A big bad combination

Ships and bridges ... two things that just don’t go together

Oil Tanker Fender Bender With Suspension Bridge

Phew, tanker was empty

Coast Guard investigators on Tuesday plan to interview the pilot of an empty tanker that struck a tower in the middle of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge while navigating beneath the hulking span.

The 752-foot Overseas Reymar rammed the tower on Monday afternoon as it headed out to sea, according to the Coast Guard and state transportation officials.

The unidentified pilot will also report to the state Board of Pilot Commissioners, which will conduct its own investigation of the accident. That board regulates bar pilots.

The pilot has been a San Francisco bar pilot since 2005, said Charlie Goodyear, a spokesman for the San Francisco Bar Pilots Association. The association did not release his name.

Lansing said the ship’s double hull wasn’t breached, and state officials said the bridge sustained minor damage but remained opened immediately after the accident. The crash damaged 30 to 40 feet of “fender” material that will need to be replaced.

same story at other places -

Now there are calls demanding that even piloted ships not sail around San Fran Bay when visibility is less than half a mile. And that bay is pretty much the fog capital of the west coast. Golly, think of the economic impact such a move would entail. But it’s for your own good!

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