near empty pockets but govt. answer is always take more and then give away some

I have no personal idea if this boring ass actually believe this crap, or if he is merely sucking up to the left and trying to gain votes.

How can this jerk lecture his country as the Prime Schmuck Minister with regard to spending and belt tightening, and still find the damn money to toss into a sinkhole, never to be seen again.
You wanna help the poor of the world?  Fine Dave.  Send them your salary every year.  Foreign aid is nothing more than forcing a population to dig into their pockets to send their money to people they do not know and perhaps care nothing for.  And all so that a govt. can feel good about itself while spending other ppl’s money.  The NHS is operating on the fumes from an empty petrol tank, there are genuine poor right here, homes for the aged have closed in some areas, benefits are awarded to the undeserving and failed amnesty hopefuls, thugs rule the streets, programs are being short changed in the name of austerity, but you somehow have managed to find pirate treasure so it’s all just found money.  Is that it?

Cameron: UK has a ‘moral obligation’ to help world’s poor

David Cameron has defended Britain’s £11bn foreign aid bill saying the UK Government has a “moral obligation” to help to the world’s poorest people.

NO, it does not and you sir are full of political bull shit. Up to your ears and the rest is all toilet paper. It has NO obligation moral or otherwise.
If folks feel strongly on the subject, let those who give a shit spend their own money and donate till it hurts and then donate more again. But please do lets stop all this talk about morals cos it isn’t that. It’s politics and it’s phony and most can see through it all.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that the Coalition’s commitment to spending 0.7 per cent of GDP on overseas aid was not a popular policy. Development spending will rise next year from £8.7 billion to £11.3 billion as a result of the promise.

But he insisted that the British people were “incredibly generous” and appealed to the nation’s “heart” to help alleviate poverty in the developing world.

“It can sometimes be a difficult argument because we are having tough times at home and we are having to make difficult decisions,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“But Britain is an incredibly generous country. The British people are incredibly generous.”

There is “an argument of the heart” and of the “head” in favour of continuing to supply aid to the developing world.

More bullshit.  More smoke and mirrors.  If the people are generous in the way the PM puts things, it is because THEY HAVE NO FUCKIN CHOICE!
Pretty damn easy to be generous when the money is taken from your pocket like it or no, approve it or not.

“The argument of the heart is even when things are difficult at home we should fulfil our moral obligations to the poorest of the world. There are still more than a billion people living on a dollar a day,” Mr Cameron said.

“There are also good arguments of the head,” he said. “This year we have helped vaccinate 13 million children against killer diseases … we have distributed 12 million anti malarial bed nets.” Details help the public “visualise” that taxpayers’ money is going to “save lives”.

Aid also helps prevent countries collapsing, causing Britain “problems of mass migration, pandemics and climate change”, he said.

Climate change? How’d that get snuck in there?  Mass migration?  To where?  Here?  Ever think about defending your shoreline with guns if necessary and screw what the EU might think about it? Right. We didn’t think so.  So you have you say, saved 13 million children. Yeah?  For what? So they can add to the over-breeding of whatever country they are in, thus insuring a starving population?  Malarial bed nets. Good play there Dave. How much do you suppose the natives made selling them off?
Charitable giving by govts. is nothing more than an industry devoted to making politicians feel warm and fuzzy and worthwhile.  Screw the poor in other countries.  The job of govts is to insure the peace and safety and well being of it’s own citizens. First!  Once you have solved ALL your domestic problems and the problems of the poor at home, then you may mount your white charger and play benevolent knight.
But only with the money of people who care and who are willing to volunteer to have their pockets picked.

Mass migration..... Don’t let them in....
Pandemics............Don’t let them in
Climate change.....SCAM

Here’s the part that will .... OF COURSE .....  Include the USA. 

The Prime Minister said Britain would use its presidency of the G8, which begins on January 1, to call on the richest countries to launch “a major campaign on the issue of hunger, and making sure there aren’t people going hungry every night”.

“There are far too many children in our world growing up stunted, who aren’t having proper brain development and we are going to see a big campaign on that.”

New global development goals will also be discussed in talks at the UN next year. Mr Cameron said one key area would be tackling political corruption in developing countries and whether citizens have access to justice.

Right Mr. Prime Jerk.  Sure thing. Lets insure that corruption is ended. Just like here as in that MP who stole thousands and was allowed to get away with it AND, paid almost nothing back. And that’s only one. This one. Remember?

A judge admitted today that Margaret Moran, the former Labour MP, may be perceived to have “got away” with fiddling her expenses by avoiding a criminal conviction and jail. 

Moran, who was judged too ill to be jailed for her parliamentary expenses fraud, was last month found guilty of fraudulently claiming £53,000 from the tax payer.

She escaped a criminal record after a judge ruled that she was “not fit mentally to defend herself”, having heard that she was suffering from severe depression.

Uh huh. I’d be depressed too were I caught after stealing $85,645. 

And then there’s “justice.” Like this?

Despite the police having “good evidence” from a member of staff at Bradley & Brown in Bridge Road, who claims she saw the alleged incident, the CPS will not be pursuing the case against the suspect because she has already been jailed for similar offences.

Oh that’s okay then. Justice served. Want more examples?  Just go into BMEWS archives.

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/30/2012 at 10:00 AM   
  1. We sure have too much fun here.
    Now I’m glad Drew kept this blog on the down low. Can you imagine calling him BlogFather or something,,,EWE!

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/30/2012  at  06:37 PM  
  2. Why do they insist calling third world countries ‘Developing nations’? I think most of them would implode if they developed anything other than poverty, pestilence and suffering. We pour money into them already, and it seems that the people in power are the only ones who prosper in any way.

    Cut them off, already.

    Posted by Doctor DETH    United States   12/31/2012  at  09:23 AM  
  3. Am I the only one who has trouble differentiating between Cameron and Peers Morgan?

    Posted by Chris Edwards    Canada   12/31/2012  at  04:46 PM  
  4. Never have likes Piers Moron. He speaks through his ass.
    They are smelly and no one wants to hear them.

    Posted by Doctor DETH    United States   12/31/2012  at  09:56 PM  
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