22 offences including sexual assault, released without sentence due to low iq

Now here’s a load of rubbish.  This is how the system protects the citizen.

It doesn’t. Not in this case.  And I question that the retard doesn’t know right from wrong.  Even if he doesn’t, he should still be deleted. He is of no possible value to anyone.  He will cost the state more than he can ever be worth, and when he grows older and stronger,


Schoolboy, 12, who admitted 22 offences including sexual assault, theft and criminal damage is released without sentence because he has an IQ of just 58

· Because schoolboy has such a low IQ, he cannot understand implications of his actions

· Judge had to allow him to enter new, non guilty pleas under common law

· As child was not convicted, court could not carry out doctor’s recommendations to give him a hospital order
· Judge describes it as ‘perfect storm’

A boy of 12 who carried out more than 20 criminal acts was released without charge - because the courts have no legal way to deal with him.

A judge heard the child’s behaviour has ‘deteriorated beyond control’ but his low IQ means that he cannot properly understand the court process.

The judge described the situation as the ‘perfect storm’ as there is no way that the court could accept a guilty plea from him, as he cannot understand the implications of his acts, and they could not follow doctor’s recommendations, as the boy had not been convicted.

The boy initally entered 22 guilty pleas in July for offences including sexual assault, racially aggravated assault, theft, common assault and criminal damage.

The case has since been back before the courts 15 times in a bid to find a way to deal with the boy, who is originally from Portsmouth, Hampshire.

But psychiatric and psychologists’ reports established the youngster - who is now in foster care - has an IQ of just 58.

That puts him in the bottom three per cent for his age and unable to understand the implications of his acts.

Because of the reports, district judge Anthony Callaway allowed new, not guilty pleas to be entered for all the charges under common law powers.

A doctor’s report recommended giving the youth a hospital order under the Mental Health Act.

But they could not do this because he was not convicted.

The only option was to give the youth absolute discharges on all counts.

David Tongs, from the youth offending team, told Fareham Youth Court the youth’s behaviour had ‘deteriorated beyond control’ in recent weeks.

He said: ‘Since his last appearance, his behaviour has become rather worrying.

‘He’s become abusive, he’s been running away almost on a daily basis, and running away from school almost as soon as he’s taken there.

‘He’s been breaching his curfew. On one occasion he was just standing outside and refusing to come in.

‘We worry that he’s out with other young people who are known to us as criminally active.’

Mr Tongs said the boy had recently tried to stab a teacher with a pen, and has damaged several windows at his school.

He added: ‘His behaviour over the last two to three weeks has been appalling. It’s deteriorated beyond control.

‘We don’t know where he goes when he runs away.’

The boy has been living with the same foster carer since July, and until recently had behaved well.

His foster carer said: ‘It has escalated to a difficult level and I don’t know how to keep him safe.’


Gee, happy to know the focus is keeping the worthless retard safe.  We wouldn’t want to spoil the public or teachers or other school kids, by keeping them safe too. 
What total nonsense.  The more I read about crap like this, the more convinced I am that the Nazis did not have everything wrong.  Or any other system that simply hit ctrl/alt/delete on these sub species.  What possible good are they?  They cost the earth to maintain, and for what?  For the mistaken belief that there’s a chance they are really human after all?  Bah.  If deleting them seems too much for the kind hearted, then for safety’s sake, toss them in a cage and feed them raw meat once a week and otherwise forget about them. They will only do great harm.  And there’s enough of that now with criminals who do have all their wits about them. 

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 01/11/2013 at 04:25 PM   
  1. Well, it he’s that slow maybe someone can talk him out onto a frozen lake with promises of Ice Cream if he makes it to the center of the lake( where the ice is a bit thin).
    OK, I’m evil, but I can live with it.
    nah-nah  nah-nah

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/11/2013  at  07:00 PM  
  2. You know, I ALMOST ran with the story about how 10 or 12 kids under 11 were responsible for a couple hundred crimes in some city in Scotland. Saw that in one of the UK papers yesterday or the day before. The article just about made me gag, as it was all about “ooh, ach, the poor wee little bairns, so alone, so let down by society. How we will ever make it up to them?” kind of bleeding-heart crappola.

    Child criminals are nothing new, are they ... Oliver Twist? And half the revolutionary soldiers in most African conflicts are 14 or under. So are many of the gang killers over here.

    BS they don’t know any better. Nonsense. They do. And what they know best is that they’ll get away with it, or at best get a light slap on the wrist.

    But Drew, they’re too young to hang!! Ok, drown them then, like the unwanted kittens they are.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/11/2013  at  10:42 PM  
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