a day on the street, not so pretty.

I’ll never understand why the papers here and most especially the Daily Mail, insist on writing headlines and or captions that ALWAYS just must tell us that a subject is ; a grandad, a veteran, an ‘A’ level student, a mother, a grandmother, a father and the list can grow.  They do this even when what they are has no relation to the story. Or is not important to the story.  For example, a headline might read, War veteran mugged for a dollar.  Ok, it’s true he was a veteran. In 1943.  So what?  I can see where perhaps a headline in a serious crime might read, mother of three attacked in park. Or killed or whatever awful thing can happen. But often they’ll just write, mother beaten by thug in street. ??  Don’t know why it bothers me, I guess cos it just reads so clumsy to my eyes.

None of which has anything to do with the following story except for the ID that students were ‘A’ level, as if it matters.
This is something that is becoming common in some parts of the country. Imagine what these little verminous bastards will be like at 18. They’re 8 to 12 here.
Someone needs to track down these monsters and break some bones is such a manner that they will never ever be in any shape to attack anyone ever again. Set the examples and the streets become safer.

So then .... to our current story which is:

The feral kids who terrorise our streets: A-level students filming skating video are ‘jumped’ by foul-mouthed gang of eight-year-old thieves

Pint-sized yobs caught on camera as they hurl abuse at skating teenagers
One boy tells victims ‘I’m eight you f****** t***’
Children grabbed A-level students and tried to steal from them

By Lucy Crossley

A shocking video showing the moment a gang of foul-mouthed children aged just eight
threaten and chase two teenagers through a shopping precinct has emerged.

The distressing footage shows the students being sworn at, chased, pushed, punched and kicked at by the gang of little tearaways.

One of the pint-sized yobs can be heard to say: ‘Stop pointing it (the camera) at me or I will smash it. We’ll follow you.

When one of the A-level students then asks them how old they are, one boy replies: ‘I’m eight you f****** t***.’

The clip, filmed by the two 16-year-old boys in Yeovil town centre, Somerset, was posted on YouTube and attracted more than 100,000 hits in less than a week.

The short film starts with the teenagers performing rollerskating tricks before the gang of around seven small children confront them in the street.

Charles Turner, 16, was one of the two teenagers targeted by the gang last Saturday.

He said: ‘We were just filming some tricks and these kids walked up to us and were immediately abusive.

‘At one point they started shouting at an elderly woman who was just walking past.

‘There were about six or seven of them ranging in age from about eight to 12.

‘They have obviously been brought up to believe they can just act like this, which is quite sad.

‘There were a lot of people about and you could see how shocked some of them were.’

The video shows the teenage boys trying to move away from the escalating situation by skating away.

However, the children run after them before attempting to grab and kick the older boys.

After one of the children grabs the skater holding the video camera the little yobs can be seen to begin to push him.

The video ends just as the teenage boys reach the safety of a nearby cinema.

‘They followed us into the cinema and tried to steal my friend’s wallet by pinching it from his pocket and one of the girls tried to punch him in the face,’ said Charles.

The video has attracted almost 500 comments on YouTube, with many praising the teenagers for their restraint when dealing with the pint-sized gang.

Jon Gleeson, a Yeovil town councillor, said: ‘I am horrified by the footage.

‘I am amazed children this young appeared to be allowed to be left unaccompanied in a busy town centre.

‘Where on earth were the parents?

‘I’m sure the majority of parents who watch this video will be stunned by the language and the complete lack of respect that seems to be shown for other people.’

The two teenagers did not make a complaint to the police about the abusive behaviour of the children.


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