washington sends a warning to london?  sure does, and some brits will not like it

Folks who make bmews a regular port of call, are familiar with my mad rants and hopping up an down anger whenever some foreigner somewhere tries to tell us how we should do things in our own backyard.  And most especially when Brits think they can decide or would like to decide, how America deals with the gun issue.  None-a-your damn business is my standard reply.

So then, now I am pissed off at our government. Here’s a fellow bmews has perhaps never heard of.  His name is Philip Gordon.  Mr Gordon is, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. 

(I once had a Eurasian affair, but I never knew there was an official post for it. And he gets paid as well? )

Ok so, in his capacity as the above title, he has been visiting London where, he has warned the Brits to remain in the EU or face isolation.

OK, look. I understand there are things that may be in the interests of my country with regard to the EU.  I can’t think of any but there must be one at least. I have to confess to not caring though.  If I can become angry when foreigners stick their nose in our affairs, it’s tit for tat as far as I am concerned.  I don’t think Washington has any business getting into this scrape.  Oh and btw …. since politicians are by nature lying bastards anyway, I really do not see England leaving the EU in my lifetime.  The pro euro-weenies of the left will as always, manage to subvert the will of the majority on this issue. 

Do any of you recall me saying there are ppl in the USA who would if they could, have us join the EU?  I ranted on about what I see as influence and agencies here in Europe, at work in the USA.  Make us more like them, one might say.
I suppose ppl reading my thoughts based on the things I read and hear in this place, might have some of you thinking I exaggerate things a bit.  Ya think?
Well, I have pretty much chopped up this article to highlight those things that have more meaning to me personally.  How else should I take this?  You decide.
There’s a link so you can read it in the unedited version. 

Obama administration warns Britain to stay in the European Union

Britain risks damaging its relationship with America and being sidelined in the international community if it leaves the European Union, the Obama administration publicly warned today.

“We value a strong UK voice in a strong European Union,” the US State Department’s Philip H Gordon, the Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, said starkly during a visit to London to meet ministers yesterday.

“We have a growing relationship with the EU as an institution, which has an increasing voice in the world,

A British exit from the EU would not enhance the “special relationship” in any way, he said. America would continue to forge stronger links with member countries of the EU which it sees as having “a growing voice in the world and a critical partner on global issues”.

The public statements of Mr Gordon, a respected senior member of the administration, show the level of concern in Washington over a mooted referendum on British membership of the EU.

In a long-awaited speech due soon on Europe, the Prime Minister, it is believed, will say that a referendum will take place in 2018, after the next election.

But Eurosceptics have demanded that it is held sooner and Boris Johnson, seen as a rival for the Conservative leadership has joined them in making the call.

Francois Hollande, the French president, has, in turn, stressed that the UK cannot pick which laws it likes from a “a la carte” EU menu and should realise that membership “is for life”.

Mr Gordon insisted that in fact the US will be damaged if Britain did pull out. He said: “The EU in particular is such a critical partner for the United States on all of these global issues and therefore we also value a strong UK voice in that European Union.

What’s in the British interest is for the British people and the British Government to decide.”


“What’s in the British interest is for the British people and the British Government to decide.”

Hey, hasn’t he already said the opposite?  And if it’s really up to “the British people” which I bet it will never work out that way, then why is he making suggestions and giving warnings?

the Prime Minister, it is believed, will say that a referendum will take place in 2018, after the next election.

Uh huh. So a wait of five years?  What scheming shits leaders (I use the term loosely) truly are.  He promised a referendum a few years ago. Whatever happened to that?  I’ll tell ya.  It was scrapped because he knew ahead of time what the outcome would be. 

Everytime I see the letters EU I want to scream, TO ARMS! TO ARMS!

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 01/10/2013 at 12:12 PM   
  1. "some politicians”??  Peiper, you are being far too nice. LOL

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/10/2013  at  02:40 PM  
  2. Say “No thanks” send it C/O FOAD.

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   01/10/2013  at  03:22 PM  
  3. Americans can eventually vote socialist control freaks out of office. We don’t get that choice. The “ex” Maoist Barroso was elected by who exactly? Who elected Van Rompuy aka Gollum? I find it ironic that the country that declared no taxation without representation would have that inflicted on the country which they claimed inflicted it on them. FOAD Gordon.

    Posted by LyndonB    United Kingdom   01/10/2013  at  05:33 PM  
  4. The Brits want to leave the EU - what a great day - and of course the man who desires to be King of the World would be against it (especially since in his dreams it is a world caliphate - imagine what that would make/allow him to be/do)! 

    Whatever led this idiotic idea of the EU - especially since it was after (technically) the fall of the old Soviet Union? Seems to me, it has only lead to the sucking out of culture and life and economics without any real benefit.

    But hey what do I know, I’m a simply bitter, bible clinging, gun toting American.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/11/2013  at  12:48 PM  
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