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OK, I just now caught this but since it happened in the USA, you may have seen it already.

My reason for posting it is cos I am actually a mite confused about the science, if it is science, of shooting and ballistics.  I don’t know much about guns and bullets and the really tech side that Drew has posted about in the recent past.  I read that stuff with interest however, because being so new to me, it’s all very fascinating. 

Now here is what I do not understand about this.

How do you shoot someone 5 times in neck and face with a 38 cal. hand gun, and not kill the bastard?  Heck, that’s not very good gun control I wouldn’t think.

Well anyway, kudos for the lady who defended her kids and home against this vermin with a record.  Betcha after this her gun will be of larger caliber and she may want to spend lots of time at a range.  She and husband have to worry about this guy being released at some point in time, and next time if there is one, he may be armed also.  That’s a scary thought but it must be one rolling around in their heads.

So here’s our story from the USA.

Mother shoots home intruder five times in face and neck after he cornered her in attic with her twins, 9

Unidentified woman fired all six rounds, missing only once

Suspect Paul Ali Slater was found bleeding heavily in nearby driveway after crashing his car

By Daily Mail Reporter


A would-be burglar was looking to cash in, but instead found himself in a world of pain when a Georgia mother who refused to be victimized shot him multiple times in the face and neck.

The Loganville woman, who was not identified, was in the home with her 9-year-old twins on Friday afternoon when someone began ringing the doorbell.

Thinking it was just a door-to-door salesperson, she didn’t answer.

The burglar, whom police identified as Paul Ali Slater, did a room-by-room search of the home, and when he reached the attic, she was ready.
Busted: The suspect was identified as Paul Ali Slater - pictured in a previous mugshot - who has a long rap sheet and was recently released from prison

Busted: The suspect was identified as Paul Ali Slater - pictured in a previous mugshot - who has a long rap sheet and was recently released from prison

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman told WSBTV: ‘The perpetrator opens that door. Of course, at that time he’s staring at her, her two children and a .38 revolver.’

She reportedly fired all six rounds, missing only once. The other shots hit Slater about the face and neck.

Sheriff Chapman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: ‘The guy’s face down, crying. The woman told him to stay down or she’d shoot again.’

Slater did eventually get up and managed to return to his vehicle that was parked outside the home, but his injuries left him unable to drive, and it wasn’t long before he crashed into a wooded area.

He was found by sheriff’s deputies, bleeding heavily in a driveway on the block.

Sheriff Chapman told the paper that he was pleading with his deputies, saying: ‘I’m dying. Help me.’

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Pretty good, huh?  But soooooo uncivilized.

Now then, here’s how things like that play out over here.  Where things are more civilized. 

£100 fine?  That’s about $160 in our coinage.  That oughtta show him.

Thief who drove van at farmer let off with £100 fine: But victim forced to defend himself with shotgun suffers police ordeal lasting months

Bill Edwards, 21 was accused of attempted murder after catching thief

Mr Edwards has attacked the ‘pathetic punishment’ handed to David Taylor

Mr Edwards arrested after firing shotgun at van driven by Taylor towards his mother

By Chris Greenwood

A farmer accused of attempted murder after catching an intruder red-handed spoke of his outrage last night after the thief walked free with a £100 fine.


Unemployed criminal David Taylor was captured when Bill Edwards confronted him on his isolated woodland property.

Mr Edwards, 21, fired his shotgun at a van driven by Taylor as the thief accelerated towards his mother, Louisa Smith, 50.

Taylor was caught after a high-speed chase but it was the farmer who endured a horrendous ordeal at the hands of police who arrested him on suspicion of attempted murder.

Last night Mr Edwards labelled the experience ‘four months of hell’ and attacked the ‘pathetic’ punishment handed out to the intruder.

The former public schoolboy said: ‘It’s completely changed my view of the police. They treated me like a criminal. The police have acted like bullies who have turned someone who was very supportive of their work into someone who wants nothing more to do with them. They can’t protect the public but don’t allow the public to protect themselves.’

Speaking about the sentence, he added: ‘It is hard to find words to describe how ridiculous the sentence is. I’m absolutely disgusted.

‘We have had four months of being treated like criminals only to see the real criminal let off with a measly fine which will be paid for by the taxpayer since he is on state benefits.’

Mr Edwards and his mother feared for their lives during the confrontation on their land on the outskirts of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, last August. It reignited the controversy over how householders can protect their families after a Leicestershire couple were told they would not be prosecuted for shooting at burglars.

Mr Edwards said his family has lost thousands of pounds through theft and damage caused in a number of raids on their land.

They caught Taylor and an accomplice loading stolen metal cables into the back of his Ford Transit after spotting that outbuildings had been tampered with. The thieves jumped into the van and drove it towards the pair as they desperately dialled 999 for help.

Mr Edwards fired his shotgun, which was loaded with lightweight rabbit shot, several times, hitting the van’s windscreen and bodywork. No one was hurt. Police eventually caught Taylor when Mr Edwards gave chase and gave a running commentary on his mobile phone. But the crook was only charged with metal theft.

Meanwhile Mr Edwards and his mother were arrested, held overnight in cells and left on bail for four months. Mrs Smith was arrested on suspicion of possessing a firearm with intent.

It is believed police have a recording of the 999 call in which the shots can be heard as Mrs Smith shouts: ‘He is trying to kill us, shoot his tyres.’

But even now the farmer has not had his shotgun and other weapons returned to him which he uses to control pests on his land and as a hobby. Scarborough magistrate Mike Dineen fined Taylor £100 and ordered him to pay £34.99 for damage caused to the farm gate and padlock when he rammed through it to escape.

Taylor left court grinning and sneered ‘lucky you’ at Mr Edwards after finding out the attempted murder allegation had been dropped.

Moments earlier his solicitor Ian Brickman said the thief ‘is in many ways the victim in this’ and was left so ‘traumatised’ he cannot work.

Outside court, Bill’s father Garry Edwards, 67, said the case has been a ‘complete nightmare’. He said: ‘They were victims of a deadly attack and yet some of the police officers treated them as criminals.

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Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 01/07/2013 at 02:14 PM   
  1. Words fail me…

    Posted by CenTexTim    United States   01/07/2013  at  05:48 PM  
  2. I give her loads of credit. 5 hits out of 6 shots in a real situation. And I bet half his hair was burned off too. grin

    Of course, she could have grazed him or hit him in the ears with a couple of those shots. And we don’t know what her ammo was; there is some really low power target stuff out there that is very gentle to shoot but should not be considered for defensive work (and that rules out the reverse loaded HBWC “armchair warrior” self defense round: you can’t put enough oomph behind those thin little target bullets to make them sufficiently deadly. The bullets simply fly apart when you fire them. Been there, tried it, its BS, wised up. OTOH, copper plated soft lead 158gr DEWC can be fired at full .357 Magnum pressures with amazing results. Just saying).

    It’s also really smart to match your ammo to your weapon; many people own snubbies - a .38 revolver with a 1” to 1 3/4” barrel, which makes them fit in your pocket. But that short barrel gives the powder no room or time to really do its job, so velocities from these pistols are dangerously low. To fix that, several ammo companies are now - finally!! - selling “short barreled pistol” ammo. Handloaders just use some faster powder like Bullseye instead of the typical WW231. I’ve been there too, and done that as well. And I can make safe loads for my .357 SP-101 that will push that 158gr plated wadcutter to 1000fps from a very short barrel. Granted, that’s a bit beyond the pale for a .38 Special. But you could make some .38 +P stuff with the classic 140gr SJHP that would go 950fps if you knew your stuff. And if you go all “Ayoob” with the 125 JHPs you can zoom them pretty well even in a .38. I like more bullet mass personally.

    No, I’m not going to say a .38 Spl “isn’t enough gun”. It is, but with the caveat that you have to load it with the right kind of ammo.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/07/2013  at  09:16 PM  
  3. The deadeye lady happened about 30 mi. as the crow flies.In Walton Co., she’ll get a medal. Two counties west, she’d be up on civil rights violations, etc. Evil white woman etc. ......

    Mike 2gunsfiring

    Posted by BOGEYB    United States   01/08/2013  at  01:13 AM  
  4. Well Peiper, at least you have pretty buildings and bridges and quaint lil towns and shit there to distract you from the injustice. All we have here are modern ugly trusses and post modern ramshackle tilt ups to look at.
    Really, I read about our ugly ways in the Post, the NY times and all the other Haters of all things American. Its all the rage in SOHO.So just kill me now,,45 cal preferred.
    cool grin

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/08/2013  at  01:47 AM  
  5. Given the injustice system in England, if you ever found yourself in the unhappy situation of having to kill someone in self defense, it seems to me that the most sensible thing to do would be to dump the body in the middle of a gypsy camp at about 4:30 in the morning.

    Either they’ll dispose of the body quietly with no further issue thus preventing you from getting ground up in the gears of the injustice system, or they’ll fail at this, and the local constabulary will create massive havoc for the gypsies (for a much welcome change of pace.)

    That’s got to be worth at least 2 bags of popcorn of entertainment.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    Canada   01/08/2013  at  03:41 AM  
  6. Arge, that’s the best idea I’ve heard all morning!! Two stars!!

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/08/2013  at  03:45 PM  
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