‘spose I’d better post too

I really wasn’t going to stick anything up today. I can’t really say that I’m feeling under the weather, I just can’t really seem to wake up. Tired. Slept late, was up for a bit, went back for a 3 hour nap. Up again ... blah. Went to start up the oven and get the nice pork roast ready for a nice New Year’s meal ... and the meat was rotten. Damn it all to !@$#. So it’s burgers or leftover spaghetti for us instead. Crivens.

Actually, the whole damn year has been like that. Nice expectations followed by a rotten stinking letdown. I’m glad 2012 is over, though I’m downright nervous about 2013.

And I want to make a huge shout out to Peiper, who has done a yeoman’s job and then some covering this old blog while I had to deal with soul-twisting family matters. And he keeps right on doing it, post after post, day after day. Outstanding. Thank you very very much. And I hope you traded in that killer torch for something more useful.

There were a couple of news stories I really wish I’d blogged about. I just couldn’t work up the effort, even though they were quite irritating. The deal with Lisa Jackson having to resign from being head of the EPA was one of them. Thousands of secret policy emails floating around under secret names and aliases? Holy cow. Illegal much? Not that we don’t already know that the EPA is chock full of madmen, liars, crooks, and enviro-nutjobs. Remember when Al Gore’s former assistant Carol Mosely Brown had control, and some investigation started up, and somehow the moment they subpoenaed the digital records she “accidentally” gave the order for all the computers to be wiped clean? “Oops, didn’t I say ‘not wiped clean’? Oh, silly me!” and nothing happened to her AT ALL. Now we’ve got Jackson, who practiced skulduggery and screwing things up here in NJ with dirty Jon Corzine before moving to the national level. This is just as big a story as Fast ‘n Furious, just as big a commingled mess that leads right to the top, just as impeachable ... and not a damn thing will come of it. She’s under the bus already, and the next person appointed will be just as bad. Meanwhile the EPA continues to be the Green Gestapo arm of the government, passing their own de facto laws that regulate everything, right down to YOU YOURSELF being a source of global warming pollution because you exhale CO2, destroying American business, and running wild with their greenie/commie/statist agenda. Beyond out of control. And not one dickless fuckstick in DC will even raise an eyebrow.

The EPA needs to be disbanded, it’s top 4 tiers of management arrested, and every single rule they’ve put in place since the early Clinton years THROWN OUT. They are an unconstitutional group who has no right to exist. Like the Dept of Energy and the Dept of Education, the EPA needs to be thrown in the dustbin of history and it’s evil web unwound.

Drat, this is almost turning out to be a post, isn’t it?

So Happy New Year everyone. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay off the roads tonight.

And we’ll see you tomorrow. Or the day after. Whenever I can finally wake up.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/31/2012 at 11:07 PM   
  1. Even the Readers Digest version is clear and to the point so don’t sell yourself short.
    Happy New Year Dude, try to stay out of the line of fire.

    beerparty  angel

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/01/2013  at  01:00 AM  
  2. Happy New Year to all.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/01/2013  at  02:10 AM  
  3. Happy New Year to all of you. May God bless you abundantly this year.

    Posted by harleycowboy58    United States   01/01/2013  at  07:03 AM  
  4. Happy fucking New Year:


    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/01/2013  at  11:04 AM  
  5. Happy New Year Drew, and everyone else on the site.

    My theme for this year is simply:  Maintain.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    Canada   01/02/2013  at  12:34 AM  
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