after 50 years, the truth. but too late to mean anything if it ever did and not to libs

He’s an old man these days and not in the greatest health.  This bit of news no longer matters to anyone, I wouldn’t suppose.  Thing is, he’s praised to the skies by guilty white libs at every opportunity.  They sing his praises and act as if every word he has ever uttered is holy writ. 

I had forgotten about Nelson Mandela for some time.  No reason to even think about him. But I do recall the fuss made over him and how the white world lionised him. Well, at least one part of the white world did.

What brought Mandela back to mind a few years ago, was suddenly seeing him making a speech in which, he excoriated America and President Bush, referring to him as a “war criminal”.  This from a man associated with people who made bombs and attacked civilians.  More of that below.

I recall also the accusations that he was a Communist, something he denied at the time, and the liberals were accusing those who accused him of simply being, the word begins with an ‘R.’ Sure thing. The old standby.  Now it happens that in part it could be true enough, that many took against him simply based on race.  It happens.

An article appeared in the Telegraph with a photo, which is curiously not posted to the on line version of this story on Nelson Mandela.  The photo showed a very young Mandela with clenched fist and the hammer and sickle flag behind him.

The Prof. Ellis mentioned in the article, is a former Amnesty International researcher who is based at the Free University of Amsterdam

According to his research, Mandela did hold senior rank in the South African Communist Party.

Here’s the headline and some of the story.

Nelson Mandela ‘proven’ to be a member of the Communist Party after decades of denial

By Colin Freeman, and Jane Flanagan in Cape Town

Mr Mandela made his denial of Communist Party membership in the opening statement of his Rivonia trial, when he and nine other ANC leaders were tried for 221 alleged acts of sabotage designed to overthrow the apartheid system. The defendants were also accused of furthering the aims of Communism, a movement that was then illegal in South Africa.

Addressing the court, Mr Mandela declared that he had “never been a member of the Communist Party,” and that he disagreed with the movement’s contempt for Western-style parliamentary democracy.
He added: “The suggestion made by the State that the struggle in South Africa is under the influence of foreigners or communists is wholly incorrect. I have done whatever I did, both as an individual and as a leader of my people, because of my experience in South Africa and my own proudly felt African background, and not because of what any outsider might have said.”

Mr Mandela looked for help from the Communists, with whom he already had close contacts due to their shared opposition to apartheid.
“He knew and trusted many Communist activists anyway, so it appears he was co-opted straight to the central committee with no probation required,” said Prof Ellis. “But it’s fair to say he wasn’t a real convert, it was just an opportunist thing.”

Communist party members secretly visited Beijing and Moscow, where they got assurances of support for their own guerrilla campaign. In conjunction with a number of leading ANC members, they set up a new, nominally independent military organisation, known as Umkhonto we Sizwe or Spear of the Nation. With Mr Mandela as its commander, Umkhonto we Sizwe launched its first attacks on 16 December 1961.

Its campaign of “sabotage” and bombings over the subsequent three decades claimed the lives of dozens of civilians, and led to the organisation being classed as a terrorist group by the US.

In his book, Professor Ellis, who also authored a publication on the Liberian civil war, elaborates on other murky aspects of the ANC’s past.

One is that bomb-making experts from the IRA trained the ANC at a secret base in Angola in the late 1970s, a link disclosed last year in the posthumous memoirs of Kader Asmal, a South African politician of Indian extraction who was exiled in Ireland. He was a member of the Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement, which, Prof Mr Ellis says, in turn had close links to the British and South African Communist parties.

The IRA tutoring, which was allegedly brokered partly through Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, led to the ANC fighters improving their bombing skills considerably, thanks to the expertise of what Mr Ellis describes as “the world’s most sophisticated urban guerrilla force”.

Angola was also the base for “Quatro”, a notorious ANC detention centre, where dozens of the movement’s own supporters were tortured and sometimes killed as suspected spies by agents from their internal security service, some of whom were “barely teenagers”. East German trainers taught the internal security agents that anyone who challenged official ANC dogma should be viewed as a potential spy or traitor.

On Friday night, a spokesman for the Nelson Mandela Foundation said: “We do not believe that there is proof that Madiba (Mandela’s clan name) was a Party member ... The evidence that has been identified is comparatively weak in relation to the evidence against, not least Madiba’s consistent denial of the fact over nearly 50 years. It is conceivable that Madiba might indulge in legalistic casuistry, but not that he would make an entirely false statement.

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Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 01/12/2013 at 11:00 AM   
  1. We’ve known for ages that he’s a Red. Not that it matters; he gets a pass on everything, always. What mattered at the time was that Mandela was a voice against apartheid and a black from South Africa; nobody was going to look any deeper than that.

    Desmond Tutu is no bunch of roses either, Amglican bishop or not.

    OTOH, half of Le Resistance in France in WWII were communists also. Outside of a slight mention in the BBC comedy ‘Allo ‘Allo that never gets noticed either.

    Ghandi was a strange dude too, with some far left leaning ideas. And some personal perversions.

    The only one we can be sure of ... Lech Walesa ... pro-union but NOT a commie nor a collabator.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/12/2013  at  02:10 PM  
  2. Mandela,Obama,same same.Most of these worthless fucks wear that badge like a fucking medal these days anyway.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/12/2013  at  10:09 PM  
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