must we feel something like empathy for convicted killers? Sir Trevor thinks so.

I am not posting much of this article, interesting as it is.
I would recommend you read all of it because of all I have left out.

Perhaps I zeroed in on the wrong thing, after all, Sir Trevor is not a bad man that I am aware of.  I know who he is in a very vague way, but really not a lot about him except that I am pretty sure he is somewhat left of center.  And me being who I am of course, I have this bad habit of shutting down in a manner of speaking, with regard to lots of things liberals say.  Which means I could miss some things I should catch.  Sorry, but liberals just annoy me.

Okay so, Sir Trevor is in the USA doing a documentary.

Out of all that’s written in the article, I just couldn’t help but locking on to this.

but you’d be lacking any humanity and empathy if you did not feel for someone preparing to be put to death by the state.

You can see what I mean. Right?  So here. Take a small look and then catch the link.

A liberal Brit researching American penal and death penalty issues for a documentary speaks.
And oh by the way, he want us to feel something for a guy awaiting death, who when high on drugs attacked and killed a young woman and her 4 yr old daughter.

He cut the throat the mother and partially decapitated her four-year-old daughter.

However, Sir Trevor McDonald says;

I am no amateur psychologist, but it struck me that their early lives were not ideal.

I didn’t particularly like any of them but it was impossible to cut yourself off entirely from a sense of sadness at the circumstances which brought them to prison. I was horrified by what they had done, but you’d be lacking any humanity and empathy if you did not feel for someone preparing to be put to death by the state.

I have never accepted the philosophy of state killing and my mind has not been changed by this experience. But I do understand why that system is in place for people like Fredrick Baer, and why American voters continue to support it.

When I emerged from Baer’s cell after hearing him speak in such detail, there was absolute silence. Usually there is professional banter common to all TV jobs: bad jokes and teasing and chat, but after that there was just a hush.

I was deeply affected by the depth of evil described in the interview and, like everybody on the crew, I found myself in need of a stiff drink.

read and see more here

Well that’s me okay. Ole lack of empathy and humanity peiper. Damn right I feel nothing for these guys.  Why should I?  Seems to me there have been far too many people feeling warm and fuzzy about criminals like these.  Why should I feel anything but loathing for a guy who did what Frederick Baer did.

It’s only because of the folks on the left that states have not rid themselves of guys like this sooner.  Why someone who is guilty can spend years and years delaying justice.  And even then justice isn’t really being served. It folks like Sir Trevor, who through their interventions and lobbying have brought an end to the DP throughout Europe and the UK.  A lot of it had to do with the second war.  You have to keep that in mind.  America did not go through the same experience, and so it was quite natural I suppose for Europe to decide that there had been enough killing.  That’s the way it was explained to me. By the time a good number of Brits woke up, it was too late.  The death penalty was dead here too.

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 01/06/2013 at 03:24 PM   
  1. Doubt your gonna get any argument here Peiper, so you go ahead and maintain those strong feelings of justification about vengance over Evil. There may be unanswered questions as to why some idiots feel the need to damage others for the Fun of it but no way I could ever sanction the forgiveness of those acts. Decapitating a childs limbs?,Really?, and still alive?
    Not in my cell block he wouldn’t.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/07/2013  at  01:01 AM  
  2. Well said Rich.  Sir Trevor of course is a liberal which may be okay but for the fact that his liberalism I believe leans to the left.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   01/07/2013  at  01:49 PM  
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