getting away with being a bother

See? Now this is exactly the kind of shit I’m on about so often. People put up with this crap without getting violent over it.
Small change? I don’t think so.  And the old farts age make no difference.  Break a few facial bones, knee cap the old shit and when he recovers, lets see if his phoney Druid beliefs still hold water.

The huge problem we face these days, is that folks like this firstly know they’re safe to indulge their annoying playacting.  Make em feel a bit less safe, do some serious bodily harm, and maybe the problem would solve itself. 

It’s like that guy who wanders all over the country, naked. He gets arrested and goes to court, naked. No kidding. They keep arresting him, he goes to jail for short periods and continues doing what he likes.  And guess what?  They no longer jail him. Smart guy?  Maybe. He just waited till the authorities gave up first.

People are so worried about rights, even disagreeable and troublesome folks whose main interest in life is making things difficult for others, they are allowed the questionable freedom to continue doing so. Why?  Why should the average person or someone in the workplace be so easily taken advantage of with NO price paid by the offender?  And quite often, the offender isn’t some youthful street thug.  It’s those who are much older, who have no mental illness worthy of the name, who take it into their heads that they suddenly have new rights based on something they often make up.  And this is a great example.
What’s with this old fruity faced fart?  Break his nose to start and see if his new found non English speaking religion will protect him.

Even the newspaper refers to the jerk by an official like title. Who made him arch jerk anyway? Is there a school of divinity for these 21st century druids?
Calling him by a title he gave to himself, only promotes and continues the problem of like minded idiots and troublemakers.

And look here, an officer calls for a Welsh speaker?  Like the old goat doesn’t speak English? Oh good. Tie up another policeman. On the other hand, I bet ya a good jab to the gut would have this ding-a-ling speaking English very well.

Police called to Welsh village corner shop after druid customer refused to pay because the cashier asked for money in ENGLISH

Former Archdruid Robyn Lewis refused to pay at the Spar in Pwllheli, Wales

Police were called in after a store manager was unable to appease Dr Lewis

An officer had to call for back up because he didn’t speak Welsh

Dr Lewis eventually paid for his shopping and left the store

By Steve Nolan

A row over a customer’s refusal to pay for his shopping at a village store in North Wales saw police called in - all because he was asked to pay in English.

Officers were called to the Spar store in Pwllheli, North Wales, after former Archdruid Dr Robyn Lewis, 83, was left unhappy by a shop assistant’s refusal to tell him the price of his shopping in his native Welsh tongue.


Bosses at the store said the situation had been ‘completely blown out of proportion’ after Dr Lewis, former Archdruid of the Gorsedd - a group that promotes Welsh language literature, poetry and music, refused to cough up the £58.62 total or leave the store.

Dr Lewis became disgruntled when the cashier spoke to him entirely in Welsh until it was time to pay.

He had expected her to ask for ‘Pum-deg-wyth punt, chwedeg-dau’, but instead she told him the figure in English.

He said: ‘I asked her to repeat it in Welsh but she said it again in English.

‘I told her I’d asked her to repeat it it in Welsh but she said it (in English) for the third time.’

The supermarket manager was called in an attempt to appease Dr Lewis and resolve the situation, but when Dr Lewis refused to pay or leave, police were called in.

A non-Welsh speaking officer then arrived and had to call for back-up.

Dr Lewis said: ‘It was sorted out by me being given another Welsh-speaking cashier whom I spoke entirely in Welsh.

‘I paid and left. Honour was satisfied.

The article never explains why the cashier who did speak the language, wasn’t able to give the price in Welsh. But why should she?  Anyway, the Brit pound is legal tender.  Every Welsh person I’ve known, and there have been a few including a former neighbor, speak English quite well.  Many Welsh don’t speak that language at all.  Why would they want to?  Pum-deg-wyth punt, chwedeg-dau’ ?????????????????? huh? 

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