever, and still just as clueless

Vice President Biden said Friday that there was “no silver bullet” to deal with gun violence, explaining that the Obama administration was considering a wide-ranging set of policies in the wake of last month’s school massacre in Connecticut.

Biden’s unusual choice for metaphor came after a White House meeting with video game industry executives, who have come under scrutiny for violent ­gun-related themes in their products.

The comments marked the last in a series of meetings held this week by Biden’s anti-gun-violence task force, which he said is “shooting for Tuesday” to forward a set of policy recommendations to President Obama.

You know, I bet he thinks he’s being witty. After all, this is a subject to make jokes about, right?

He said the country has a “problem beyond, quote-unquote, massacres” and noted that “there’s 10,000 people a year gunned down in our cities.”

Nope, he’s just classless and tacky. As always.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 01/12/2013 at 03:53 PM   
  1. Did anybody catch good ol’ “Plugs” Biden suggesting that weapons be made with the feature from the new James Bond movie “Skyfall”? Basically limiting the ability to fire to only the registered owner through an electronic lockout device. “The technology exists, but its very expensive”, followed by a gleam in his eye. These idiots never cease to amaze me.  crazy

    Posted by Col. Bat Guano    United States   01/12/2013  at  05:45 PM  
  2. Yeah, and the one night you forget to wear your magic decoder ring to bed is the night that both the Bloods and the Crips break into your place intent on raping your whole family.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/12/2013  at  06:23 PM  
  3. Only if his Secret Service detail leads the way…

    Posted by Rickvid in Seattle    United States   01/12/2013  at  08:21 PM  
  4. It’s pretty obvious by now that for Uncle Joe to say something Smart would require about 30 IQ points more on his part.Silver Bullet,now that’s actually funny,Bartender,Coors all around.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/12/2013  at  09:57 PM  
  5. He said the country has a “problem beyond, quote-unquote, massacres

    Like armed insurrection, perhaps.

    Posted by Redbear762    United States   01/13/2013  at  12:02 AM  
  6. This should put a smile on your dour faces gang:
    HOUSTON—A couple of strangers came to the rescue when a man was robbed at gunpoint. Now, the victim wants to say thank you to the Good Samaritans.
    Police believe the criminal who was canvassing a neighborhood in the 2500 block of Wichita near Hermann Park had no idea what he was in for when he picked his target.
    The victim in this case had just walked back to his car from a bar around the corner.
    Kevin Dorsey says he hadn’t even closed his car door Thursday night when a man wearing all black and a ski mask put a gun to his chest. The man took Dorsey’s wallet, cell phone and car keys.
    After he was robbed, Dorsey began running down the street and says two men in a Mercedes asked him what had happened.
    Dorsey told them and they not only caught up with the suspect, but they started shooting at him.
    The suspect fired back. In the end, the two witnesses turned vigilantes won and took down the bad guy.
    “I don’t believe in guns,” said Dorsey. “I don’t own a gun. I’m totally at the mercy of my saviors. They obviously sent two angels to help me. These people protected me when I couldn’t protect myself.”
    After the robber had been shot, police say he jumped over a fence and was attacked by a German Shepherd. That attack prevented him from getting away.
    The suspect, identified as Christopher Hutchins, is being treated at Ben Taub Hospital. He’s expected to recover.

    And the pussyfied wimp still doesn’t get the need for personal protection. Oh well, someday maybe he will get a real education instead of just a warning like this time.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/13/2013  at  04:17 AM  
  7. So our ‘news’paper is touting the 3 gun buyback programs aimed for the city this year - even though (and I admit I am a bit amazed at the balanced approach this article took) buyback programs do not get the guns that are held in the hands of real criminals who commit the crimes.

    Two lines jumped out at me:

    They (Organizers) say the $100 gift card they will trade for each gun handed in is a small price to pay.


    “If we can save one life,. . . we have made progress in the fight to end violence in our communities,” said Ennis Tait, pastor of Church of the Living God in Avondale.

    So, here goes - where does the money for these buyback programs come from? Anyone - yes, of course from taxpayers! And despite everything mentioned in the article the big standout is - that these programs do NOT get the guns that are used in crimes.

    So instead of taxing taxpayers additional monies to fund a failure of a program - here is my suggestion. We take the tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood to ‘fund’ these buyback gun programs - and we will get 1) definite assurance of saving at least one life, 2) taxpayers are not double taxed for programs that are failures at preserving the unalienable RIGHT to life for some people, and 3) it would make a point that, as usual with liberals, some children are more worth ‘protection’ than other children.

    btw - we went shooting on Friday - I got to shoot a SCAR 556 (not ours, someone with a job who went with) - it was fun but I still love my FNs - didn’t even shoot out of the silhouette this time at all - guess my bad guy isn’t going to make it me! I win.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/13/2013  at  04:32 PM  
  8. Whats sad is that some rube will accept such a small sum for what are arguably very valuable possessions.I cant buy a used anything in a gun store for a C note.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/13/2013  at  07:22 PM  
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